His True Colors Novel Chapter 2740 – 2742

His True Colors Novel Chapter 2740 – 2742
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Chapter 2740

George Han had just walked into the restaurant, and it was already evident that the restaurant was full of people and it was very lively.

A little second hurried up to greet him, and when he saw the Fang family servant leading the way in front of George Han, he suddenly understood and shuddered: “Several masters, distinguished guests, distinguished guests.”

“Prepare two rooms.” The person who led the way said softly: “Guest of the Fang family, you know the rules.”

Xiao Er smiled and nodded: “Yes, yes, you can rest assured that the shop will let several masters have the enjoyment of being at home.”

“That’s very good.” After the leader said, he turned around and respectfully saluted Han three thousand and two, and said: “Two, let’s stay here for now, there is nothing to do, even if you tell this little one. If he says hello If it’s not week, my Fang family will let them go around.”

George Han smiled politely: “Thanks for your hard work.”

“This is a small matter. Well, it’s midday, so I won’t bother you both. The prince took a rest for a meal, and the younger one returned to the house.” After he finished speaking, he saluted, turned and walked outside the restaurant.

At this time, Xiao Er hurriedly greeted him with enthusiasm, and shouted inwardly: “Master, two.”

As he shouted, the guests and shopkeepers looked up one after another, just relative to the enthusiasm of the shopkeeper and others. , But the other guests looked strangely. Fortunately, most of them just glanced, and then they were busy with their own hands.

“Bring two people in first.” Xiao Er chuckled, leading George Han and the pangolin all the way slowly around the central hall, and headed towards the stairs leading to the second floor.

“Let’s Juying Pavilion, that is the largest restaurant in the Desert City. The main hall on the first floor can accommodate more than 1,000 people for dining at the same time, and the accommodation on the second floor can accommodate more than 400 people.”

“What about the third and fourth floors?” Pangolin Asked.

“These three and four floors are all private rooms.” Xiao Er smiled, but did not continue to explain.

Think about it, just like a hotel on the earth, the third and fourth floors are equivalent to the presidential suite, and the people who live in it are naturally rich or noble.

This Xiaoer was reluctant to explain more, obviously because George Han and others had insufficient qualifications and insufficient level to live on the third and fourth floors.

However, George Han did not have any friendship with the Fang family, and there was no qualification to talk about. Moreover, to George Han, it always didn’t matter where he lived. The

three people climbed the stairs one after the other, but when they were about to arrive, a huge figure appeared at the entrance of the stairs.

Almost his body was turned horizontally, and this guy directly blocked the entire stairway.

George Han raised his eyes, and even he was shocked by the huge figure more than two meters high.

Oh no, it was two figures to be precise, but under the huge and incomparable giant figure, the figure that was almost as small as a chicken was completely obscured.

“Two masters, can you give way?” Xiao Er smiled, the one with the smile is called a diligent one.

The giant didn’t care at all, just staring at Xiao Er faintly, but in those eyes, there was no anger and prestige, and the timid could be frightened.

“Two masters?” Xiao Er still lost his smile: “Look, can you give me a little bit and wait for us to go first?”

Then Xiao Er bent slightly, his posture extremely low.

“I’m pooh!”


A large mouthful of water was sprayed almost directly on Xiao Er’s face like half a basin of water, which immediately made Xiao Er’s slap-sized face seem to be soaked in drifting rain.

“I’ll take it…” Xiao Er cursed silently in his heart, covered the saliva on his face, and smiled flatly.

“If you want to let it, that’s what you let it.” The giant’s voice was like a Hong Zhong, and the sound made the entire staircase anti-Buddha tremble slightly.

Xiao Er smiled awkwardly and looked back. At this time, the three of them had almost walked from the bottom of the building to the second floor. To go down, how big a circle would be needed to go, but the location of the giant was just a step away.

Therefore, if you want to let go, it should be the giant letting go.

“Master, they are all guests of the Fang family, why are you?” Xiaoer muttered, and asked in a soft voice, cautiously.

“Fuck you uncle.” The giant scorned a drink, and impatiently pushed Xiao Er down with a palm.

