His True Colors Novel Chapter 2737 – 2739

His True Colors Novel Chapter 2737 – 2739
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Chapter 2737

George Han looked around. The general was blowing vigorously with a huge and horn-like thing, and the thing suddenly sounded like a flute. .

“You don’t need to be nervous. This is the horn of Huazhou’s communication. It is taken from the head of a special animal in our desert. Only when this horn is sounded will the desert city open.” The young man explained with a smile.

Boom boom boom!

Sure enough, with the end of the horn, above the gray city wall, a huge door with a width of 100 meters slowly opened.

“If you want to find a desert city, you must have a sky track at noon, illuminate the right place with the sun’s light, then the desert city will appear, and then the horn must be sounded to allow the city gate to open. For ordinary people, there is no Qualified to enter the city.” The young man laughed softly.

George Han nodded.

“We are going to pass.” As

soon as the voice fell, the Huazhou at this time also suddenly and gently started, and slowly moved all the way towards the huge city that appeared suddenly.

As the distance got closer and closer, all the people in the flower boat came to the deck, even Su Yan and Luzhu, at this time, under the wait of several waitresses, slowly walked out. .

As soon as the two women came out, the fragrance filled the entire flower boat. All the sons saw that they were both greedy and forgetful. There were also a few people like Yuan Gongzi who secretly looked at George Han with a jealous look. .

George Han bowed slightly and bowed, Su Yan also bends down gently in return, only green beads, cold hum, pretending to be coquettish.

George Han smiled helplessly, looking sideways, Huazhou had already slowly reached the gate of Wangcheng.

Above the door, dozens of golden armor guards stood with guns on the left and right. In the center, an old man led a few soldiers, staring lightly at the people on the flower boat, with a faint smile on his face.


The Huazhou stopped, after which, the hull dropped slightly, and a huge wooden ladder was also unfolded, straight to the ground.

“Director of the Fang family, I have seen all the young masters.” The old man smiled softly, and then he looked at Su Yan: “Welcome to Miss Su, too.”

“Everyone, get off the boat.” The general yelled softly .

Immediately afterwards, the princes lined up and disembarked one after another, and the servants behind them hurriedly followed with gifts. Almost everyone who disembarked would greet the old man for a while, then give a gift, and at the old man’s invitation, he happily entered the city Soon, the boys on the ship are almost off.

“Young Master Han, let’s get off the boat together?” Su Yan walked up gently and said softly.

Even with a veil, her breathtaking beautiful eyes still make people fascinated. At least the pangolin is really drooling.

George Han smiled slightly and shook his head: “Thank you Miss Su for your kindness, but I still have important things to do, so I won’t bother you much.”

“Young Master Han, if you want to work, you must first sharpen your tools. It’s a distance from the north. There are still tens of thousands of miles at the end. If you rely on your feet, even if you can persist, it will take at least a few months. It is better to recuperate nearby. The Su family has a very close relationship with the Fang family. After entering the city, I will arrange for the Fang family to replace it. If you make another flower boat, you can go out in just seven days at the speed of the flower boat. Wouldn’t it be more time-saving?” Su Yan said patiently.

“Damn, when did you even tell others your real name? The progress is so fast.” The pangolin muttered, and then said, “However, what he said makes sense. If you don’t work hard, why not?”

Han Three thousand hesitated for a moment, Su Yan’s words did make sense, so she nodded: “If this is the case, then trouble Miss Su.”

“Young Master Han is polite.” Su Yan smiled lightly, and then she made a slight gesture. An action please.

George Han shook his head with a gift, and returned the gift in reverse, giving her first priority.

Su Yan no longer refused, leading a few waitresses with the green beads, first stepped on the stairs, and slowly descended.

“Damn, she knows your real name, and she treats you so nicely. I didn’t believe that nothing happened to you two last night. She really has the foresight. No wonder she doesn’t see the lady in green and the little fairy, grandma’s. Although this girl has her face covered, she looks like an energetic beauty.” The pangolin whispered softly.

