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His True Colors Novel Chapter 2776 – 2778 – XH Tales
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Chapter 2776

But like everyone else, even Su Yan can’t see the depths of the Supreme Fire at all.

The fire is too big, the light is too dazzling!

And dozens of elites around the fire, eleven elders and Liu Tao, all gritted their teeth, frantically supporting the frenzied burning of the Supreme Fire.

With such power, what is the world’s things, how can there be no reason not to burn?

George Han in the center of the flame frowned.

The chaotic power in the body was almost completely released, but it was only opened for a second, and was instantly sealed in the fire by dozens of elite blessings.

The most elite of the Liu family plus the eleven strongest elders and Patriarchs, it is true that from the perspective of not bragging, their internal strengths combined have reached a level of horror.

Although George Han’s internal strength is also boundless, but in terms of the chaotic energy that George Han ate from gluttonous people, it is still relatively difficult.

However, George Han’s luck is extremely good. Before that, the Silkworm Horse Head Girl placed her power in the Frost Jade Armor made to herself, thus helping herself temper the power of Chaos.

This stronger Chaos power kept George Han’s basic plate of resistance.

But in the face of the stronger force of the Liu family, George Han couldn’t help but let out a mouthful of blood.

However, George Han is George Han, and while holding his mind at the moment, he is thinking of ways quickly in his mind.

He needs to replenish his spiritual power, even a little bit, it is completely possible to let the balance of victory lean towards him slowly.

There is not much difference in the strength between him and the Liu family, or the ice energy released by the control of the Jade Bingzhu can only barely stalemate with the other party.

The situation is very unfavorable for George Han!

It is necessary to quickly break this supreme fire before the other party no longer overweights.

Suddenly, George Han smiled, and a bold idea appeared in his mind again.

The so-called wealth and wealth are in danger, so if you don’t be bold, how can you call it George Han?

At this time, the waitress went all the way to Fang Mansion, but met Fang Jun, the elder of the Fang family. After explaining the cause, Fang Dongtian, the elder of the Fang family, hurried over with a group of people.

Seeing the Juying Pavilion that had been moved to the ground, even Fang Jun, the old You Tiao from the Fang family, was obviously taken aback!

What the fuck is this? !Looking at the raging fire again, Fang Jun was even more fucking silly.

This is one of the landmark buildings in the desert city, the four-story Juying Pavilion.

It was so outrageous that at this moment, it was vanished in an instant!

Moreover, at this time, the Liu family actually used all the Supreme Fire.

“There is my friend, Uncle Fang, stop them.” Su Yan said anxiously.

Fang Jun hesitated for a moment. Even though Su Yan spoke, things happened in the desert city. His Fang family had no choice but to deal with it, but the other party was the Liu family who had an extremely good relationship with him. How could Fang Jun be unbiased?

“Miss Su, don’t worry, what the hell is going on? Why do you want to fight so aggressively?”

“The members of the Liu family, how can they even use the ultimate move like Supreme Fire?”

Su Yan heard Fang Jun’s words. Anxiously: “Uncle Fang, I can’t tell you about this for a while, can you stop them first and save people?”

“Save people?” Fang Jun frowned: “There are still people in the fire?? “

Exactly, Uncle Fang, can you please help me quickly.” Su Yan said anxiously.

“No?” Fang Jun said in disbelief.

“Miss, why do you talk so much with him? People are clearly looking at their own family, and they are not willing to intervene.” Lu Zhu said angrily.

Fang Jun wasn’t angry, and smiled: “Lv Zhu, your girl is still so short-tempered.”

After finishing speaking, Fang Jun looked at Su Yan and whispered: “Miss Su, the Fang family has always been fair and never partial to anyone. It’s just that. , You have also seen that the situation is like this, I have to find out what happened, besides, the fire is so big, where will anyone be?”

In a word, even the gentle Su Yan has fire in his eyes at this time. This Su Jun seems to be very kind, but in fact he only used a slow-down strategy, and he continued to procrastinate.

“Master Pangolin, come on!”

Suddenly, Lu Zhu turned around and shouted into the fire without asking him.

At almost the same time, the pangolin and Su Yan also turned around and shouted loudly into the fire, cheering for George Han.