Xiao Er’s whole person suddenly felt like paper, staggering back and forth, if George Han hadn’t helped him in time, if he rolled down the stairs, he would have to be disabled if he didn’t die.

At this moment, George Han’s eyes suddenly lifted slightly…

Chapter 2741

are as light as water, and there is no wave of waves.

Seeing George Han raised his eyes to look at them, the two snorted coldly, and didn’t put George Han in their eyes at all. That arrogant appearance was the number one anti-Buddha in the world.

Although Xiao Er was frightened, his professional ethics was pretty good, and if he muster up his courage, he would want to negotiate with the other party.

At this moment, George Han gently pulled

Xiao Er and said, “It’s okay, let’s let him.” After speaking, George Han turned sideways slightly, stopping Xiao Er and the pangolin to his side, abruptly. An aisle made way above the stairs.

The staircase aisle is not wide, and George Han and others’ concession is actually more of a calming one than a suitable concession.

However, the giant didn’t regard George Han’s polite concession as the same thing. Instead, he almost watched George Han with his nose and eyes. The superb appearance was like two hundred and five, and he snorted coldly: ” Oh, do you think I’m like you water monkeys, with a bigger fart? Just this kind of aisle, do you let me and I get along?”

“Three straws!”

Hearing this scolding, even those who are often engaged in the service industry Xiao Er was also angry and furious.

After all, the giant who should have given way is nothing more than not giving way. People kindly gave way, and instead of appreciating him, he also bites people in a vicious and vicious manner. This is really too much.

Even the inferior second person really felt that this giant was simply aggressive.

However, George Han smiled: “Then let’s go down first.”

“Damn, why should we go down the stairs, why should we score a first come first, then come first? If you want him to let him go.” The pangolin couldn’t bear it. Said without anger.

However, as soon as his voice fell, the giant over there had already placed his casserole-sized fist in his palm and rubbed it slightly.

To be honest, the pangolin watched his posture and couldn’t help but swallowed his saliva.

Tigers and tigers are majestic, this is…

However, pangolins are earth spirit orbs after all. He dared not make times in front of George Han, but in front of this giant, why would he not dare?

“It’s arrogant!” The pangolin yelled angrily, and the next second, with a momentum in his hand, he would look for the giant to settle accounts. I just didn’t take a half step out of the arrogant man, but suddenly I found that my feet were filled with lead, and my steps were difficult!

Looking back, I saw George Han volley grabbing his leg, and then George Han shook his head slightly at him.

Walking in the arena, it’s better not to cause trouble. Besides, this time I came with Su Yan. If there is trouble, isn’t this just adding trouble to people?

George Han was unwilling.

“Others are bullying us, just like that, can you bear it?” The pangolin couldn’t stand the nameless fire, and said depressed.

George Han still shook his head.

The pangolin glanced at the living room on the first floor. There are already many people who are watching this because of the movement here. If you recognize this, you will lose your face: “I’m so angry with you. “

However, almost at this time, with a soft cough, a faint fragrance came slowly from upstairs.

“Fat Army.” He sipped softly, and walked slowly down the third floor with a group of people.

He is dressed in grace and wealth, and looks quite heroic. At this moment, he shook a fan in his hand: “What kind of decent is the noisy?”


This fat mountain-like giant saw the young master immediately. Become well-behaved, slightly respectful, with a very low posture.

“Master, we are not messing up, we are presiding over the order.” Under the giant, the skinny monkey sneered, blinking his little ghostly eyes.

“Presiding over the order?” Liu Shaoye glanced at the two coldly, and then fixed his gaze on George Han and the others. In those eyes, there was almost all arrogance and disdain.

“How can I preside over the order?” He smiled sullenly.

“Capital Club where, if normal, I do not say that. But now, Fang wedding, guests actions, which Capital Club in nature is Fang Jiabin ceremony place.”

“Bin ceremony to both, so, naturally, non Normally any dog ​​or dog can live in here.” The skinny monkey laughed coldly, and then looked at George Han: “Am I right? A cat? Or A dog?”