George Han gave him a white look, treated him lazily, followed Su Yan and others, and walked under the boat…

Chapter 2738

“Yan’er, Yan’er, long time no see, long time no see.” When the

talent came to the middle of the stairs, the old man underneath was already happy from ear to ear, and greeted again and again with enthusiasm.

Even a fool can tell that the relationship between Su Yan and Fang’s family really seems to be extraordinary.

Seeing that Su Yan had come down, the old man quickly greeted him with enthusiasm.

“Yan’er has seen Grandpa Zhu.”

Su Yan bowed slightly to salute when he stepped down the stairs.

“Lu Zhu has seen Grandpa Zhu.” Lu Zhu also said politely.

“Okay, it’s really a big eighteen change. It’s only been more than a year since I haven’t seen you. It feels like you are looking beautiful again. Hey, if the old man is a hundred or so young, he must be a member of the group of younger brothers who are pursuing you. “The old man laughed.

“Grandpa Zhu, you really know how to joke.” Su Yan smiled helplessly.

“This is a joke, in our desert, no one knows that the Su family’s double beauty is the best in the world. By the way, these two are…” While speaking, the old man focused his eyes on George Han and the pangolin.

Although the desert is big, it is in a special place. Therefore, the people living around, or the matter of coming to the wedding this time, Old Man Zhu is almost all familiar with it, but these two…

he has never seen it.

“These are my two friends, pangolin and yellow sand monster.” Su Yan laughed softly.

“Even though one looks a little weird, the other is handsome and handsome, not bad.” Mr. Zhu smiled and nodded to George Han as a greeting, and then he looked at Su Yan again. The two said: “By the way, I heard that on the flower boat of the Su family south of you, the journey is not idle. You also have a poem and wine conference to find the princes to find the wishful Langjun. This is attractive. Many people with lofty ideals, how about, how do you choose? Lvzhu, where is your sweetheart?”

As he said, he glanced at the pangolin intentionally or unintentionally.

Although Lvzhu is also the most beautiful in the Su family, it is extremely beautiful in the world, but it has to be compared with whom, if it is compared with Miss Su, it is obviously inferior.

It is not that he is not strong enough, but the enemy is too strong.

There was only one person in the end, but this time it was two. So, naturally, Mr. Zhu regarded the pangolin as the Kui, and George Han as the favorite of Su Yan. “Don’t mention it, the more you mention it, the more depressed.” Luzhu replied speechlessly.

Mr. Zhu was suddenly surprised, but when he thought of the appearance of pangolins, he also had the logic of his own brain supplement, and he smiled blankly: “Okay, then don’t say more, let’s go into the city.”

Su Yan nodded and looked back. Looking at George Han, George Han also nodded as a response.

The group of people went back and forth slowly towards the desert city.

The city gate is very large, about several hundred meters high and several hundred meters wide. Even if it is deep, it is a full tens of meters, which is enough to see how huge and thick the city wall is.

After passing through the city wall, the city gate behind him also suddenly closed, and the whole city trembles slightly. Although the people in the city did not respond much, but outside the city, there was yellow sand rolling, and the huge city pool began to sink into the yellow sand again. .

It’s just inside the city, but there is nothing unusual, except for that flick.

The sun is still shining, but the temperature is very suitable, the city is even more lively, and the vendors on both sides shout endlessly, and the stalls are full of goods.

Pedestrians of all colors stopped to buy or ask, or watch or chat. The excitement was nothing like that. Compared with the desolate desert outside, it was completely two worlds.

“It’s so lively.” The pangolin couldn’t help but smile as he looked at the crowd full of dangdang.

“The Fang family’s wedding is a major event in the entire desert state. Naturally, all guests will come.” Mr. Zhu said this, very proud.

Regardless of the size of the family, as long as it is in this area, or the distance is relatively close, no family has not sent representatives to come, and it is definitely not an exaggeration to describe it as a prosperous age.

This is the ostentation of the Fang family, as well as the face of the Fang family.

At this time, Gongzi Yuan and the others, together with the other princes, were walking ahead. He raised his eyes and suddenly saw an acquaintance. Then, he looked back at George Han behind him, his eyes began to change. Abnormally insidious.

