His True Colors Novel Chapter 2728 – 2730

His True Colors Novel Chapter 2728 – 2730
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Chapter 2728


As someone exclaimed, Yuan Gongzi, who was above his fist, suddenly opened his mouth and sprayed, and blood was sprayed on the spot like mist.

Following the fist hit, Yuan Gongzi’s body was directly bent into a bow because of the force. Even after the severe pain caused him to spray the blood mist, blood still dripped from his mouth to the ground like plasma.

It hurts!

Extreme pain!

Anti-Buddha was punched directly through the chest!

But in his eyes, more is unwilling!

How could this happen? !

How could this be? !

He was unwilling, he was angry, he even wanted to catch George Han and questioned him fiercely, why is this happening? !

With his strength and Yuan Gongzi’s ability, he was invincible and hard to have an opponent, but today, he was defeated by an unknown generation.

Moreover, it almost ended in such a dismal form.

The devil’s claw that caused pride had no advantage at all. On the contrary, in the most direct confrontation, it was smashed by a punch, leaving the opponent with a more domineering, ferocious and stalwart image.

The Yuan family’s strongest technique?

There is also his own magic trick.

Once, how brilliant these were, and now, how deep it nailed itself to the pillar of shame.

The people in the audience were also completely stunned, one by one they even forgot to breathe.

Just looking at the center of the living room stupidly, this is a result of jaw dropping.

There is no such joking as imagined, and there is no such delightfulness as imagined. Some, it is just a momentary slaughter, and even… it

can be called a spike!

It’s just that it was not the unremarkable hillbilly who was killed in seconds, but the son of Yuan who they had high hopes and never even doubted!

“Am I dazzled?”

“Don’t talk about spending money, I even suspect that I am dreaming.”

“That guy not only broke the claws with a punch, even… he could even hit Yuan Gongzi directly and domineeringly so simply and aggressively. The abdomen of this… how strong is this?”

“Gongzi Yuan’s cultivation is already in the upper realm of slaying evil. Although he is not a master-level master of the Eight Desolations, he is considered a first-class master. How can someone crush him with brute force while hitting him with a fatal blow, and then hit it?” “Unless the hillbilly in front of him has a cultivation base that is at least two grades higher than the realm of evil spirits. Otherwise, he can’t kill Young Master Yuan so simply and simply!”

“The realm of evil spirits !” on already left a glorious realm, not to mention this kid can be higher than the glorious realm, it is one that glorious realm, I do not believe. ” “

Yes, Octagon world, the realm of history and a glorious master, The youngest one is at least a hundred years old. This kid is young, no more than thirty. How can he be in such a refined state?”

“But he did.” Someone shook his head, unwilling to continue. Continue to ignore the facts.

“Could…could we be wrong from the beginning? He didn’t have any secret treasure at all, but simply used his own cultivation base to resist Yuan Gongzi’s attack?” Someone guessed.

But this speculation, obviously, made everyone gasp.

This kind of explanation seems to be the only explanation that can run through before and after, but if this kind of explanation comes true, I am afraid it would be too abnormal.

A young person with such a perverted cultivation base?

What is he?

“It’s not a true god, it’s Sanxian!”

“Moreover, it is definitely the leader in Sanxian, even the one closest to the god.”

When the two people fell to the ground, the gang of young masters present were silent.

Within the bead curtain.

The green-clothed woman showed her hand over her mouth, and almost lost her voice in surprise. Even the white-clothed woman stood up for an unprecedented time and mumbled incredulously at the scene in the field.

Lost? !

Even if the woman in white had been mentally prepared, she knew that this George Han was definitely not a thing in the pool.

But she never dreamed that the victory or defeat would come so quickly and so decisively. The battle between the two, even at the beginning, came to an end.

Sure enough, he was not something from the pond, but a real nine-five emperor dragon!

Yifei, shocking the world!

The white-clothed woman suddenly showed a smile on her face, the green-clothed woman’s face flushed suddenly, and she nodded, then she stepped forward slightly and said something that made George Han dumbfounded.

Chapter 2729

“The victory or defeat is determined.”

