His True Colors Novel Chapter 2731 – 2733

His True Colors Novel Chapter 2731 – 2733
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Chapter 2731

you go all the way in and go around.

George Han frowned and couldn’t help wondering: “How many, where are you going to take us?”

The sons who came out with him were taken to the door of their own guest room a few minutes ago. , Even the pangolin has its own guest room.

But when it was the only one left, the group of people took themselves, but bypassed the last guest room and walked all the way in.

Wouldn’t he have rejected that Su Family Yimei, the woman seemed to be fine on the surface, but in fact, she was holding a grudge, so now she is ready to make a sly trick?

But thinking about it, it seems unlikely.

One is that although she has never seen the woman, it can be judged from her voice that she is not that kind of wicked person. The second is that everyone on the scene has seen his own abilities. It doesn’t make sense that someone will come to trouble him at this time, right?

“You don’t need to worry, you’re almost here.” The leading servant gently turned around and saluted, and then made a gesture of asking inward.

George Han glanced around weirdly, but there was nothing weird about it.

As he walked slowly in for a few minutes, a strange floral scent came in.

However, although there are plants on both sides of the aisle, most of them are green plants and grasses, not to mention the fragrance of flowers, even if it is a flower, you can’t see a single one.

After a dozen steps inward, the fragrance became more intense, and there was a slight light in front of him. It seemed that the end of the corridor was already in front of him.

“Master, please!” The

servants separated from the left and right, and asked George Han to move forward in a pleased gesture, but George Han only walked a few steps forward, and these servants quickly retreated from the same path. Only George Han remained, standing there stupidly.

what the hell?

George Han thought weirdly, but when he came, he calmed down. He lifted a few steps and walked quickly toward the end of the corridor.

When people passed through the opening of the corridor, George Han was stunned by the scene in front of him.That is a green world, the bright moon is high, the moonlight is faintly scattered, and under the moon, a woman in green is slowly dancing, and beautiful butterflies of all colors gather around or fall with her. In her hands, either lightly touched her shoulders, or danced with her.

Coupled with her Aro’s beautiful figure and that stunning face, this is simply a fairy in the flower, unbelievably beautiful.

Even someone like George Han who sees beautiful women and eats similarly, can’t help being attracted by her beauty, and the whole person can’t help but wonder.

Dance, finish slowly.

But those colorful butterflies, who were reluctant to fly away, fell on her shoulders, flapping their wings, enjoying the moonlight.

And at this time, George Han suddenly discovered that the original fragrance of flowers did not come from the flowers, but from the woman.

Deodorant is so envious of ordinary people.

“My son.”

Seeing George Han coming, she bent slightly and bowed.

“I thought you wanted me to take revenge.” George Han smiled slightly.

Although she had never seen what she looked like inside the bead curtain, George Han still remembered her voice, and he naturally recognized her as the woman in green behind the bead curtain.

“Then, did the son like the swords, lights and shadows here?” She smiled softly, and actually joked.

“You can still joke, the guilt in my heart is at least much better, girl, thank you.” George Han saluted slightly.

“The son is polite, the green beads are not favored by the son, but the green beads are not blessed.”

“No, the young lady is like a fairy, it’s Han… the pangolin is not blessed.” George Han replied slightly, and then said: “Right, late at night Arrange me here, will it be asking me to watch you dance, right?”

“Naturally not.” She smiled lightly, looking very pretty: “Before the son wants to know what happened, the little girl has one more important question to ask you.”

“But it doesn’t matter.”

“Your sweetheart, but the last name is Su? !”

Chapter 2732

George Han frowned, and his whole person became extremely vigilant.

How would she know Amelia Su?

Is it possible that there are still people from Lu Ruoxin on this flower boat?

And the matter of hiding your identity now looks like a joke?

As if suddenly noticed the cold killing intent in George Han’s eyes, Lu Zhu was taken aback.

George Han slightly withdrew her killing intent at this time, but did not deny: “Yes.”

