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His True Colors Novel Chapter 2785 – 2787 – XH Tales
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Chapter 2785

“Yan’er.” Seeing Su Yan coming in, Fang Biao changed his status and greeted him with a smile.

Although still wearing the veil, Su Yan came in and greeted politely: “I have seen Uncle Fang, I have seen Senior Chai, I have seen…”

When he saw Liu Tao, Su Yan suddenly silenced. .

“Hehe, some people are always getting older, but they recover very quickly. They have stood here so soon, miss, there is a saying that is good, slut is hard for life, and some people really lose the game. After being embarrassed and becoming a slut, it is too cheap to die.” Lv Zhu sarcastically said.

Su Yan pretended to be slightly angry: “Lv Zhu!”

Lu Zhu closed her voice, but looked at Liu Tao contemptuously and provocatively, full of provocation.

If it were normal, Liu Tao would be furious, but right now, he just smiled, looked at Su Yan, and proactively said hello: “

Yan’er .” “Don’t be so intimate. Everyone knows that Uncle Liu wants to He taught the younger generation for our master.” Lu Zhu snorted again.

The call on Liu Tao’s face is even more ugly than eating Xiang, but at this time, what else can he do besides squeezing a smiley face with pleats that can trap mosquitoes? !

“Lvzhu, you little girl, make fun of Uncle Liu.” Liu Tao smiled awkwardly, then looked at Su Yan and said: “Uncle Liu is so old, it is inevitable that sometimes he will be dizzy, plus Liu Lu’s rebellious son is talking nonsense. , I am getting old and confused this time, and I have listened to the slander, and I am angry…”

Lv Zhu snorted coldly. If this kind of apology is useful, why do you need to use force? !

It was Su Yan, who deserved to be a lady, and smiled indifferently: “Uncle Liu, what else did you mention about him in the past?”

Hearing this, Liu Tao finally cleared his face. Since it is not pursued, it would be the best. .

“That’s right, some people lost enough faces anyway, laughing to death.” Green Zhu made a suitable one.

This made Liu Tao, who had just eased his face, suddenly become ugly as pig liver. This little girl’s knife is almost deadly. Which pot is not opened and which pot is specially mentioned!

If it was before, Liu Tao would definitely not let this little girl be so presumptuous, but now, what can he do? ! He has no choice but to eat Huanglian!

“Well, now that the matter has been clarified, sit down.” Fang Biao inserted at the right moment.

Su Yan nodded, and slowly took the green beads to sit down in the guest seat next to her.

After the people sat down, the servant brought the tea, and the square watch took the tea. After showing his respect, he slowly said: “Yes, Yan’er, this is Mr. Chai. You have seen it before. Yes.”

“Yan’er has met Grandpa Chai, and he has long admired Grandpa Chai’s name.” Su Yan got up politely and bowed slightly.

Mr. Chai smiled happily and waved his hand: “Ms. Su laughed. The old man is nothing but a wild crane. How can there be a name or a name? But a happy and happy old man.”

“It’s Miss Su Jia, Mei Yan. The name resounds through the desert, and even this old man of mine has heard of it, and I have to sigh that there are talents from generation to generation.” Mr. Chai laughed.

“But it’s just a mere leather bag, Grandpa Chai, you really have a good reputation.” Su Yan said softly.

“Hey, Yan’er, what you said is wrong. The so-called slender ladies and gentlemen are so beautiful. This is always the same throughout the ages. You have such a peerless appearance, so how many women dream of it, and how many men are attracted to it. !” Fang Biao said with a chuckle.

Su Yan smiled: “Uncle Fang wanted to talk about my friend, right?”

“Miss Su’s family is not only beautiful, but she is also smart.” Fang Biao laughed and looked at Mr. Chai and Liu Tao.

The two chuckled and agreed.

Fang Biao smiled and said with a serious face: “Since Yan’er is so smart, I will be straightforward.”

“But Yan’er wants to say that Yan’er doesn’t know him, only that he is called a pangolin, and there is no other information. Known.”

