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His True Colors Novel Chapter 2782 – 2784 – XH Tales
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Chapter 2782

“Cow, cow, that young man is really a damn cow!”

“Although the building of Juying Pavilion is destroyed, the signboard is even louder. Who can get it again? One day in this small Juying Pavilion There are indeed people who hide dragons and crouching tigers, hiding here.”

“Being invited into the city lord’s mansion by the eight-person sedan chair of the Fang family made Mr. Chai retreat. This is simply a step into the sky. The pinnacle of life.”

“No wonder that even Miss Su Jia accidentally showed up for him. This person is not easy.”

As George Han and others left, a group of onlookers continued to talk about George Han. The history of pulling the wind was shocked, but at the same time, a group of people rejoiced, at least they were lucky enough to see this shocking battle.

Therefore, in a very short time, everyone in the entire desert city talked about it, and it turned out to be the hottest topic nowadays.

At this time, in the Santos’ mansion.

West backyard!

This was originally the most luxurious backyard in the lord’s mansion, dedicated to the lord’s harem concubine, but today, strangers in two rooms were sent in.

A few waitresses had just finished their work in the west backyard before they quit, and a few more waitresses rushed over: “Hey, Dongju, I heard that there are two new guests in the west backyard?”

“Yes. , Is it possible that the young master marries his wife, and the old family owner couldn’t help being lonely, and added a new concubine? I just saw the two women walking behind so beautiful. “

Although the city lord’s mansion is large, it is not a place where people can go around. Wandering, all that is left in his spare time is Dao, listening and gossip.

That called Dong Ju smiled bitterly: “That’s Miss Su Family and her waitress. The Su Family is a green bead.”

“People from the Su Family? Doesn’t the Su Family have training in another courtyard? How come they came here. Where? Who is the other room?” the maid asked.

As soon as her voice fell, the group of waitresses behind her stared at Dong Ju and the others eagerly.

“Man!” Dong Ju smiled bitterly.

“Man?” A group of waitresses were suddenly shocked.

“Dongju, are you joking? The inner mansion of the city lord’s mansion is strict, let alone a man, even the young master of the Fang family must not stay in the backyard. How could there be men other than the city lord living here?” “Yes, Dongju, don’t make us happy.” In the

city ​​lord’s mansion, all the servants are women, so only the maids and concubines live here, even here. The guards are also entirely female soldiers.

The elders and elites basically live in the front yard. The only man in the backyard of Nuo Da’s every day is the city lord.

Therefore, the female waitresses had a lot of discussions in private, saying that the city lord is probably a person who is extremely afraid of being cuckold, so that he controls the harem so strictly.

“It is indeed a man, and the eight-person sedan chair personally carried it in.” Dong Ju said seriously.

“Eight-person sedan chair?” A group of waitresses were even more stunned when they heard this.

This is the highest etiquette rarely available in the Fang family, at least one he has never seen since the old man passed away!

“This is incredible!”

A group of waitresses looked at each other, obviously a little unacceptable for a while.

“Is he handsome?” a waitress asked.

Dong Ju shook his head: “I can’t be called handsome, I can only say that it is a little ugly.”

“Isn’t it? Finally, a man came to the harem, or is… still an ugly man?” Someone said depressed.

“After the sedan chair took the person to the door, the person was always entangled by the white cloth. I have seen his exposed hand. Oh, it’s almost the same as the one burned in the fire. You say, can it be a handsome guy?” Dong Ju shook his head, a little depressed.

“Hey!” The waitresses shook their heads and sighed.

Hope broken!

But think about it, if it looks good, how can it be safely placed in the backyard with the care of the city lord?

“By the way, with the wife of the young master in the future, are you okay? Do you dare to come out and chat with us?” Dong Ju asked suddenly.

“Hey, don’t say it. In the future, the young master’s wife will wash her face in tears all day long. After putting on makeup several times, she has been crying. We should wait for tomorrow’s wedding ceremony to begin.”

“She won’t try those clothes!”

“She I don’t seem to like our young master.”

Dongju nodded, glanced at the good sister beside her, and said: “Actually, she has another man in her heart. She gave me a lot of money before and asked him to ask him about a man. . “

” who? “

” Han is like asking three thousand? “

Chapter 2783

“George Han?”