Chapter 2742

, the pangolin was about to rush up to argue with him on the spot, but was held by George Han at this time. The shop Xiaoer also hurriedly said at this time: “Tell my masters, these two are too Fang family guests, the servants of the Fang family have also repeatedly ordered the young ones, saying that they are also Fang family guests and let the young ones make arrangements. How can this be a cat or a dog?”

“You call me Lord now, am I the one you are? Grandpa?” The giant sneered.

The shop Xiaoer was speechless.

“Hahahahaha!” A

group of people laughed suddenly, and the monkey-like dwarf even sneered: “The second is a second, so you can only be the second in the store for the rest of your life. With your IQ , And you can’t do other things.”

“The guests of the Fang family are divided into different categories. Some people are guests, and some people? They are just streamers at the off-site table.”

“How many masters do you mean?” Xiaoer puzzled.

“On the third and fourth floors of you, the guests of Fangjiazuo naturally live, and the guests on the second floor are naturally the guests in the house. As for this water guest…”

Speaking of this, the thin monkey and the giant looked at each other. Sneered each other darkly.

“Liu Shui Ke is naturally not qualified to live on the second floor.” The giant sneered.

“You can gather in the Yingge, except for the second, third and fourth floors, there is no place to live.” Xiaoer said helplessly and depressed.

“Bastard stuff.” At this moment, the skinny monkey yelled angrily: “Why don’t you have a place to live? You Juying Pavilion’s stables and wood sheds, why do you keep them?”

“This…this How can people live?” The shop Xiaoer said anxiously.

“You are deceiving too much!” The pangolin snorted coldly.

“Watch your words used, we can never deceive!” Skinny monkey hastily refused to recognize, the next second, he suddenly sneered:. “We, ah, always just bully Tun Town”

! “Ha ha ha ha”

His words , A few people laughed together again.

George Han tried his best to hold the pangolin, but at this time, his eyes were inadvertently turned away from the person behind Liu Gongzi.

Although he couldn’t see him, from the white bandage on his body, George Han had already recognized who he was sacred.

“We are here with people to follow the wedding. Don’t make trouble too ugly.” George Han whispered a pangolin, and then looked to the shop’s second child: “The firewood room is the firewood room, my second brother, please lead the way.”
“Master, you…” Xiao Er looked at George Han in astonishment.

In this Juying Pavilion, that is the largest restaurant in the Desert City. Where can anyone hear the best restaurant and the worst living environment?

However, the situation is like this. Seeing George Han’s eyes, it seems that he has made up his mind. He sighed and nodded: “Hey, Lord, I’ll take you there.”

After speaking, the shopkeeper turned down and went downstairs. Han Three thousand is no nonsense, pulling the pangolin, and following the shop Xiaoer all the way down.

“I’m pooh, it’s really a waste of nanny.”

“Grandpa, I didn’t even move my hand, this grandson actually ran to live in the woodshed.”

“This damn is a man, isn’t it!”

George Han After Qian Gang turned around, the curses behind him were already endless.

However, for George Han’s patience, this is nothing. Quandang didn’t hear him. Following Xiao Er, among the strange eyes of the crowd in the hall, he bypassed the hall and walked towards the back kitchen.

Soon, the group of three people tossed and turned, and within a few moments they came to a damaged wood house in the backyard.

The area of ​​the house is small, it is piled up with all kinds of dry wood, and the environment is very poor.

“Two masters, this…this is the firewood room of Juying Pavilion.” Xiao Er whispered a little apologetically.

Even a shop like him, in a luxurious place like Juying Pavilion, it is absolutely impossible to live in such an inferior environment. Even he feels quite embarrassed to bring guests to live here.

“Grass, isn’t this a fucking place where people live?” The pangolin was depressed. Such a place would be messy, even if the animals were put on their heads.

“? Have you ever out of time, do not they live in caves do” Han three thousand white at him, Wangle Yan Chai Fang: “Yes, you live in this place, Xiao’er, you’ve worked hard.”

Xiao’er Suddenly, his face was embarrassed: “Then, that little one, go and prepare

something for the two masters.” After speaking, Xiao Er turned around and went back to the hall.

In the hall at this time, Young Master Liu and his group also slowly walked into the hall…

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