“The chief of poetry and wine, I think, can be ended early.”

Inside the bead curtain, the voice of the woman in green spread throughout the hall, originally Bing Qingyun In the pale voice, there were bursts of joy that couldn’t be hidden at this time.

“Everyone, do you have any opinions?” If you

want to talk about talent, it must be a bunch of people who stand up and oppose it, and it is very likely that someone will even swear.

But at this time, the entire field was silent, and no one dared to fart.

Although, many people looked at George Han very uncomfortably because of the slightly joyful tone of the green-clothed woman.

But even Gongzi Yuan, a leader among the various leaders, is now, honestly hung under the punch of George Han, who of them dare to move a bit?

How arrogant this group of people was before, how embarrassed they are now.

“Since you all have no opinion, neither do

I. Come here.” As soon as the voice fell, she clapped her hands gently, and for a moment, eight four men and four women dressed in gorgeous clothes, each carrying a red The tray covered by the cloth, with a smile on his face, walked out slowly.

The eight people lined up and stood in front of the bead curtain. Then, the two waitresses who were pouring wine stepped up and lifted the red cloth in the trays of the eight people one by one.

Suddenly, the entire hall of Huazhou became extremely dazzling.

From left to right, what is placed in each plate is almost all kinds of precious and gleaming treasures.

Blood-red diamonds similar to the heads of monkeys, rare Xuan ice shining with green light, and all kinds of good things that are not well-known.

Although George Han did not know him, he was considered a “local tyrant” who had entered the auction house. Based on his experience alone, he could already determine that each of these eight pieces of things is extremely valuable. If you want to be together at the same time, then It can also be a rich party.

“My son, please.” The two waitresses smiled at George Han, and then each stepped aside, meaning it was self-evident.

George Han frowned slightly: “For me?” The

two waitresses nodded and smiled: “This is the prize of the chief of poetry and wine, but it’s also…

“Get rich, get rich.” “The two female waitresses hadn’t finished speaking, but the pangolin had already ran up, looking at the whole eight sets of rare and exotic treasures, the eyes of this guy exuded the light of wealth. Although he knows that George Han is very rich, he does not know how rich George Han is, and the eight pots of rare treasures in front of him are huge and incomparable wealth. Naturally, pangolins will not Polite.

“Wear… the yellow sand monster.” Seeing that the goods had ran to the servants, and couldn’t put it down at the gold and silver jewelry on the basin, George Han hurriedly stopped him.

George Han curled slightly and said softly to the back of the bead curtain: “The so-called no merit is not dependent on money, these things are not needed below.”

“As for the chief of poetry and wine, I have no intention of it.” Han Three thousand shook his head.

He hadn’t participated in Wendou before, and Wudou was forced to be helpless, and he had no interest in what poetry and wine chieftain would be.

“Whether intentionally or unintentionally, the son always wins the game. In that case, according to the regulations, these things are yours.” The voice from the bead curtain said softly.

“I don’t need these things.” George Han shook his head.

How can you collect precious things at will!

“You don’t need it, but maybe the girl needs it, so please accept it.”

“Oh, I said George Han…Pangolin, are you stupid?” The pangolin walked up a few steps, and then looked depressed. Han three thousand, said: “there is something to give away, why not?”

give away?

George Han ignored this guy. Instead, he frowned and said in confusion: “Girl, what do you mean by this? I don’t need it, you may need it?”

This sounded strange to George Han, it seems, There are words in the words.

“Oh, I’m talking about the countryman… No, the uncle, don’t try to understand and pretend to be confused. You have all the sunflowers of poetry and wine, don’t you know why?” Someone said depressed.

George Han looked around, really puzzled: “I really don’t know what I’m under.”

“Hehe, in one sentence, marry a beautiful woman and become a rich man.”

“These eight pots of rare treasures are nothing but dowry!”

“Dowry?” Han Sanqianyi was taken aback!

Chapter 2730

What the hell is this inexplicable?

Good point, how does it have something to do with the dowry? !

“Su a beauty of poetry and wine will be held, if the top dog, they can whichever is the United States, the Soviet Union and was a gift from family treasures, from beauty and money in hand, took to the pinnacle of life.”