“However, it is very strange that she asked me to help find out the whereabouts of this man outside, but she told me not to disturb this man’s life. She just wants to know Is he doing well?” Dong Ju said.

“Then do you see this George Han?” A group of waitresses were aroused by curiosity.

Dongju smiled bitterly: “She is not from the world of desert, so it’s silly to forget it, is it possible that you are also stupid? Being in the desert, can you get out without Huazhou?”

“The George Han she said, Not in the desert city, not in the desert world, but in the Central Plains.” Dong Ju said helplessly.

The maids nodded clearly and stopped talking.

“Let’s go and see her. She has been in a bad mood. If there is any accident, we can’t afford it.” After Dong Ju finished speaking, he took a group of waitresses and walked quickly towards a small house in the backyard. .

Although the cabin is not big, it is luxuriously decorated, which is not only quite emotional, but also full of light and extravagance.

Dong Ju left four people waiting outside the door, and the remaining three followed Dong Ju gently knocking on the door, but there was no response in the room.

Dong Ju glanced at the three women beside him, and the four exchanged their eyes and nodded to each other.

Immediately afterwards, Dong Ju gently pushed open the wooden door.

And as the wooden door opened, beside the window in the house, a woman dressed in red, holding her cheek lightly, looked out the window, her beautiful eyes were filled with sadness and darkness.

However, even so, there is no way to conceal her stunning face.

Dong Ju glanced at the untouched food on the table, couldn’t help but feel a little worried, and said softly: “Miss Su, you haven’t eaten yet.”

Hearing Dong Ju’s words, she looked back slightly, if George Han were here, she would be shocked, because this person was not someone else, it was Amelia Su.

“I’m in a bad mood, I don’t want to eat too much.” Amelia Su replied indifferently.

“Ms. Su, you almost don’t eat much every day. What’s the matter with this going on? Besides, tomorrow is the time of the wedding, and the guests of thousands of families have arrived. If you are like this…” Dong Ju didn’t know what to say.

She already felt not only that this would affect their subordinates, but also worried about her physical condition. “I’m sorry, but I really don’t have an appetite.” Amelia Su slightly apologized.

“Or, let me tell you something new that happened in the city lord’s mansion today? Make you feel better?” As

soon as the voice fell, and without waiting for Amelia Su’s rejection, Dong Ju directly relished the incident about the man in the backyard today. Speaking out.

It’s just that she said with joy, but Amelia Su still had no vision at all, just thinking about her own affairs sadly.

At this moment, in the front hall, the Patriarch of the Fang family had just invited Chai Lao to sit down, and after ordering people to pour tea, the two chatted idle while slowly waiting for Su Yan to settle down.

But at this moment, there was a stir at the door. When the Patriarch Fang stood up and looked out the door, he saw that there was still a plaster on Liu Tao’s face at this time, and angrily pushed the guard guarding the door away, and then, He rushed in strode.

The anger on Liu Tao’s face was hard to dissipate. When he saw the Patriarch of the Fang family and Mr. Chai, he was slightly restrained: “Liu Tao has seen the eldest brother and the senior Chai.” The

two nodded softly.

After Liu Tao finished the ceremony, he raised his head slightly dissatisfied: “Brother, Mr. Chai is here, why don’t you call me in the hall?”

“It’s not because you were injured and unconscious, so you sent someone to send you back to the mansion for recuperation?”

“Recuperation is a fake, I’m afraid that the big brother already looks down on my Liu family, right?” Liu Tao said bluntly.

“However, it doesn’t matter if the eldest brother looks down on it. I didn’t come uninvited. When I came here, I didn’t lick my face and talk to Mr. Chai. Instead, I personally took back what I had lost in the Liu family.” Liu Tao said coldly.

“Liu Tao, what are you doing?” The Patriarch Fang frowned.

“I heard, that kid was brought back to the mansion by your eldest brother. Today, I will kill that kid personally to prove the strength of my Liu family!” Liu Tao shouted coldly.

“You want to kill him?” Fang Patriarch heard this and slowly approached Liu Tao.



Suddenly, the head of the Fang family slapped Liu Tao’s face severely…

Chapter 2784

Deathly silence.

