His True Colors Novel Chapter 2725 – 2727

His True Colors Novel Chapter 2725 – 2727
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Chapter 2725

is that Gongzi Yuan, who had attacked George Han with his claws, suddenly looked like a piece of shredded paper charging forward, and suddenly encountered a tenth-level gale, which changed so much. Weak without the wind, one blow, one fall, and fly directly backwards.


The body is directly inlaid on the gate pillar above the Huazhou living room!

After everyone was struck by the violent wind, as soon as they opened their eyes, they saw such a terrifying scene, and they were all dumbfounded.

Over there, the bead curtain was obviously lifted by the wind, and now it fell slightly. As the bead curtain swayed, it was vaguely visible that the white-clothed woman gently put down the long sleeves covering her face, revealing a stunning face.

But the green-clothed woman was a lot easier, her small mouth opened again, and her beautiful eyes were filled with shock!

“This…” She murmured, but she didn’t know what to say.


Almost at the same time, above the wooden pillar, Yuan Gongzi shouted in pain, and blood was constantly flowing from the corner of his mouth because of his mouth.

He wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth, looked down at the blood stains in his hands, and a nameless anger burned wildly in his heart.

Blood is blood. Today, his dignified Young Master Yuan was not only humiliated by a hillbilly, but more importantly, the hillbilly dared to hurt himself.

When he was treated like this in the past few decades? !

Everyone is now shocked by this guy hurting themselves, even inside the bead curtain.

No, absolutely not.

What he lost, he must take it back with his own hands.

And George Han in front of him must die.

He has absolutely no qualifications for this kind of rubbish, and he can step on his head to reach the top.

He is not worthy, and there is no one in this world worthy, because he should be the person on the top of this world.

Thinking of this, he suddenly smiled gloomily, and a black air on his body began to spread slowly.

Immediately afterwards, his delicate appearance began to change a little bit hideously, and traces of scarlet burned in his eyes.


Enchanted .” “Master Yuan, he… Enchanted .” Enchanted

? !

George Han smiled slightly. Maybe someone else was talking about it, but for George Han, what kind of magic is better than him? he just stared indifferently, and even disdainfully gave him the opportunity to let him take the first shot.

Above the flower boat, everything began to tremble slightly. Outside the flower boat, the stars twisted, and a strong pressure fell from the sky.

“What a strong devilish energy!”

“It makes people feel suffocating.”

Everyone was surprised, and even felt a strong anxiety.

“Exterminate the devil and kill!”


As he drank, smiled tightly, and suddenly, on the flower boat, there were lights flashing, and for a time, beside the flower boat, there were countless souls like remnants. The shadows appeared, and they moved with the wind, erratic.

And at almost the same time, the body of Yuan Gongzi, who was inlaid on the wooden pillar, also suddenly attacked, transforming into two, transforming into four, transforming into four, transforming into eighty things.

In just a few moments, the entire hall was almost full of this guy’s figure.

“This… how can people prevent this?”

“I didn’t expect that Young Master Yuan would have such a killer move!”

“It’s too fucking fierce, but I like it!” When a

group of people were shocked, they secretly each other secretly. Complimented.

“Now, he won’t plan to stop moving, right?” Inside the bead curtain, the woman in green whispered.

But the fact is that George Han still didn’t move, and even wanted to laugh when he saw these afterimages.

At this speed, are you embarrassed to play this trick with yourself? Even if there are thousands of afterimages, but the speed can not be raised, it is just a thing that people can see at a glance.

“Fancy and fancy.” George Han snorted disdainfully.

The next second, George Han remained motionless.

Immediately afterwards, he lifted his foot slightly.

“Hold on!” Suddenly, everything suddenly stopped, and even Gongzi Yuan’s tens of thousands of figures suddenly merged into a body on the left side of George Han’s body.

As he slowed down, the tense atmosphere on the scene completely disappeared for a time.

