His True Colors Novel Chapter 2722 – 2724

His True Colors Novel Chapter 2722 – 2724
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Chapter 2722

Korea three thousand also smiled: “It appears you a winner?”

“Nonsense, you know what Yuangong Zi nickname is not it?”

“Enemy people sent the nickname, meaning that is A soldier of ten thousand people. I, Mr. Yuan, can also come alone.”

“Although you have a seed, your brain is really not good. You dare to fight against Mr. Yuan by force.”

“Silly, if you don’t want to die if you don’t want to die. If you do, just kowtow and call grandpa.”


Everyone roared with laughter again, guarding against Buddha. After a while, George Han was beaten up violently, as if they were able to see clearly.

George Han smiled helplessly, just waiting for the man to put down the pen, paper and ink. He picked up the pen and wrote his name.


Seeing this name, the group of people were simply happy.

The hillbilly is really a fucking hillbilly, even his own name is so dirty.

On the contrary, the pangolin, the real pangolin himself, was shaking his head helplessly.

There are only two types of people who dare to sign their names without even thinking about what is written on the life and death certificate. Just have the real ability to be arrogant.

Obviously. George Han’s words and deeds are not fools, so naturally it is very likely that they are the latter.

In this regard, even if it is the first time I have encountered a pangolin who has not experienced George Han’s power. Will also be cautious, and will never be so careless.


Just now. Behind the bead curtain, the woman in green opened her mouth reluctantly.

Originally, when the two were invited to fight, the woman in white had already asked the woman in green to stop. However, this girl is obviously still unhappy with George Han because of George Han’s refusal to play the piano, and he is still reluctant to speak out.

Until the white-clothed woman’s eyes were angry, and the life and death status had been taken out. Then she hurriedly spoke.

“The Huazhou Tour is just a literary and artistic play for everyone to participate in the Fang’s wedding. It is enough for everyone to meet in poems, there is no need to use swords and guns.” I heard the Su family’s persuasion. Gongzi Yuan was not eager to answer. Instead, he looked at George Han and said with a smile: “Now that a woman is helping you out, I’m not going to beg you. Whether to fight or pretend to be grandson, you choose. You signed this life and death. I can assume that I haven’t received the report.”

Although it seems that he is really listening to the Su family, in fact, no one can tell that he is just using Ji Jiang to stimulate George Han.

If you agree. Hasn’t this become a soft rice man relying on women’s help?

Not to mention that George Han doesn’t put these people in his eyes at all, even if George Han is not as good as them, would he be willing with George Han’s personality?

“I’ll give you this as well.” George Han smiled slightly.

“Okay, brat. You have a damn kind.” Yuan Gongzi gave a big compliment, and then echoed the woman in the bead curtain, saying: “Miss Su Jia, you also heard it. This young man insists on cutting it down. Let’s learn from each other.”

Inside the bead curtain. The green-clothed woman rolled her eyes speechlessly, and looked at the white-clothed woman’s eyes that the Buddha was saying. People are asking for their own deaths, and they can’t stop them.

The woman in white sighed helplessly and stopped talking.

Seeing that no one in the pearl curtain talked any more, Yuan Gongzi smiled triumphantly. With his wisdom, there really is no problem that he can’t solve.

At the moment, holding a pen in his hand, quickly write the words of life and death on the life and death status.

However, while everyone was not paying attention, he was specifically conceding the loser, kneeling down and calling grandpa, and he could stop the game with a few more words after the sentence.

But the winner can still kill the loser.

The purpose of this is self-evident.

After writing this sentence, he gave a gloomy smile.

However, how did he know that what he did was already in full view of George Han.

Leaving aside the state of life and death, he slowly walked into the center of the main hall, and George Han on the other end also stood up silently…

Chapter 2723

he quickly took a few peanuts and put it in front of him. Then, a glass of good wine was filled, and he was ready to watch a good show.

Over there, a bunch of young men and buddies all returned to their seats. Everyone talked and laughed, and seemed to be discussing how miserable George Han would be for a while.