Touching his painful cheek, Liu Tao looked at Fang Biao, the owner of the Fang family, almost unbelievably.

“You…you hit me?” Liu Tao was silent for a long time, his eyes widened!

Although Fang and Liu had two surnames, they were originally kinship, and the two heads of the family were brothers. They couldn’t respect each other like guests. They could only say that they were brothers and sisters, and the relationship was not bad.

But that’s it, Fang Biao suddenly stretched out his hand and hit himself hard, which made Liu Tao almost couldn’t believe it.

“If you dare to trouble that person anymore, why not just hit you? Just let your Liu family disappear in the desert world, what should you do?” Fang Biao whispered angrily.

Let the Liu family disappear in the desert world!

If this was from anyone, Liu Tao would dismiss it, but when it happened to come from the head of the Fang family, Liu Tao had to be secretly frightened.

The Fang family has this strength!

“Big…Big brother, what…what do you mean? Now you want to ignore the Liu family for the sake of that kid?” Liu Tao said in shock.

What he didn’t even want to understand was that in front of Mr. Chai, he had always treated him very well, but he didn’t even give himself the slightest face.

“That kid? Liu Tao, as the head of the family, you are so reckless?” Fang Biao snorted, and then said: “Don’t say it’s your Liu family, you know that even our family can’t offend you “He.”

“Because he broke the supreme fire of my Liu family? It’s just that I haven’t been on the battlefield for a long time for many years, including the elders. This is just a carelessness. If I come back again, I will definitely be able to ask Brother, you promise, if Liu Tao loses, I will raise the head to see you.” Liu Tao said emotionally.

“Asshole stuff.” Fang Biao yelled angrily: “If you are still obsessed with understanding and have to challenge, even if you have Liu Tao with 10,000 heads, you can only come to me 10,000 times like this.”

“Brother, don’t you? Believe me?” Liu Tao said in disbelief.

“I believe you? Why do I believe you?” Fang Biao shouted with disdain.

Liu Biao still wanted to speak, but at this time, Mr. Chai Rong slowly stood up, shook his head, and sighed: “Patriarch Fang means that he believes in you, but he believes in the god of ice more.”

“The god of ice .” “Liu Tao was taken aback when he heard the words. “You mediocre, did you really find nothing unusual when you were fighting with that guy? Even if you Liu Tao haven’t been on the battlefield for a long time, the supreme fire is your unique family. How can ordinary people break the fire at will?” Fang Biao said anxiously.

Hearing this, Liu Tao suddenly felt that he was in confrontation, and there seemed to be something weird.

In the fire, a very strong force was released, but that force seemed to have a feeling of deja vu again.

However, at that time, Mrs. Huo and Liu Tao were full of desire for victory and defeat, and he had never taken it to heart, but now that after thinking about it, it seems that he suddenly remembered something.

“Could it be…” Liu Tao raised his head suddenly, his eyes shrinking sharply.

Fang Biao and Mr. Chai looked at each other and nodded heavily.

“No…no?” Liu Tao couldn’t believe it.

“No?” Fang Biao chuckled coldly: “Have you forgotten the news that you sent someone to tell me?”

Liu Tao was taken aback when he heard this. Eight teams have been scouting for the news for so many years. How could he forget important things? !

After thinking about it, I thought of all the news that the spies had given before.

Villages, deserts, and then to the desert city…

All these actions seem to be consistent with the kid’s message!

The most important thing is the bursting of the Liu Family Supreme Fire.

Because of hurting his self-esteem, Liu Tao has never faced this problem, but now he is relieved to think about these things carefully, and he is suddenly panicked.

He staggered back two steps, and now he finally understands that if he insists on the boy’s life, then what he ushered in the Liu family will be overwhelming.

He suddenly smiled dumbly, and the spirit of the whole person suddenly dissipated.

Fang Biao shook his head helplessly, walked a few steps to Liu Tao’s side, patted him on the shoulder, and sighed: “You…”

“Big…Big brother, I…what should I do?” He looked up, panicked. Looking towards the side table.

“This is also the question I am thinking about!” After speaking, he glanced outside: “I invited Yan’er over, please ask for more blessings.”

As they spoke, Su Yan slowly took the green beads. Came over…

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