“What’s the matter?” Someone asked suspiciously.

“It’s not fair!” Yuan Gongzi suddenly turned around and said to the people inside the Zhulian and the people present.

“This guy must have some special treasure to protect him, so he only defends and does not attack. He is a fart hero. If you want to be kind, put down your defense!” Yuan Gongzi said dissatisfied.

George Han smiled suddenly: “Are you sure?”

Chapter 2726


pangolin also stared at Yuan Gongzi like a ghost. He really saw it today. What does it mean to be okay?

George Han doesn’t move and doesn’t attack. It’s just a simple defense. Isn’t this particularly bad?

At least it gives you enough opportunity to attack, and will not fight back to cause any harm to you, although this may make people unable to break their defenses and collapse their hearts.

But the collapse was always a problem in his heart. How could he not be beaten by George Han even his mother didn’t even know him, okay.

But this weird thing is still actively looking for a fight? !

“Damn, this is definitely the most perverted request I’ve ever heard.” The pangolin shook his head helplessly, and then drank a drink on his own.

“That’s right, I think this hillbilly took an unknown treasure at all, and then played shamelessly here, relying on our unfamiliarity with his treasure, and he was very mysterious and powerful.

” The shell of the tortoise is very hard, so even the king of the forest can hardly attack him. Whenever he wants to eat him, he will eat because of his hard shell. Does this mean that the tortoise is the king of the forest?”

“Yes, this analogy is very appropriate.”

“If you are a hero, a hillbilly, if you have a kind, you can fight with one eye.”

” Yes , you can only defend. Is it possible that you are really a tortoise? Or a tortoise? “

For such a rude request, the princes present not only did not have any objections, but they also supported them one by one, even ridiculing George Han. This is not ridiculous.

Inside the bead curtain, although the green-clothed woman was dissatisfied with George Han, she knew that in the competition, whoever used any method was normal, and the requirement of asking someone to give up the defense was obviously extremely unreasonable. Therefore, she was about to speak. When stopping, what made her unexpected is that at this time, the woman in white suddenly turned her head.

Then, she shook her head gently at her.

The beautiful face of the green-clothed woman was suddenly surprised, why…

why even the young lady agreed? !

She has always been reasonable, and even when she had the intention to rectify George Han just now, she had been blaming herself with her eyes slightly why is it now in front of the real right and wrong, but my lady unexpectedly chose to acquiesce, what does this mean?

However, since the young lady was interested, she was helpless, so she could only sigh and stop speaking.

And George Han in the center of the hall was waiting for Yuan Gongzi’s answer at this time.

“Fuck, what are you pretending to me here? I want to make sure?”

“If you are a man, you’d better put away your set. Let’s do it with real guns. Is it what a man should look like?” Yuan Gongzi sneered.

George Han smiled slightly, nodded, his body suddenly withdrew, the energy dissipated, and then he straightened his figure slightly: “Okay, I’m not defending.”

Hearing George Han’s answer, Yuan Gongzi couldn’t help but show his face. Sneer.

This is just what he meant.

He attacks fiercely and kills all the time, but George Han’s defense has always caused him an abnormal headache, which is equivalent to weakening his power by half.

However, if George Han doesn’t defend but just fights against him, then he has a chance to win!

No one can take any advantage in the battle with oneself!

This is Yuan Gongzi’s absolute confidence in himself.

“Since you have agreed, then you just wait for your death.” Yuan Gongzi smiled slyly. In the next second, the figure moved, and the stars in the sky turned endlessly, and a strong magic pressure fell from the sky.

Everything has restored the horror of just now!

But at this time, George Han only smiled slightly, and he didn’t even look at Yuan Gongzi again.

“What the hell is that kid doing?”

“Is he sick.”

“Still pretending to be addicted? Isn’t it good to fight offense or not? Until now, still

fucking still?” “Haha, I said long ago, this stupid is simply relying on some unknown The treasure is defending, and now it can’t be used to defend, so it’s dumbfounded, and now it won’t even move at all.”

