Best and Reliable Forex Broker to the Trader Indonesia

Best and Reliable Forex Broker to the Trader Indonesia

Best and Reliable Forex Broker to the Trader Indonesia – Did You know that there are hundreds of forex brokers all over the world!? Forex brokers registered in the regulator Indonesia, Bappebti, already more than 60 companies. Plus more forex brokers from Usa, Uk, Australia, Russia, Cyprus, and much more.

On the one hand, it is profitable trader because every broker will certainly compete to offer the best trading conditions and bonus tempting so that more and more traders join. However, it is also provoke a lot of actors and fraudsters to trick people by masquerading as a forex broker. How to choose a forex broker that is safe and reliable in the midst of a situation like this?

How to choose a forex broker that is safe and reliable it can be summarized in four simple steps, namely: check completeness of the site broker, check the license or broker license (regulations), check the reputation of the broker in the traders ‘ community, and last, try the services of a broker. Following these reviews, and more.

  • Check The Completeness Of The Site Broker Forex

Nowadays, creating a website that’s as easy as order food in a restaurant. Therefore, just there is a website alone doesn’t guarantee the credibility of the broker. You need to check whether the sites that provide full information about the service broker as it should be or not. Some of the things that can be traced:

  • Is there the address of the company forex broker that is clear and can be beheld with Google Map? A forex broker that is reliable should not hesitate to include your address clearly, although those in any country, not just a PO BOX, email, or phone number. If you have no address, then a variety of ways other contact to contact our Customer Support (CS), ranging from phone, live chat, to email, can be considered to increase its credibility.
  • Do forex brokers convey detailed data such as minimum capital initial (initial deposit), the rules of the spread and leverage, as well as any method that can be used to send and withdraw funds? The more complete his statement, means the forex brokers are getting good because they are completely transparent. On the contrary, if the broker hide the rules of the spread and doesn’t explain how traders can deposit and withdraw funds, then You should suspect him.
  • Do forex brokers featuring sweet promises as certainly profit a few tens or a few hundred percent in a short time? You should know, success in forex trading it depends on the trader. Functions of forex brokers only as an intermediary that connects traders with the market, so that they won’t be able to guarantee a profit regardless. If nobody gave no promise of the kind, then there’s a possibility that they have a purpose that is not good.

3 Reliable Forex Broker Regulated BAPPEBTI

  • Check the Permission or License Forex Broker

If You already make sure that the forex broker site seems credible, the next step is to check the license of the broker. On the site broker forex, about licensing this should have been listed in the footer (footnote website) or description of the company (About Us/Company).

Broker forex Indonesia will usually include some licensing at once from Bappebti, JFX (Jakarta Futures Exchange), PT Kliring Berjangka Indonesia, and the ICDX. While brokers international will include the words “licensed” or “regulated”, followed by the name of the regulatory agencies that support them.

As a description, not all the regulator of the forex brokers provide security as good. The Regulator is the best forex broker is of the NFA and CFTC United States, FCA Uk, JFSA Japan, and ASIC Australia. The guarantee is considered good, because it is accompanied with insurance for a trader that has been proven.

Insurance here means that if the broker goes bankrupt to roll out the mat, then the money a trader can still be restored (though maybe not entirely and will take a long time). Such a guarantee is not given by the agency of another regulator.

However, there are a lot of regulators other brokers that supervision is tight enough. For example, the agencies covered by the MiFID Europe, such as the AMF France, BaFIN of Germany, CONSOB of Italy, the CySEC Cyprus, MFSA Malta, and FINMA Switzerland.

Then there is also the DFSA Dubai, the FMA in New Zealand, and so forth. If You are in doubt about the kebenarkan claims broker that they are regulated, You can do a crosscheck by searching the website of the regulator mentioned and contact the contact listed.

  • Check the Reputation of the Broker in the Community Trader

The third step is to choose a forex broker that is safe is to seek to know his reputation among traders. Even if You don’t have a friend who is active as a trader, You can still check it out online. How:

  • Open the sites such as,,, and online forums a gathering place for other forex traders.
  • Type the name of the forex broker on the search column that is available in the forums online.
  • Read the search results.
  • From the search results, if it doesn’t show the name of the broker or testimonials related, so perhaps this broker is still new to operate, so not many traders who join. However, if there are already many testimoni, then the broker is arguably already enough to have a name. The question is, whether the name is good or bad?

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