10 Apps Online Stock Best 2021 | Registered in the FSA!

10 Apps Online Stock Best 2021 | Registered in the FSA!

ekonomi.detikinfo.megazio.com.com – Stock apps could be one of the alternatives for you who want to invest with trading stocks today more hits in the society.

Stock Trading is one investment that can yield greater than any other investment. But, the level of risk is also greater.

Today, technological developments are increasingly facilitate investors in the various stock transactions in the capital market. Any Investor can take advantage of a stock application.

For investors beginner just dabbling in the Indonesian stock market, stock apps to be downloaded in the gadget because it has a variety of benefits.

Then, what are the applications of the best stocks in Indonesia listed in the FSA and is highly recommended for investors? Following a review of more.

  1. Seeds (Investment Funds Automatically)

Are you a new plunge into the world of stock investing, then the application of the Seedlings could be an option. This app will help you don’t need to be complicated to do both. This is due to the Seeds app will make the selection based on the profile, age, income, risk and target you do both.

In addition, transactions using this application is also very easy because it is supported a variety of e-wallet. For a minimum transaction of any light that is Rp10.000 saja. So, if you are a beginner who want to find easy application and of course supervised by the FSA, can use the Seeds.

Special again, the Seeds also provide a wide selection of mutual funds, ranging from bonds to stock sharia. So, you can choose according to the wishes and income if you use this app as a media invest.

  1. Bareksa (Mutual fund Investment & SECURITIES Online)

Looking for apps that sell a variety of mutual funds and SECURITIES online as well as in the supervised FSA, then the Service could be the choice. This app allows you to join because it does not require physical documents. So, all can be done online.

After joining you can choose from more than 150 mutual fund products of conventional and islamic. Also available more than 50 investment managers surely help you when investing.

Special again, this app is support a variety of payment methods, both the e-wallet or bank transfer. So, if you want the transaction can be fast, easy, and anti ribet.

  1. Stockbit (Analysis & Discussion)

Stockbit is one of the stock apps online on Android under the auspices of PT Sinarmas Sekuritas. In fact, Stockbit is now a startup in the field of stock.

Application of trading stock is in the category of Stock Apps Online Community. So, you can discuss the investment with a trader in a fairly large community.

Other strengths Stockbit is you can sell-buy shares directly through this app. Safety is also assured with the presence of features Touch ID.

An investment in stocks even offer the feature of virtual trading and simulated trading stock in accordance with the movement of real time data on the Indonesia stock exchange.

  1. RTI Business (Stock Price Movements)

App to sell and buy stock trusted also known among investors is RTI Business. This app provides variety of information the Indonesian capital market.

Start from price quotes, charts, financial data, analysis, information about the decision of the company is up to date, news of the capital market and stock, and much more.

You can also see an overview of the performance of the company within a period of five years through the income statement, cash flow, profitability, balance sheet, growth to earnings.

The application of the best stocks in 2021 from PT RTI Infokom this can also teach you how to investing online stock because it has the IDX Virtual Trading Online alias features a simulated stock trading.

  1. MOST (Investment Products Complete)

Furthermore, there is an Independent Online Stock Trading or commonly called the MOST. This app has user interface which easy to use, especially for beginners.

MOST app developed by Mandiri Securities, that one of the company’s securities or stock broker the largest in Indonesia, which is a subsidiary of Bank Mandiri.

To be able to use the app MOST of these, of course you must be a customer of Mandiri Sekuritas. But, the price offered is also quite high.

Minimum initial deposit for account opening stock for the students of Rp2 million, to the public amounted to Rp5 million, and full service Rp100 million.

While the fee sell stocks is 0.28% of the transaction, and for fee-buy value of 0.18% per transaction (minimum Rp5.000).

The Data Of The Indonesia Stock Exchange
Company Status: Local
Operational Status: Active
Business License: The Investment Manager, Underwriter
The value of the NAWC Last: 395.785.489.130
Head Office: Menara Mandiri Ii Floor, 24-25, Jl. Jend. Sudirman, Kav. 54-55, Jakarta

  1. BCAS Best Mobile (Online & Offline)

PT BCA Sekuritas also have a trading app stock trusted named BCAS Best Mobile. This app allows you to trade directly on the stock Exchange Indonesia.

The application of BCA shares also have a row of full features so that customers or investors can easily perform activities of buy-sell stock online.

BEST Mobile is also a user-friendly application that features Quick Order so that you can do buy-sell transactions of stock quickly.

For the initial deposit account online by Rp3 million, while the initial deposit for the account offline initial deposit is Rp25.000.000.