Chapter 2739

At this time, George Han and his party were slowly passing through the market and stopped in a mansion.


“Yan’er, the guests from all quarters have arrived in the desert city, and even the city lord’s mansion was overcrowded a few days ago. The city lord has ordered that all guests can check in for free. Therefore, the city’s restaurant inn is already full. . ” “

it took a full home, this is not Santo Court, specially for you to stay. ” “

as for these two sons, here. “Then he gently bayan.

Looking at him, opposite the Bieyuan, there is a huge restaurant in the busy city, with different colored ribbons, full of guests, and noisy and lively.

In the building, a large-character plaque of Juying Pavilion is located in it.

The small garden is quiet, and the restaurant is prosperous, just across the street, but it’s like a big difference.

“Bieyuan is huge, or else, arrange the two princes with us.” Su Yan said softly.

“How can this be? Miss! As the saying goes, men and women are not easy to accept, if this is passed, how will we see people in the future?” Lvzhu glared at George Han in dissatisfaction.

“Ms. Lvzhu said that, me and the Huangsha monster can live in a restaurant.” George Han nodded.

Hearing George Han’s words, Lu Zhu was anxious and angry. Of course she wanted George Han to live in the Bieyuan. After all, she could get along day and night, but this guy…

“Yes, Yan Er, Lu Zhu’s words are not unreasonable. Don’t worry, the specifications in the restaurant are also not small, and many high-profile and distinguished guests also live in it, which is a bit noisy.” Master Zhu said softly.

Su Yan glanced at George Han, a trace of disappointment flashed in her electric eyes, and nodded: “Well, then I will listen to Grandpa Zhu’s arrangement.”

“Okay, I’ll send the two into the Bieyuan, Xiao Zhu, you take the two sons to the restaurant to check in.”

“Yes!” The young man named Xiao Zhu nodded, respectfully, and brought them for George Han and the pangolin. The way.

Looking at George Han’s back, Su Yan sighed lightly, and the green beads on the side were also unbearably sad under their anger.

“Yan’er, please.” Su Yan recovered and followed behind him and walked into the quiet Little Bieyuan.

Above the Juying Pavilion, next to the window on the fourth floor, a graceful and wealthy young man, holding a wine glass in his hand, slowly drinking, but his eyes were fixed on George Han and others who came slowly from the opposite side.

“It’s him who hurt you like this?” Turning around, he glanced at Young Master Yuan who was wrapped in front of him like a rice dumpling with disdain, and asked in a cold voice.

“Exactly.” Yuan Gongzi had resentment in his eyes, but in front of this person, he just lowered his head.

“Huh, they all say that the Yuan family’s devil’s claws are unique. It seems that it is nothing more than that. I actually lost to such an ordinary man, that is, I didn’t meet my iron bull, I can send him back to the west with one punch.” Next to the young master. , A giant with a height of two meters, coarse hair and black beard, arms as thick as a cow, shouted disdainfully.

“The so-called name of Lang, but so.” Next to the giant, there is a little dwarf who contrasts sharply with it.

It is no more than half a meter tall, like a child, but a face is old-fashioned, with a straw hat, under the straw hat is a pair of eagle-like cold eyes.

Gongzi Yuan clenched his fists, but did not dare to attack. All the unwillingness and anger finally turned into a slight look up: “Master Liu, that kid is not as simple as it seems.”

“Is it?” Gongzi Liu smiled softly. Looking down at Su Yan who walked into Bieyuan but was still looking back, a gleam of cold light flashed in his eyes for a while.

“I don’t care who he is, it’s just a little Lvzhu, but the person who dared to make ideas about Su Yan is the one who can’t get along with me, Liu, even if it is the king of heaven, this young master will definitely cut him off! “

Let’s go, I will meet that kid when I go down, let him see, Master Liu, I have a few eyes!”

As soon as the voice fell, he got up angrily and walked downstairs. The tall and short giant and the short man looked at each other and followed them. At this time, the son of Yuan couldn’t help but smile coldly.

“This time, I see how you die!”

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