After speaking, several people nodded again and again.

George Han just smiled, and suddenly, even closed his eyes slightly…

Chapter 2727

“Is he really looking for death?”

Inside the bead curtain, the woman in green also found that George Han closed his eyes at this moment!

“Again, self-confidence?”

“But it’s impossible. Yuan Gongzi has a profound cultivation base, and now he is a master of demons. It is absolutely impossible for a master to be like him, and he can completely ignore it with confidence. “

Yes, theoretically, even an out-of-the-world expert in the Eight Desolation Realm should be careful to deal with this blow of Yuan Gongzi, and it is impossible not only to stay still, but even to close his eyes.

But the problem is that George Han has never been, and should not be someone who can be judged by common sense.

“Wandering around, don’t you find it troublesome?” George Han smiled suddenly.

Gongzi Yuan didn’t pay any attention at all, his whole body turned into thousands, the body was hidden in it, and he kept wandering around George Han.

Perhaps, he believed that this trick would dazzle George Han. In fact, George Han’s eyes closed seemed to confirm his arrogant conjecture.

But in fact, in George Han’s eyes, it looked like an eighty-year-old woman, who was pacing continuously and slowly moving around and around him at this time.

Even though he has thousands of afterimages, his body has already been captured by George Han.

“Bell and whistle!” As

soon as the voice fell, George Han suddenly turned over, one-handed directly for luck, and even a red and blue electric light ignited on his arm, and a palm directly confronted Young Master Yuan who had just launched a surprise attack.

Gongzi Yuan was taken aback. He hid for a long time, and finally found the biggest gap, but as soon as he did it, he was discovered by the other party.

Is this guy out of shit luck? Can this happen too? !

However, surprised, Yuan Gongzi quickly stabilized his figure again.

Even if he finds out, so what? This idiot didn’t need to hide, and actually arrogantly directly confronted himself.

This is no different from looking for death!

“Just now, how many honors have you won from me that you can’t get in your life? Now, what a huge and tragic price you have to pay, hillbilly, go to death.”fell, Yuan Gongzi suddenly released his aura, and his whole body was completely enveloped by the incomparably powerful black magic energy, carrying the power of destroying thunder, he slammed into George Han.

Even if the distance of the sprint is short, the strong wind that it drives still blows the people around.

“What a strong power,” the green-clothed woman whispered softly.

If it was said that she was still angry with George Han for rejecting him, then she now sympathizes with George Han for encountering such a powerful opponent.

Compared with him, although George Han’s arm has blue-violet electricity jumping and red fire burning, it is really insignificant and weak compared with Yuan Gongzi’s thunder.

Only the pangolin lay down leisurely with a hip flask, and drank the wine leisurely.

“Really?” George Han smiled coldly and pushed it away with a palm.


The palm meets Yuan Gongzi’s ghost claws!

The two energies collided, time, and the Buddha was completely frozen at this time.

But in the next second, after a short period of stagnation, the aftermath of two huge energy explosions immediately ignited the entire hall, and the tables and chairs were completely destroyed and turned into dust.

Outside the hall, countless people were directly blown through the barriers of the hall. If the guards outside hadn’t rescued them in time, I’m afraid they could be shocked directly outside the Huazhou on the spot.

Even the bead curtains were completely floating at this time. The white-clothed woman raised her hands and supported her sleeves to resist with difficulty, while the green-clothed woman also shook her body and was almost blown away.

But no one cares about this, everyone’s eyes are staring at the two in the field.


Suddenly, on George Han’s arm, the red fire and blue-violet electricity suddenly exploded, and an invisible, huge power suddenly exploded!


The devil’s claws were completely destroyed, and George Han’s palm was like a broken bamboo. He directly smashed the devil’s claws, turned his fist into a fist, and hit the abdomen of Yuan Gongzi!


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