“Pangolin?” Fang Biao looked at each other, and they were a little surprised: “He is your friend? You don’t even know him?”

“This…” A group of people looked at each other.

Mr. Chai frowned slightly: “But according to the rules of the desert world, he… he is the ice god of the desert world!”

Ice god?

Chapter 2786

In this scorching desert, the temperature is never suitable for survival, but since ancient times, human places have their own specialties.

Among the people in the desert world, the most special thing is that they have special methods to resist the heat.

Jade Bingzhu is the purest root of all special methods.

Everything comes from Jade Bingzhu.

Even the small jade ice beads used on the flower boats or in the city walls are just a kind of small cold stone under the jade ice beads. Therefore, when the real jade ice beads appear, it is for the people in the desert world. , How precious it will be.

Therefore, since ancient times, there have been unwritten rules in the desert world, and those who can obtain jade ice beads are the ice gods in the desert world.

Admired by thousands of people in the desert world!

The four major families, because they were favored by the ice gods of the previous generations, developed and grew.

However, a few years ago, the last Ice God suddenly disappeared during his tenure, so that the four major families were looking for no one, and even Jade Bingzhu lost his whereabouts.

Over the years, the four major families have sent countless spies, but there has been no news.

When there was news again, he did not expect that Yu Bingzhu was actually on that young man’s body.

Su Yan nodded and smiled bitterly. She understood that, but George Han never gave it a chance.

“It’s just met on the way to Fang’s house.” Su Yan whispered: “I know he is from the Central Plains.”

“The Central Plains?” These

words made the three people even more stunned.

“That’s right.” Su Yan nodded: “I saw him being low-key, and his personality is pretty good, so I also appreciate it, but it’s a pity…”

It’s a pity that falling flowers are intentional and flowing water is merciless.

Seeing Su Yan’s slightly lonely expression, the three of them knew what it meant even if she didn’t need to say it.

“Jade ice beads can only exist in the desert world for many years. How can they fall into the hands of the people in the Central Plains?”

“More importantly, this person can still perform the effects of jade ice beads. According to the rules, he is The ice god of the desert world, a non-my clan who became our ice god, is this God’s arrangement or play?”

Every ice god is chosen by the previous ice god, even though Jade Bingzhu The opening method is extremely simple, but the simplest is also the most complicated. Jade Bingzhu is not anyone who wants to open it at will, unless it is affirmed by the previous ice god, or Jade Bingzhu is willing to recognize him as the new master.

These two conditions cannot be missed!

However, it is not only a young man who meets this condition, but more importantly, he is not a person from the desert world.

This is the first ice god in the history of the desert world.

“Whether it’s playing, or God’s own arrangements, there is an undeniable iron fact that this pangolin is our new ice god in the desert world.” Mr. Chai stood slowly. I got up, frowned and said.

Everyone nodded in unison, Liu Tao’s expression looked ugly.

Although the ice god has no power, his real power is enormous, and he is the object of the big families vying to fawn. This has been the case since his Liu family’s ancestor. Otherwise, how can he have his Liu family’s business today?

But what he didn’t do everything he didn’t do was that he almost ruined his ten thousand years of inheritance, and he wanted to do anything to offend the ice god.

It’s really nothing to look for!

Thinking of this, Liu Tao had ten thousand horses galloping past Liu Lu’s grass and mud in his heart.

I have seen a cheating, never seen such a cheating!

“Lao Chai has a point.” Fang Piao nodded heavily.

Now that the temperature of the desert world is rising, if the Fang family has ambitions to make it bigger, then the Ice God tends to himself. For the other family, there are countless benefits.

It is precisely because of this that Fang Biao placed George Han in the backyard of his harem, to show his respect for him, and secondly, Fang Biao is not without selfishness.

He has many concubines, and although his mind is always small, if there are people who are valued by the Ice God in that environment, the chance of getting close to the Ice God will be even greater for him.

Originally, Su Yan was pulled up because of their relationship, and Fang Biao wanted to start from both ends, but now, he is secretly delighted because Su Yan and George Han are not familiar with each other.

