His True Colors Novel Chapter 2752 – 2754

His True Colors Novel Chapter 2752 – 2754
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Chapter 2752

“This ……”

“What the fuck is this ghost?”

“I just do the authors dazzled?”

“He obviously had just moved, obviously those people directly hit fly all around What? What? How suddenly… suddenly it seems to have been staying in place and not moving.”

“It’s not dazzling, it’s not that he doesn’t move, but the speed is so fast that…we didn’t notice anything at all. “

Speaking of this, a group of people were dumbfounded, how fast is this? !


At least, at this time, in most people’s minds, they have begun to understand one thing, that is, the duel with the skinny monkey just now, it is no longer just a simple luck to escape.

It is completely reliant on hard skills to block it.

If this is the case, then there is a very terrifying fact in front of you!

This person is absolutely right.

But the question is, how can a great master make people bully this kind of situation? !

“Is it possible that he is pretending to be forced? It is not easy to make a move until the critical moment?”

“Or, his aura is far from ordinary people can compare?”

No one knows the answer, or that there is no time for them to find Answer.

Because at this time, Young Master Liu had completely gone violently.

He was beaten again and again, and his self-esteem was as strong as him. It was already unbearable, especially the change in everyone’s attitude. From looking at George Han’s jokes, nowadays, some even start to look at his jokes, this kind of huge The difference has become the final fuse that ignited his anger.

“Fuck, you forced me. Today, this young master will let you taste my power.” As soon as the voice fell, Liu Gongzi suddenly released the same vindictiveness in his body, his aura was greatly moved, and the whole person was suddenly dead. Since.


Boom! !

With his feet as the center, a blast of ground fire burned directly and attacked George Han directly.

When the earth fire passed, the loess was scorched, and the air within three meters of the surrounding area was immediately ignited to a boiling state, and it felt like a burning pain when touched.

“Damn, the fire of Liu’s supreme family. This fire is very fierce. Once it touches the body, it burns endlessly. Don’t

let it go .” “I have also heard that desperadoes challenged it decades ago. The Liu family, but in the end it was burned to ashes by a supreme fire from the head of the Liu family.” “This fire is extremely domineering. What’s more, it is very difficult. For many years, it has been a unique skill that the Liu family is proud of. This young master Liu did not expect to be so young. has mastered the art of its own lifeline. ” “

Oh, highly skilled personnel matter sorted out to play together, and his cousin Fang Liu Gongzi can master like brothers, why would they simply kinship that simple. “

the crowd, jumped on the bandwagon There are many of them, especially when Liu Gongzi directly releases this supreme fire, the wind direction changes even faster.

“Old Han, fucking, this fire is not easy, it’s so hot.” The pangolin whispered beside George Han.

George Han nodded, his eyes shrank slightly, and the next second, the golden and black light on his body was immediately released from his body, slightly enveloping his body.

Then, the corners of George Han’s handsome mouth raised a disdainful smile: “Really?” As

soon as the words fell, George Han suddenly pushed the pangolin a few meters away with a burst of energy, and then, with his own body, directly confronted the pangolin. On this so-called supreme fire of the Liu family.

“Fuck, is he crazy? He had an absolute speed advantage before facing a thin monkey, but now, what else does he have?”

“The speed advantage does not mean that his mother is invincible, let alone can be used to block Fire.”

“Hehe, I’m afraid this kid doesn’t know how terrifying this supreme fire is. At this meeting, I still want to pretend to be forced!” A

group of people were shocked when they saw that George Han at this time was unmoving. Besides, there was more verbal abuse, and many people even had just raised the worship of George Han, which suddenly vanished at this moment.

Left in vain, but just abuse.

Looking at George Han like this, even Gongzi Liu himself could not help but reveal the joy of victory at hand.


The fire hit, and immediately swallowed George Han’s whole person directly. When seeing such a scene, Liu Gongzi burst into laughter at this time.

At almost the same time, the skinny monkey and giant over there couldn’t help but laugh.

