His True Colors Novel Chapter 2734 – 2736

His True Colors Novel Chapter 2734 – 2736
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Chapter 2734

If George Han remembers correctly, isn’t the Fang Kun next to Lu Ruoxin the future heir of that desert city?

“The desert city is surnamed Fang?” George Han frowned.

Su Yan nodded lightly: “Most of the deserts in the extreme north are gentiles who can live as a city. Who else can be besides the Fang family in the desert city?”

Arrogant, defiant, narrow-minded, also I don’t know which girl will marry such a scum.

“The son knows Young Master Fang?” Su Yan asked.

George Han nodded: “I don’t know him, I just have seen it.”

“This desert is endless. If you want to go north, you must pass the desert city. It seems that the son is also going to the wedding?” Su Yan Asked.

“No, I have to go further north.” George Han said.

“Even if you go north, you must pass through the desert city. The desert is extremely hot and the heat is hard to stop. Huazhou can actually send the son a ride.” She smiled.

“By the way, speaking of this, I am puzzled. This desert is so hot, why is it so cool inside the flower boat? What is the animal under the flower boat?”

“Tian Mou, the size of a rabbit, can Shuttles flexibly in the yellow sand, so the Su family raises a large number of them to tow boats and lifts. Although Tianmou is small, food is expensive and costs a lot, so there are very few that can afford it.

” Understand.” George Han nodded.

“As for Huazhou is cool…” After speaking, she bent over slightly, and then looked at a grassland under George Han’s feet.

George Han understood what she meant. He bent over and pulled the grass slightly away, and suddenly saw a fist-sized white stone hidden on the grass.

“This…” George Han frowned.

“Jade Bingzhu!” Su Yan smiled.

“Jade Bingzhu?” George Han immediately concentrated, and the horse head girl also gave one to himself, but the size was much smaller than this.

“It can be regarded as a kind of stone genus under the jade ice beads. Although the purity is not as good as the jade ice beads, it has the effect of jade ice beads. There are more than a thousand stones, so the more the number, the natural effect will be there.” She smiled softly. My dear, is it so amazing? !

However, these things are only the stone genus of Jade Bingzhu, so wouldn’t the Jade Bingzhu as an ancestor be more effective?

But it’s not that George Han has never been urged, and the effect is the same. Although it can resist one or two people, it is cool enough, but it is not good when there are too many people. Otherwise, George Han would not come here. Rubbing other people’s “air conditioner.”

“By the way, you haven’t asked the son of Gao’s name yet?” Su Yan laughed softly.

George Han smiled bitterly: “The surname Gao is not counted. Originally, I didn’t intend to reveal the real name. However, Miss Su knows everything about Zixia and can’t say enough. If I conceal it again, I can’t justify it.”

“My name is Han, and my name is George Han.”

“George Han?” Her willow brows wrinkled slightly.

“Exactly.” George Han nodded.

“It feels very familiar, I seem to have heard it somewhere, but I really can’t remember it.” Su Yan frowned strangely.

George Han smiled slightly. It is a remote place. Although his reputation is very loud in the Central Plains of the Bafang World, it is normal for no one to hear of it here.

Ms. Su may have been mentioned by a guest of Central Plains, that’s why this happened.

“However, it doesn’t matter, anyway, from today onwards, the little girl Su Yan remembers this name.” Su Yan smiled lightly.

George Han smiled softly.

Su Yan smiled at once, poured a glass of wine, and respected George Han.

“Speaking of it, it’s a destiny.” She smiled slightly, and put down her glass after drinking.

George Han did not speak, but looked at her faintly.

She glanced at George Han, then stopped

talking , and finally shook her head: “It’s just a matter of locking, I’m afraid that the son will not like it.” “But it doesn’t hurt to say it.” George Han laughed softly.

“You said, son, Su, is there always some kind of relationship with the surname Han?” She looked at George Han.

George Han stunned, smiled bitterly and avoided.

“Su Yan is indeed attracted by Young Master Han, so Han Su is predestined, but has no part.”

“You mean, there is another one?” George Han frowned…

Chapter 2735

Su Yan wanted to speak, but in the end he stopped: “Su Yan is not what he meant, it’s not too early, son Han, no, son of pangolin should rest earlier.”

After finishing speaking, Su Yan got up and walked out slowly.

George Han wanted to stop her and ask her to understand, but when the words came to her lips, she didn’t know how to speak.

Could it be that there is another Su in this world who likes Han?

Is that Amelia Su? Is that Han surnamed himself again?

There are so many people with repeated names and surnames in the world. Are you too sensitive?

Thinking of this, George Han looked helplessly at the bright moon in the sky, above the moon, Amelia Su’s smiling face seemed to hang.

I don’t know how long it took, George Han returned to his guest room.

Although the night was very deep, when George Han pushed open the door, the pangolin hit a carp directly from George Han’s bed, and walked over quickly: “Hey, I won’t be back until midnight. ,

I’m afraid that the spring breeze is boundless?” “You should have your guest room?” George Han was lazy to take care of the goods, closed the door, wanted to lie on the bed, but looked at the dust on the bed, suddenly lost interest.

“Damn, is my pangolin the kind of villain who abandons the big brother?” The pangolin yelled depressedly, and then asked with a smile on his face, “How’s it going? Are you going to see the two women behind the bead curtain?”

“I’ve made it clear to you. One is the eldest lady of the Su family, and the other is the close-knit maid of the eldest Su family. Although she is a maid, we should not underestimate her. Ms. Su family treats her like a sister. For goddaughters, and, I heard that these two are both top beauties, with a reputation throughout the desert.” The pangolins became more excited as they spoke, and they seemed to be salivating.