At least, the Su family did not stand on the starting line in advance.

Half an hour later…In the

backyard room, George Han, who was wrapped in white cloth, moved slightly…

Chapter 2787


George Han shouted depressedly and stretched his limbs.

He was wrapped in white cloth, as if lying in a silkworm chrysalis. After a period of restoration of the five-element sacred stone, coupled with the constant cooling of the burn by the jade ice beads, George Han did not feel painful.

“Damn, George Han, you are awake.”

The pangolin who was sitting on the bedside dozing off, saw that George Han moved, and quickly stood up, but he didn’t know what to do for a while.

As if hearing the movement inside, Dongju’s four daughters, who were waiting outside the door after returning from Amelia Su, hurriedly pushed open the door.

Then, with the help of a group of people, the white cloth was lifted a little bit, revealing a thin and perfect body and a handsome face that was almost dumbfounded by the four daughters of Dongju.

Say… Is it ugly to say good? !

Is it disgusting to say that the burn is disgusting? !

Not all!

On the contrary, at this time, George Han, who had his wound repaired by the Five Elements God Stone, had a beautiful skin, a handsome face, and a unique temperament in his eyes. He didn’t dare to say how handsome, I can only say that the four daughters of Dongju were almost stupid. Got an eye.

George Han frowned slightly and looked around: “Where is this?”

After getting on the sedan, George Han completely put down his defenses and closed his eyes to heal his wounds. When he woke up again, he saw Dongju’s four daughters, naturally. Somewhat strange.

“Hero, this is the backyard of the City Lord’s Mansion.” Dong Ju blushed and smiled slightly.

“The backyard of the City Lord’s Mansion?” George Han glanced suspiciously, and finally nodded: “Can you give me a glass of water?”

“I’ll pour it for you.”

The four girls made their voices almost at the same time, and then they poured water almost at the same time.

“Damn, you are so perverted. If you burn it like this, you can recover?” The pangolin looked at George Han depressedly, the true mother is more popular than the others.

George Han gave him a helpless look: “Ms. Su and the others?”

“Why? Miss us?” As he

was talking, a light laughter suddenly came from outside the house.

Hearing this voice, George Han smiled helplessly and looked up. Sure enough, Su Yan was just coming back from the front yard with the green beads.”Are you awake?” Seeing George Han, Su Yan smiled lightly, and then she took off her veil slightly.

As soon as the veil was taken off, the pangolin’s nose bleeds fiercely, and a pair of thieves stared at Su Yan, never moving a bit.

Not only him, even the four women of Dongju were completely left in place for a while, even forgetting that the water was already full and overflowing from the cup!

Beauty is so beautiful.

It’s ecstasy for men, but it’s a spike of self-esteem for women!

Comparing any woman with her, the anti-buddha is the gap between the sky and the ground, and even the green beads that are already beautiful enough, at this time, looked a little dark beside her.

George Han was also visibly taken aback, but he quickly recovered: “Yes.”

Luzhu had obviously become accustomed to these reactions. Not surprisingly, looking at George Han, he walked in a few steps and then ran. Go to George Han’s side and look left and right, and then with a weird tusk, turning around to look at Su Yan who walked in slowly, and whispered: “Miss, have you noticed that he has suddenly become more handsome? ? “

Su Yan smile, laugh tilting the country:” Lvzhu, how you can make fun of God ice it “?

Lvzhu heard that, suddenly indifference pursed his lips, but did not dare say a word.

“What ice god?” George Han frowned, looking at Su Yan, a little puzzled.

Su Yan smiled: “The ice god of the desert.”

Seeing George Han’s dazed appearance, Su Yan couldn’t help but smile again, and then gently signaled with a glance, Lv Zhu helped Su Yan sit down. On the one hand, he told George Han about the ice god.

After listening to the pangolin, he couldn’t help but smile and said, “Damn, this guy suddenly became a god? No wonder this Fang family is so generous, awesome, old Han.”

However, George Han couldn’t laugh at this time, but frowned!

wrong! wrong!

Suddenly, he suddenly raised his head and stared at the pangolin…

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