Lv Zhu’s eyes could not hide disappointment, but facing George Han’s cold eyes, she bowed her head slightly: “Okay. Right.”

“Lvzhu’s question has been asked, and I am very satisfied with the answer.”

“Tonight, the moon is high. Although there is no scenery in the desert outside the Great Wall, the night scenery is like dazzling diamonds. It must be a rare beauty. Lvzhu wishes you , The best of a good day, enjoy it with pride.”

After finishing speaking, George Han was about to speak, but at this time Lvzhu slightly saluted him, and then stepped back quickly.

George Han was depressed, and wanted to ask her how she knew about Amelia Su, but what was left was that she hurriedly left, leaving herself alone in a daze.

What made George Han dumbfounded was her words.

What is the best of good times, enjoy it with pride?

Is it possible that they have to arrange for Amelia Su to meet with them?

Thinking of this, even if George Han was confused, at this time, he stood there completely motionless.

To him, Amelia Su’s temptation is obviously the largest, strongest, and unique in the world.

Thinking of Amelia Su, George Han’s feet were embedded in mud at this time, and then they were framed with steel bars to die inside, and he could no longer move his legs.

He looked around nervously and expectantly, looking forward to where he could suddenly see Amelia Su.

Almost at this time, several waitresses slowly walked into the field, holding trays with various kinds of wine and delicacies, or smoky embellishments and other small objects.

Without waiting for George Han to speak, these waitresses quickly put wine on the stone table beside George Han, and some arranged flowers and various ornaments around, and they were very busy for a while.

George Han was pestering there like a log, feeling at a loss for a while. this

group of people moved quickly, and only a moment later, the surroundings were already full of arrangements.

The green grass and flowers, and light lamps hanging above the trees, are like a river of flowers, sea and stars, echoing them far away are the bright moon and stars in the sky.

Sitting in the middle, there is quite a feeling of being integrated with the heaven and the earth at this time.

Sitting on the starry sky, but so.

Suddenly, just as George Han was immersed in it, bursts of good smell puffed his nose, and bursts of light footsteps followed.

Following the prestige, at this time, only a woman walked out slowly at the exit.

The white clothes are like snow, the figure of Arrow, a white and tender face seems to be able to pinch water, and the delicate facial features are more like those made by gods, not more than a trace, not a bit of a legacy, and slightly blue eyes, At the same time it is beautiful, there is also an extremely wild beauty.

Pure and lustful, the word was born because of her.

However, George Han frowned soon, because this woman was not Amelia Su who George Han was familiar with, but… to be precise, he had never seen it before.

“Are you?” George Han asked vigilantly.

She smiled slightly, and the sun hit her face, which made people feel extremely comfortable and at ease.

Taking a few steps slowly, she sat on the stone chair with an elegant posture and unique temperament. After that, she lifted the hip flask lightly and poured two glasses!

“The bright moon is in the sky, the stars are everywhere, and the scene of tonight is so beautiful.” She smiled softly and picked up the wine glass in her hand.

George Han looked at her lightly, not knowing what she meant.

“However, no matter how beautiful the scenery is, it is after all the clouds and smoke of the past. Compared with Gongzi Wen Dou Qunru, Wu’an Yuan Lu, it is a bit inferior.”

“Are you… the woman in white behind the bead curtain?” George Han frowned slightly.

She smiled lightly, and then slowly nodded: “Exactly.”

Damn, George Han was a little depressed. Wouldn’t she refuse the green-clothed woman by herself, the white-clothed woman is asking for trouble, right? !

What about Amelia Su? ! Will it be a bargaining chip to make things difficult for yourself? !

“Wait a minute.” Suddenly, George Han suddenly thought of something, and the whole person was suddenly surprised.

Damn it, wouldn’t it be so coincidental…?

Chapter 2733

“Don’t tell me…”

“Lvzhu’s words have been told to me.” She laughed softly.