“So soon, you forgot your little Xian’er? Where did you inquire about these bad things?”

“Hey, Conferred God in World War I, don’t you know, those elder brothers tonight called a change of attitude. They didn’t dare to knock on your door, but they almost broke my door.””In this case, when I ask, who doesn’t answer?” This guy said proudly.

“By the way, do you know? This Su family is not small. It is one of the largest families in this desert of thousands of miles. If we say that the Central Plains region is the power of the three major families, then, in this desert of thousands of miles, In the middle, the Su family is one of the only two masters.”

George Han smiled softly: “There is another, it is the Fang family in the Desert City, right?”

“Damn, you took care of those two girls, so You know what’s going on here soon?” The pangolin said in a daze.

George Han rolled his eyes speechlessly, paying attention to him lazily, full of dirty thoughts.

“Okay, long-tongued woman, it’s not early, if there is nothing else, hurry back and rest.” George Han finished speaking, dragged a quilt on the bench, and lay down in a gesture.

“I’ve made it clear, they are going north to the desert city. We just happened to be on the way, we can take a ride along the way, and then set off alone.”

“Get out!” George Han cursed speechlessly.

These things, George Han already knew about these things during the chat with Su Yan, why would he need this guy to say anything wrong here?

After driving away the goods, George Han went to sleep again.

I don’t know if it’s because the stamina of last night’s daughter was too strong, or George Han was too tired to walk in the desert for a day. After waking up, he hurried to the top deck of Huazhou.

On the deck at this time, everyone had appeared, including Gongzi Yuan who had been beaten by George Han and covered with gauze.

“Why is this?”

“It’s almost the desert city.” Someone said softly.

Chapter 2736

in the desert in the distance, there is still an expanse of yellow sand in the sky. The scorching sun is scorching, and the air in the distance seems to have been evaporated and rolled.

“Where is there any city?” The pangolin looked forward slightly, and the whole person couldn’t help but wonder.

To be honest, not to mention the pangolin doubts, even George Han himself, is also very strange.

In the words of the two of them, in fact, what you see today is actually the same as yesterday.

Even if some people say that the entire Huazhou stayed in place last night, George Han and the pangolin would definitely not have the slightest doubt.

It’s not that two people are stupid, but it’s a fact.

The surrounding environment has hardly changed from yesterday. Not to mention the city, there is not even a single stone nearby.

Isn’t this a joke? !

But I looked around everyone, looking straight ahead one by one, with a serious expression. Obviously, it didn’t seem to be a joke. Even Su Yan and Luzhu were standing there on the window on the roof of the ship, covering their faces with light gauze.

“Damn, can they see what we can’t?” The pangolin buttoned his head depressed.

George Han locked his eyes tightly, but inside, he was quietly releasing his heavenly eyes.

But even under the eyes of the sky, there is still nothing in front of him.

“Brother Chuan, I can’t see it because the time has not yet come.” At this time, a young man saw George Han’s doubts and laughed softly.

“The time has not come?” George Han glanced at him suspiciously.

He smiled softly, pointing far to the east, the scorching sun hanging, dazzling, the fierce sunlight was extremely dazzling.

However, when George Han raised his head and looked at the scorching sun in the sky, suddenly, he discovered something.

“Noon has arrived.” I

don’t know who shouted. At this time, the blazing sun in the sky slowly moved into the sky, above the hull, the figure shrank and almost disappeared.

“Sky track.”

The general who fought against George Han last night roared angrily. At the top of the entire Huazhou, a huge stone plate like a copper coin slowly rose at this time.

“Om!” The

sun pours down, the center of the straight diamond disc, and for a while, a strong and incomparable light is reflected from the stone disc, and from different angles, this golden light is directly shot into the distant desert. the entire ground shook, and the Huazhou also shook slightly.


Suddenly, the sand and rocks in the front suddenly began to flow, and began to sink at an extremely fast speed, and as it sank, a huge thing was slowly rising from inside.

It’s hundreds of miles long, and it’s no exaggeration to describe it as a giant.

“What’s that?” The pangolin was stunned and muttered.


Before George Han could speak, the behemoth had slowly revealed its body from the ground.

The huge black wall with some gray, like the skin of a scourge, is indestructible, countless yellow sands are constantly falling from its skin, and its body has begun to appear in front of everyone in its entirety.

It was a huge ancient city, with a gray stone city wall hundreds of meters high, solid and impressive, and various high-rise buildings stand within the city wall.

Although there is no modern ingenuity, nor the ancient style of the Central Plains, it is self-contained and has quite a style.

“Desert City? Is this the desert city?!” Looking at him, George Han whispered softly.

“Yes, this is the absolute king city in the desert, the desert city.” The young man nodded.

“Such a big royal city is actually hidden in the desert, which is simply unexpected.” The pangolin said in shock.

“Unless people in the desert area, it is impossible to find the location of the king city. For many years, although the reputation of the desert city is outside, many people think it is just a legend. It is precisely because outsiders have no chance to see this. In the royal city, naturally, I thought it didn’t exist at all.” The son was quite proud when he talked about this.

At this point, George Han could not help but nodded. Even if the eyes of the sky were opened, the too much yellow sand still hid the king’s city solid and hard to find.

Perhaps, he hadn’t practiced the Sky Eye to the extreme, so that I could see it away, but it is undeniable that even George Han’s Sky Eye at this stage is enough to prove that the hidden perfection of this desert city.

And almost at this moment, on the flower boat, suddenly there was a long sound…

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