As the three of them yelled, the waitress beside Su Yan also made a collective voice.

This move, obviously, surprised many people very much.

But what is even more hateful is that Fang Jun laughed loudly at this time…

Chapter 2777

“Laugh, great.” Fang Jun said haha. Although there is no sarcasm, it is extremely uncomfortable to hear.

“The surname Fang, you don’t need to intervene to help. Why are you laughing here? Is your mother dead?” Lu Zhu cursed back angrily.

She was worried about George Han, but now she could only cheer for him in this only seemingly useless way. She knew it was a bit stupid, but it shouldn’t be reduced to a joke.

Being scolded by a junior in Luzhu, Elder Fang clearly flashed a trace of anger, but he quickly smiled softly: “You are so dull, isn’t this obviously making people laugh?”

“You can’t see, what do you call it?” Are people in the fire? Still cheering? The fire isn’t too busy?” Fang Jun chuckled softly.

“You!” Lu Zhu was anxious, but she couldn’t refute it at all for a while.

Fang Jun snorted softly, turned away from a group of disciples, and looked at the place where the supreme fire was burning with interest.

Let alone the Fang family’s unwillingness to intervene in the Liu family’s affairs, it just wants to intervene, is it necessary?

Such a fire, I am afraid that there will be no ashes left!

To offend the Liu family, who is also the Big Four, for a mere thing that has turned into ashes. Isn’t this what you need to eat? !

Seeing the Fang family’s attitude, and seeing the frantic burning of Supreme Fire, even if a group of people originally supported George Han, they shook their heads and sighed and chose to remain silent.

The overall situation is set!

“What happened?”

At this moment, there was a shout of prestige, and everyone turned around, all of them jumped in surprise.

“Fang Family Patriarch, my dear, why is his old man here?”

Everyone hurriedly turned sideways to make way for a road, and at the end, a middle-aged man in a green robe, with a vigorous figure and a straight face, stood there with great power.

Behind him, although there are only four entourages and an elderly person, any entourage clearly knows that they are not masters, or masters.

It was the old man, who seemed indifferent, but his eyes were filled with a kind of wisdom, like an ordinary person, and not an ordinary person.

“I have seen the city lord.” When

everyone saw this, they hurriedly bowed in a hurry, with a low posture and a high end attitude.

“Patriarch, why are you here?” Fang Jun hurriedly greeted him, even with a faint smile on his face. “This, this is the Patriarch of the Chai Family, Mr. Chai Rong, we will go to the city gate to meet him back and pass by here.” The Patriarch of the Fang Family said indifferently.

When a group of people heard the words and saluted them, they were very surprised.

Although the Chai family is not the four major families in the desert world, its strength is a family that no family can underestimate, and the root cause is the old Mr. Chai Rong, the head of the Chai family.

No one knows the extent of his strength, but instead of the desert patriarchs of the previous generation of four tribes who would destroy the desert thousands of years ago, Mr. Chai Rong was the only winner.

Now, the Patriarchs of the four major families who had died at the time have all passed away, leaving him alone and still alive. Naturally, no one knows how deep his skills are.

However, because no one knew it, it became even more mysterious.

It is rumored that he is the only Sanxian level close to the true god’s strength in the desert world.

No one knows the answer to this question, and no one dares to try it.

Therefore, even if the Chai family is not large in number and has insufficient power to be included in the four major families, the Chai family allows anyone to hear it and give up three points.

“My God, I haven’t seen Mr. Chai appear for many years. I thought he was already…”

“Mr. Chai is extremely low-key. The rumors almost never match the world. What I didn’t expect is that he is old. this time Mr. suddenly appeared. ” “

Fang family really deserves the strongest family of four families, not even Mr. Chai Rong also to personally participate in the wedding party of young master. “

” Having said that, after the desert border, fear It’s the Fang family that has the final say.”

“By the way, have you heard that? This time, the bride married by the young master of the Fang family is also extraordinary. I heard that the woman can even conceive a true god!”

“I have also heard that once the Fang family has bred a true god, coupled with the original strength of the upper family, it seems that the ambition of the Fang family is no longer limited to our palm-sized place in the desert world.