Inside the bead curtain, the white-clothed woman was a little worried, but the green-clothed woman was quite indifferent.

Among the young masters, she was the most optimistic about Yuan Gongzi’s Wenneng first, and Wu Wu’s second.

As the two settled down, things around the hall were quickly removed, and both sides suddenly appeared empty.

Yuan Gongzi’s long dress was tied around his waist. The fan was also pinned to his chest. At this time, the servant handed two long swords.

The sword body is green. At a glance, it is an extraordinary product.

Han glanced at three thousand, his disdain chuckle loudly, then cold channel:. “I bully you mention, which was made by cold iron steel sword, very sharp, my one, you are a”

finished , He took out the sword with both hands, threw it with his left hand, and threw it to George Han.

George Han lightly took it, and then, tossed the sword lightly: “I said, I don’t use weapons.”

Yuan Gongzi’s eyes shot coldly: “Smelly boy, this is what you asked for.”

George Han disdain A smile, Wei Wei’s body.

“I want you to look good.” Yuan Gongzi gave a cold voice, the next second. With a sword in his right hand, his body is like lightning!

Damn , so fast!” “Young Master Yuan is indeed Young Master Yuan. This speed is amazing.” A

sword stabbed everyone and everyone was shocked, enough to see that Young Master Yuan was extraordinary.

If it is against ordinary people, this guy can indeed rely on his own ability, and he is a blockbuster. But, unfortunately, this guy is so immortal that he needs to look for George Han.

Such a speed. For George Han, slow is really slow.

So slow that George Han didn’t even want to hide.

She was slightly upright, anyway, the horse head girl had repaired the immortal mysterious armor for herself, and sewed the frost jade armor to herself. George Han wanted to try, what the combination of the two would be.

The cultivation base of the Yuan Gongzi in front of him is indeed not low. It’s a good touchstone. “Damn, what the fuck is that kid doing? Is he crazy if he doesn’t dodge or hide?”

” That kid has sharp teeth. How can he be crazy? I see, it’s clearly Scared silly.” A

group of people were a little surprised, let alone them. It was the pangolin herself, frowning at this moment.

“Although Lao Tzu knows that you are very strong, so strong that you have no sides, but there are people outside the mountains, there are mountains outside the mountains, George Han, ah, George Han, you won’t be so crazy that you don’t directly defend. Right?” The pangolin thought weirdly.

But it’s just as the pangolin sees it. George Han does not defend at all.

“What? I’m almost too

late for you to forget to dodge?” Suddenly, Gongzi Yuan’s figure was already approaching George Han. Seeing that George Han didn’t dodge at all, he sneered for a while, but at the same time, he was suddenly boring.

Because of This kid is too weak.

“That guy…”

Almost at the same time, within the bead curtain, the woman in green clearly saw that George Han didn’t dodge. The key is that Gongzi Yuan also discovered this, with a sword down to the heart.


There was a crisp sound of iron colliding with iron.

Accompanied by a sharper iron sound, then. It was a muffled sound.

All the people at the scene opened their eyes wide, and looked at the scene incredibly.

They swear that if they hadn’t seen it with their own eyes, even if they had been killed, they would not believe what was in front of them.

The sword of cold iron has broken. Because of the sword break, Gongzi Yuan ran into George Han’s shoulder with inertia, but he seemed to hit a wall of mountain. With the muffled sound, Yuan Gongzi’s whole body flew directly back several meters.


There was a loud noise on the ground. The figure of Gongzi Yuan flying upside down also slammed heavily on the ground.

On the other hand, George Han at this time stood still, unmoved at all, even with a slight smile on the corner of his mouth.

At the scene, there was another silence. Inside the bead curtain, the cute little mouth of the lady in green was also slightly open…

Chapter 2724


audience is dead!

For a while, the needle fell and became audible.

Stupid, the whole person is stupid.

This is almost the most true portrayal of everyone today.