“This time, are you fucking alive?”

Chapter 2753

“Fuck, let this kid be arrogant, now let me continue to be arrogant, fuck!”

“I really thought I was a bit capable, I really don’t know what to do, but I don’t know that there are people in this world, there are people outside the world, there are heaven outside the world There are more people than him.”

“Humans, always have to pay a heavy price for their arrogance and ignorance, and this stupid ratio in front of me will pay the price of life.” The

thin monkey and the giant two. Seeing such a situation, he couldn’t help but curse in pain, feeling depressed in his heart.

“I thought really a hero, I did not expect was a silly Han.”

“In the body of the fire, he really thought he was made of iron in it, even if made of iron, and he should know, fire can iron.”

Onlookers of People also shook their heads and sighed.

“Haha, hahahaha!” Young Master Liu over there, seeing his face regained, the situation stabilized again, he couldn’t help laughing out loud.

Gongzi Yuan in the crowd finally let out a long sigh at this time.

George Han is indeed capable, and this is beyond his original knowledge that he must admit after defeating him. However, there is obviously one thing that this guy doesn’t know if his brain is not good enough, or he has enough knowledge, or after he has won himself, he has vanity and feels invincible in the world.

In short, it was expected that this idiot was so presumptuous and underestimated the enemy before the fire of Liu Family Supreme, and swallowed such bitter fruit.

The fire of Liu’s family is by no means an ordinary fire, and compared with his Yuan family’s magic claws, it is not in the same class at all.

Although the magic claw is the treasure of the Yuan family, the fire of the Liu family is enough to make the Liu family squeeze into the most sacred existence of the four desert races.

This stupid boy is so courageous to the point that he is a hillbilly.

“This time, if you can come out, someone from Yuan Yuan will give you fried fish in the palm of his hand.” Yuan Gongzi sneered.

But almost when he just sneered, sometimes, the face slapped faster than expected.

His sneer suddenly really seemed to be completely frozen at this time because it was too cold.

When he followed his gaze, it was also the gaze of everyone present. Amidst the supreme fire, at this moment, a figure slowly walked out.

Although there are traces of burnt on his outer clothes, his handsome face is still very indifferent, and almost at the same time, the raging fire surrounding him actually Suddenly, it went out completely, and even disappeared in place.


Everyone’s pupils widened dozens of times, and the exaggerated ones even came out of their eye sockets.

“What did I see? He…he could actually come out of the Supreme Fire?”

“No, it’s impossible, right? In the battle decades ago, even if the desperado’s cultivation base was close to the eight wilderness, he was Burning clean, without any ability to fight back, this guy… how did it do it?”

Everyone looked at this scene in disbelief, even Young Master Liu, who knows the Supreme Fire very well, at this time. Stupidly stunned in place like a wooden chicken.

“How… how is it possible?” The

supreme fire is a masterpiece of the Liu family. According to the Liu Family’s Wannian ancestral instruction, this thing is a supreme fire that can burn immortals and slaughter demons at the top, even if it is the real fire of Samadhi. In comparison, it is also very inferior.

Why, how can anyone live out of this flame, or even come out? !

“I…I changed my attitude just now. He is not a stupid stupid with muscles and no brains. He… He is actually an out-of-the-world hero.”

“Yeah, he is so handsome. The reborn phoenix, he has the God of War who came out of the ashes, he is simply the Prince Charming in my mind.”

There are several nymphomaniac girls who have experienced admiration and contempt on the spot and then come to today’s incomparable worship, even with deep roots in love. I want to rush up right now and be courteous to George Han. How can the desire in his eyes still have the slightest reservedness of a girl?

Beauty loves heroes since ancient times, and they say otherwise, but heroes are loved by everyone.

At this time, George Han smiled slightly and opened with one hand. The flame that the supreme fire only wins appeared in his palm, like an obedient little pet. Then, George Han looked at Young Master Liu: ” That’s it?”