” It’s no wonder that even Mr. Chai Rong came to congratulate him in person.” A

group of people talked eloquently and softly, and at almost the same time, the Patriarch Fang and Mr. Chai Rong looked at the wildly burning supreme fire and couldn’t help but frown. Qi Wrinkle: “What’s wrong with this?

Chapter 2778

“How about Lao Liu and his parents…” Fang’s Patriarch couldn’t help but wonder.

“The supreme fire of the Liu family?” Old Mr. Chai Rong frowned, but he hadn’t seen this fire for many years.

“Report to the Patriarch, Mr. Chai, I don’t know exactly what happened. Generally speaking, it should be the conflict between Miss Su Yan’s friend and the Liu family. The leader of the Liu Patriarch should have had a fight with that person. However, You have also seen…” At this point, Fang Jun lowered his head slightly.

“Yan’er?” The Fang Family Patriarch turned his eyes slightly and looked at Su Yan.

“Uncle Fang, please tell Uncle Liu to stop.” Su Yan said anxiously.

“Stop?” The Patriarch of the Fang family frowned, “How to stop? Or, is there any point in stopping?”

After speaking, he looked at the blazing supreme fire. egg? !

“Besides, your uncle Liu’s supreme fire is alone in the desert. Since your friend is dead, why do you have trouble again? Let your uncle Liu speak badly, this matter, let it go.”

“Uncle Fang, even you… “Su Yan is anxious.

Lu Zhu glared at the Fang Family Patriarch, and said in a cold voice: “Snake and rat nest.”

Upon hearing this, the Fang Patriarch glared at Lu Zhu with cold eyes. Before Lu Zhu had any reaction, the whole The person was directly hit by an invisible force for several meters, and then, he slammed heavily on the ground, with blood flowing in his mouth.

“Nonsense.” Fang’s Patriarch gave a cold voice. Then, his face suddenly changed, and he looked at Chai Rong: “Mr. Chai, let’s go back to the house first. Here, let the subordinates handle it.”

Mr. Chai nodded. Nodded and smiled slightly.

“Fang Jun, I’ll leave it to you here.” After the Fang Family Patriarch finished his order, he looked at Su Yan and said apologetically: “Yan’er, go back to rest early. In the evening, Uncle Fang will host a banquet in person and introduce Grandpa Chai will know you.”

Su Yan was helpless, it was obvious that the attitude of the Fang family’s Patriarch and Fang Jun was almost exactly the same.

No one wants to offend the Liu family for the Su family, especially because of a “dead man” who basically does not exist. Sometimes human feelings are cold and warm, and you will feel its cruelty and ruthlessness only when you need it.

“Please!” The Patriarch of the Fang family smiled at Mr. Chai and asked politely.

Old Mr. Chai Rong nodded, just about to take a step, but at this moment, he suddenly frowned deeply.

Not only him, the Fang Family Patriarch with a smile on his face was also the same at this time, his smile solidified and seemed to fall into some contemplation.

Everyone was stunned. They didn’t know what was wrong with them. They were talking and laughing just now, but suddenly they didn’t move anymore?

But when everyone was puzzled, the old Mr. Chai Rong at this time raised his head slightly, looked at the Patriarch of the Fang family, and said: “Did you feel anything?”

“It seems… as if there is a very special breath suddenly Appear.”

“Not only that, but I can feel it as if the rain is coming.” When the

voice fell, the two looked at their feet, and the earth was shaking slightly at this time.

Although, its shaking frequency is extremely fast, hiding under the burning fire is not easy to be noticed.

But who are these two people? Anyone is absolutely a master who can walk sideways in the desert world.

Almost at the same time, the two eyes suddenly changed into horror, and then almost at the same time, they looked at the supreme fire that the Liu family was catalyzing.

Perhaps, in the eyes of others, the Supreme Fire is too dazzling, so that people can’t see the inside of the fire body at all.

But in terms of the two people’s cultivation base, this is really not too difficult.

The two were surprised to find that in the center of the supreme, a white cloud suddenly appeared. Although it is now only a small drop in the ocean, it is expanding crazily at an extremely fast speed…

Incomparable shock flashed in their eyes almost at the same time.

At the same time, the entire ground trembled crazily, a sudden and incomparable boom sounded, and the small white light spot exploded directly…

Boom! ! ! !

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