Gongzi Yuan was an offensive person, but in today’s situation, an incredible reversal had taken place abruptly, and the one who flew out was not attacked, but attacked.

This is simply outrageous enough to make people explode in place!

“Impossible, this is impossible, this is impossible at all.”

“Yuan Gongzi was clearly attacking, how could he suddenly fly out?”

“Moreover, the most damn thing is that the grandson… actually used it. The body blocked the sword and broke the sword made by cold iron. What the hell is this concept?”

“Is it possible that the guy’s body is harder than the fucking cold iron?”

“What the hell is this? Possibly? Cold iron is one of the hardest materials in the world. The sword cast is as hard as mud, not to mention its texture is extremely hard. Not to mention that a small human body, even the stone mountain and iron sea, is absolutely There will be no breaking.”

“Brother Mo, he is right. The cold iron thing is absolutely extraordinary. It is impossible to break in the process of fighting, and it is impossible to break with the force of a thorn.” A

group of people Swearing oaths are even quite a way of taking a human swearing, but facts trumpet all eloquence, and the facts in front of them will only make their words even more ridiculous and ignorant.

The bead curtain was already inside, and the woman in green at this time was also completely stupid.

Her small open mouth could not be closed, and her beautiful eyes seemed to be fixed there.

The woman in white also raised her head slightly at this time, and Ben’s somewhat disappointed face suddenly became radiant at this time.

In the hall, George Han sneered slightly. Although he had expected the effect of the immortal mysterious armor and the frost jade armor to be very invincible, what was unexpected is that he could be invincible to this point.

Gongzi Yuan covered his chest and got up from the ground with difficulty. His eyes were full of doubts, but more of it was endless anger.

The bitch in front of him turned him into a ridicule by a blow that should have caused a sensation in the audience, which was simply unbearable to him who was arrogant and arrogant.

“You successfully angered me.” He slobbered, looked at George Han, and said coldly. George Han looked at him indifferently, motionless.

In the next second, Yuan Gongzi gave a sudden drink, and simply dropped the broken sword in his hand, his hands claws into claws, and he struck.

“Yuan family hunting claws!”

“In the legend, the claws that can break stones and ground, break gold and silver, everything will be completely annihilated under these claws, my god, in my lifetime, I can actually see such magical powers. “

Young Master Yuan deserves to be both civil and military. Although that kid doesn’t know what the hell is doing, he can resist the cold iron sword of Young Master Yuan, but he is blessed and miserable. How can he want to get it? Without the bondage of the iron sword, Yuan Young Is it the real horror?”

“Now, I see how this kid died.” When a

group of people saw Gongzi Yuan’s move, their shock was quickly replaced by joy.

Hunting the devil’s claws is the foundation of the Yuan family, which has been well-known for thousands of years. Naturally, it is invincible.

George Han just frowned slightly. Although this claw is indeed fierce, with extremely strong wind energy, it is impossible for ordinary people to absorb it.

But that is relative to ordinary people.

“Hillboy, I want you to be crushed to pieces.” He snorted and struck him with a claw.

“That guy… why is he still not moving?”

“Could he be crazy, right? Hell, he thought his body could be as hard as a cold iron sword, able to withstand the attack of a hunter’s palm? “

If the cold iron sword is steel, but only yang, then this demon hunting claw is the most yin to yang. Even if his body is as strong as a mountain, it can only be crushed.” A

group of people shouted angrily and attacked Han. Three thousand.

George Han remained motionless, almost when Yuan Gongzi’s claws were close to three and a half meters away from Han.

At this time, George Han moved suddenly.

He suddenly raised his right foot slightly, then stomped the ground with a sharp sound, and for a while, an extremely strong energy suddenly escaped from his body.

Boom! !

Han three thousand to the center, Qi Jin rounded, accompanied by a loud, Korea radius of three thousand meters, everything flying, even the son of the public to stay away from the center of the living room, this time also be blown off their feet ……

more exaggerated It’s…

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