Chapter 2754

Although it was just two simple words, it was a more direct irony than any thousand words for Young Master Liu present.

Yes, he was still ecstatic about the invincibility of the Supreme Fire, but in the next second, the proud Supreme Fire disappeared.

Or in other words, even if it exists, the way it exists is more like ridiculing his ignorance and ignorance of Liu Gongzi, holding rotten grass as a baby.

“You…” Liu Gongzi was speechless.

“Although the fire is okay, but the fire is too bad, give it back to you.” As soon as the voice fell, George Han’s hands moved slightly.

Suddenly, the small flame on his palm was directly thrown over by him.

But almost as soon as it rushed here and flew, the flames suddenly turned into a huge sea of ​​flames and covered it.

“What?” Liu Gongzi suddenly opened his pupils.

He would set off the fire of supremacy, but what he had never expected in his entire life was that this Liu family’s unique learning would suddenly turn against him one day.

“Master, be careful.”

Almost at the same time, the giant and the thin monkey yelled anxiously at the same time. The next second, ignoring his injuries, one came from the wind, the other gritted his teeth and endured the severe knee pain, and both blocked him in front of Liu Gongzi. .

Immediately afterwards, as the two screamed loudly, two bursts of extremely strong energy burst out from their hands, directly resisting the supreme fire that hit their faces.

It was so hot that it was so hot that the two of them sweated like rain as soon as they got on.

What is even more annoying is the consumption of energy, this supreme fire is not an ordinary fire, even if the two work together, it is very difficult to resist.


The fire exploded suddenly, and almost at the same time, the giant and the Liu Gongzi were also suddenly overturned by the blast of the Supreme Fire. Although they were barely resisted, the three who were knocked to the ground were all exposed to the fire. His face is black, and even his hair is burned. The more embarrassed he will be.

“Now, do I have to forget it?” The pangolin smiled softly at this time, and slowly walked to George Han’s side again, sarcastically looking at the three people lying on the ground and the men of Liu Gongzi lying everywhere. “Or, as you said, come over and call grandpa, and we will spare you.”

Young Master Liu was angry, and looking at the smile on the pangolin’s face was very angry, but, look When George Han stood there peacefully, he didn’t even know what to do for a while.

“Fuck, just your kind of rubbish, also worthy of our Young Master Liu calling you grandfather? I yuck.” The giant roared, extremely dissatisfied.

“Yes, we are rubbish.” The pangolin smiled: “But, what are you things that have been cleaned up by rubbish?” The

giant was furious when he heard that, and was about to struggle to get up, but was caught by the thin monkey. He was cold. Looking at George Han coldly, it seemed that he was waiting for his answer.

“Or, just forget it?” George Han said.

“I count your mother.” The giant roared, but was dragged off by the thin monkey again. The thin monkey’s eyes flashed and nodded: “Okay, just forget it.”

“Are you fucking crazy?” The giant roared angrily, and the whole person was very puzzled.

But at this moment, Liu Gongzi also nodded: “Okay, this matter, we didn’t think it happened.”

After finishing speaking, he glanced at the thin monkey, and the thin monkey nodded, and quickly helped Liu Gongzi to stand slowly. stand up.

Over there, the giant was very depressed, but the son didn’t dare not follow his words. He glared at George Han and stood up while gritting his teeth.

“Go back.”

George Han glanced at the pangolin, the next second, got up and walked towards the wood house.

The pangolin was obviously not enough to defuse his anger. However, if George Han was like this, he could only give up. He glanced at the other three, then the pangolin turned around and followed George Han to the chaifang.

However, George Han stopped suddenly after walking a few steps.

Because at this time, behind him, a fierce and murderous Feng Jin was coming quickly.

“Sneak attack?” George Han suddenly turned around, with a palm directly against the thin monkey who was sneaking up on him, but suddenly, George Han’s complexion was condensed: “Oh, it’s in the middle.”

At almost the same time, there was a supreme group. Zhihuo, with a fist big as a casserole, also slammed into him heavily…

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