Then to fee-buy value of 0.18% and the fee sell by 0.28% to an online account. There is also a fee buy at 0.25% and the fee sell a 0.35% to account offline.

The Data Of The Indonesia Stock Exchange
Name of Member: BCA SEKURITAS
Company Status: Local
Operational Status: Active
Business License: Underwriter, Broker-Dealer
The value of the NAWC Last: Rp543.108.225.813,15
Head office: Menara BCA, Grand Indonesia, 41 st Floor Suite 4101, Jl M.H. Thamrin, No. 1, Jakarta

  1. MNC Trade New (Initial Deposit Low)

MNC Trade New is one of the stock apps design MNC Securities is a subsidiary of the MNC Group. This company established since 1989.

This application presents many of the features offered by the application MNC Securities, ranging from the trailing order, break the order, GTC order, and other.

Another interesting thing from MNC Trade New is deposit the initial capital is low, which amounted to 100 thousand. While the fee sell by 0.28% and fee-buy value of 0.18%.

Although the deposit the initial capital is relatively cheap, make sure you already know how to play the stock for beginners so they can get a profit that doubled!

The Data Of The Indonesia Stock Exchange
Name of Member: MNC SECURITIES
Company Status: Local
Operational Status: Active
Business License: Underwriter
The value of the NAWC Last: Rp289.148.626.166,06
Head office: MNC Financial Center Building, 16, Jl. Kebon Sirih, 21-27, Jakarta Pusat

  1. Poems ID (Available RDN Regular & Islamic)

The application of the FSA is the next Poems ID. Through this app, you can trade stocks and buy and sell mutual funds.

An Indonesian stock app developed by PT Phillip Securities Indonesia can help you to monitor the movement of stock prices in real time, gang.

A company that is incorporated in the stock exchange also acts as the intermediary in the transaction purchase of shares. So, security is definitely assured.

To be able to use this app, you need to be a customer of Phillip Securities first. You also have to deposit a minimum deposit of 500 thousand.

There are also Accounts of Customers ‘ Funds (RDN) provided are Bank BCA, Mandiri, Permata, and Sinarmas for regular accounts, as well as BCA Syariah islamic accounts.

The Data Of The Indonesia Stock Exchange
The Status Of The Company: Joint Venture
Operational Status: Active
Permit Type: Surety Underwriter, Broker-Dealer
The value of the NAWC Last: Rp122.413.778.104,9
Head office: Atria @Sudirman, 23B, Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav. 33A, Jakarta

  1. IPOT Indopremier (No Minimum Deposit)

The app shares the FSA is designed by Indo Premier Securities. The advantages, you can play the stock with a small capital, even without deposit when opening an account.

Later, a new deposit will be paid when you will do the transaction. While the fee to sell shares of 0.29%, and the fee to buy shares of 0.19%.

IPOT IndoPremier is a finance app is integrated that provide convenience to invest in stocks, mutual funds, and ETFS at once.

When in need of funds for the payment of the stock purchase, the system will help you to make a payment through the sale of Money Market Mutual Funds that you have.

The Data Of The Indonesia Stock Exchange
Company Status: Local
Operational Status: Active
Business License: The Investment Manager, Underwriter
The value of the NAWC Last: Rp 323.406.391.105,13
Head office: Pacific Century Place, 16, SCBD Lot 10, Jl. Jend. Sudirman, Kav 52-53, Jakarta

  1. Magic (Both with Minimum Capital Rp0)

Magic is owned by a Magical Group that houses two companies, namely the Magic of Securities (PT. Miraculous Securities Asia) and Magic mutual Funds (PT. Amazement Technology Indonesia).

You will not be confusion when first-time investment in Magic. There is a guide and product recommendations that are appropriate and most beneficial for the condition of your finances.

The magic will also give you a notification about the time of buy-sell stock, so that you can maximize profit or pressing loss.

In addition, one app both online stock best also had to get permission to operate from the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) and the FSA.

The Data Of The Indonesia Stock Exchange
The name of the Member: the MAGIC of the SECURITIES ASIA
Company Status: Local
Operational Status: Active
Business License: A Broker-Dealer
The value of the NAWC Last: Rp 157.508.938.615,24

The End Of The Word

It was the recommendation of the application of the best stocks in 2021 in Indonesia are popular and recommended by the investor. Stock apps were also of course supervised by the FSA. You can choose a variety of applications of the stock ranging from.

RTI Business
BCAS Best Mobile
MNC Trade New
Poems ID
IPOT Indopremier
With so many of the best stocks that can make it easy for anyone in the understanding of capital markets, trading stock is no need to complicated again.

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