Gang Sighing helplessly, the words are always sour.

After all, this is the dream in everyone’s hearts, but this dream was crushed by George Han.

George Han was all stupid, he hurriedly bowed his body, and quickly said: “Miss, I’m afraid, this is a misunderstanding!”

“Misunderstanding?” Inside the bead curtain, the green-clothed woman’s voice was a little confused, but also a little angry.

“Exactly, I really don’t know the chief of your poetry and wine.”

“I just take it as you are going to the north, so take a ride. But who knows what happened tonight… Anyway, it’s not me.” Meaning.” George Han explained.

The green-clothed woman was silent for a moment, and said slightly, “My son, although I am the maid-in-law of the Su family, but since I was a little girl, I have loved sisters with the young lady, and because of my outstanding appearance, I was called Su Family Yimei. ? “

Han three thousand sorry bowed his head:.” I’m sorry, girl, really not Xiangman, already in the next person intentionally “

after the curtain, suddenly quiet, not a movement.

However, through the gap between the bead curtains, George Han could vaguely see the green-clothed woman’s body trembling slightly, clearly sinking into sadness.

She did not speak, but the gang of young masters in the audience blasted the pot.

“Damn, what was he talking about? Did I get it wrong?”

“Is he crazy? Su Jiayimei, that’s a stunning beauty in our area. How many people squeeze their heads and want to get close to the fragrance, but

he is better and just refuses?” “Is he a problem with his orientation? Do you like men?”

“Damn, what the hell is going on tonight, Yuan Gongzi was bloody abused, and now someone refuses Su Jiayimei. Did I drank fake wine, or did the sky appear strange tonight, only to show up? Strange thing?” The

pangolin sighed helplessly: “Nie Yuan, Nie Yuan.”

“In this world, the naivety is unfair. Xiao Xian’er thinks that the old scars are still not healed, and there is a new wound here.

My daughter is now.” “What a pity, what a pity.”

“This thirsty person is dying of thirst, but the drowning person is going to drown.”

After finishing speaking, this guy glanced at the gang of young men, and for a moment he felt sympathy. “I’m the same person who fell from the end of the world!”

“Shut up.” George Han stared at the pangolin speechlessly. When is it, isn’t it messy enough?

“I can ask more, who is the person the son wants?” Inside the bead curtain, at this time, the woman in green finally opened her mouth slowly.

“At least, even if I lose, I will convince myself of the loss and know who I lost to.”

George Han hesitated for a moment. After all, he didn’t know this group of people, and it was not clear whether Amelia Su alone was named Li or Li was killed. .

However, after thinking about it, George Han decided to speak out. Naturally, there is nothing to taboo about the one he loves.

But just as George Han was about to speak, inside the bead curtain, the woman in green took the lead to speak.

“Or, let the little girl guess?”

“She should be dignified and beautiful, right?”

George Han nodded.

“It’s also very gentle, knowing the book and giving gifts.”

George Han did not deny it.

In George Han’s heart, Amelia Su is her perfect goddess, even if she has her shortcomings, but these shortcomings, and those advantages together, is the most perfect Amelia Su.

“The most important thing is that she is very clever and has an extraordinary temperament.”

George Han nodded still.

“The little girl was willing to lose, but…”

“But what?” George Han frowned slightly.

“But, do you know what she wants?” she asked.

George Han hesitated for a while, he wanted to answer categorically, of course, but the letter Amelia Su gave himself caused George Han’s words to get stuck in his throat.

“This…” George Han hesitated and nodded: “In any case, I believe that we can all stay together forever until death.”

” My son, the little girl’s questions have been asked.” , She sighed softly: “

Everyone , it’s late at night, go away. You can take the guests to the guest room to rest.” Even though everyone is reluctant to give up, the stage has already spoken, and one of them is extremely reluctant to slowly move towards He walked outside the hall, and George Han also put aside Young Master Yuan, who was almost lost, and walked outside the hall under the leadership of several servants.

It’s just that…

George Han soon discovered that the place he went was not the guest room, but…

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