“That she…”

“She is a little unhappy.” She smiled softly: “Although the Huazhou Banquet is the name of the Su family, it actually chooses her son-in-law for her. But I know, it’s a mistake. ……”

Speaking of this, she bowed her head slightly embarrassedly, she was almost as beautiful as a wild goose.

“Wait a minute!” George Han felt a little hairy in his heart: “I think she might have misunderstood something?”

“What’s the answer to this son?” The white-clothed woman gently raised her head, her eyes were as beautiful as the moon in the sky.

“That you, me.” George Han pointed to himself depressedly, and then to her. Just now, the woman asked if the person she liked was the last name of Su.

Wouldn’t they understand this Su as that Su, right? !

Seeing George Han’s movements, the woman slightly avoided her gaze, but on her peerless profile, she could vaguely expect a little smile on the corners of her mouth.

Fucked his mother, George Han really forgot about this young lady’s surname as Su.

It seems that there is now a big oolong.

“Miss Su.”

“Just call me Su Yan.”

“Well, whatever, what I want to say next is that Lu Zhu may have misunderstood me. I… the person whose surname Su is my favorite is not You, Miss Su, are… but someone else with the same surname. It just so happens that…” George Han looked helpless.

Hearing this, Su Yan’s expression was stunned for a moment, apparently he didn’t expect things to suddenly become like this.

But the next second, she quickly stopped her expression, turned her head slightly, and looked at George Han who was already sweating profusely.

“I really don’t want to offend here, let alone think that things will develop to this point. As for what is wrong, I am not interested, but it was like this at the time, and you…”

“You don’t need to say more, Su Yan understands.” She lightly With a light smile, although there was indeed a trace of loss in her eyes, it was more of her dignity and elegance, like a fairy in the sky, ignorant of the fireworks in the world.

She yelled at herself, George Han actually felt better in his heart, but this Miss Su just smiled, which instead made George Han’s heart full of guilt. “The son does not need to be guilty, the love needs concubine, and the two loves need to be happy.” Su Yan smiled softly: “The pangolin son has his heart. Although it is Su Yan’s loss, it is also Su Yan’s blessing. “

Su Yan is worried about being overwhelmed by the guests, and I don’t know how to explain it to Luzhu. Since this is not

going to happen , it doesn’t matter.” “Miss Su understands the righteousness, and she is still comforted at this time. I am really guilty.” George Han is grateful. road.

“The son is polite, but the Su family acted recklessly without asking the situation clearly, so that the son is embarrassed. Besides, even if I forcefully twist, the son can refuse to admit it, can’t it?

” Pangolin? Haha!” As he said, Su Yan smiled softly and placed the life and death agreement signed by George Han on the stone table.

George Han was stunned. The next second he was seen through and smiled helplessly. He stopped talking nonsense. He took the wine that Su Yan had been handing and drank it.

“My son, is this an apologetic wine?” She smiled softly, raised her glass, and drank it with her hands covering her face.

“Daughter milk?” George Han put down his wine glass and couldn’t help laughing.

“The talented son finally took the lead, but he failed to taste this wine because he was despised. Naturally, Su Yan can’t make the son regret.” She smiled gently.

“Good wine.” George Han couldn’t help sighing.

Then, he got up slightly, held up the jug, and after pouring a glass for Su Yan, he filled himself with another glass.

“No matter how well Miss Su understands righteousness, but this time, it was really me that caused Miss Su to misunderstand and not say it, and it even ruined Miss Lvzhu’s journey to choose her son-in-law. The crime deserves a million deaths.” After that, George Han Sorry to toast and drink.

Seeing George Han drank it, Su Yan also covered his face and drank again, put down the wine glass, and sighed: “Although the son did destroy the entire poetry and wine conference, but it also made some villains invisible, which is considered as a green pearl. A group of people with false benevolence and righteousness were identified. Secondly, during our trip to the flower boat, the Poetry and Wine Conference was nothing more than a show. In fact, this trip was mainly for the wedding in the desert city.”

“The desert city?”

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