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His True Colors Novel Chapter 2788 – 2790 – XH Tales
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Chapter 2788


pangolin was stunned by the gaze of the pangolin, and his smile instantly condensed: “What…what’s the matter?”

George Han didn’t speak, but his thoughts were still there. At this time, a thousand layers of waves were set off.

This is wrong, this is totally wrong.

It can even be said that everything is messed up.

If according to Su Yan and others, what is the so-called new generation of ice god, then Jade Bingzhu should be passed to him by the previous ice god.

But the fact is that his jade ice beads were not passed down to him by an ice god, but the horse head silkworm goddess gave him.

This is the biggest paradox!

According to Su Yan and others, the disappearance of the last Ice God was only a few years ago, and the term of each Ice God also varied from decades to hundreds of years.

But the horse head silkworm god is at least a few hundred thousand years old, even millions, tens of millions of years of ancient people, this is completely out of time.

The only possibility is that during this period of time, Horse Head Girl came to the post of Ice God.

But obviously, this only possibility is almost impossible.

But if the horse head girl is not an ice god, then how does Jade Bingzhu know how to unblock Jade Bingzhu according to the traditions and rules of the desert world?

He even taught George Han how to unblock it?

And one of the most important information points is that although the Jade Bingzhu only needs power to pour in and open it, it needs the special power of the Ice God or the Jade Bingzhu’s approval.

It’s like George Han using the Pangu axe. Although others see him as very simple to use, without the approval of the Pangu axe, everything is simple and complicated to use at all.

Seeing the expression in George Han’s eyes, the pangolin, who was holding his mind for a while, seemed to slowly remember the weirdness and incompetence in this. For a while, he frowned and muttered speechlessly.

“What’s the matter with you? Are you dumbfounded? Or, dazzled by the honor?”

Seeing the two of them not talking for a long time, so you look at me, I look at your thoughtful appearance, beside, Luzhu Can’t help but vomit.

For her, the two Central Plains people suddenly became the highest spiritual leaders in their desert world. Naturally, this honor is extremely exciting for anyone, and it is normal to forget about it for a while. Hearing what Lu Zhu said, George Han regained his senses, and awkwardly reluctantly gave a bitter smile: “I am not interested in this.”

“By the way, Miss Su, about Huazhou …”

Hearing George Han Jacquard, Su Yan’s happy face suddenly felt a faint sadness, because Huazhou also meant that George Han was about to leave.


Although she has never expressed too much thought to George Han, the few days of getting along and the love at first sight have long been engraved in her heart.

At this time, hearing about George Han’s jacquard again, it was inevitable that he felt a faint pain in his heart.

However, with her gentle personality, she still smiled slightly: “It is already in production, and the new Huazhou can be completed within three days at the latest.”

“Is there any way to advance?” George Han asked.

This sentence undoubtedly punched Su Yan’s already depressed heart even more fiercely.

He really wants to leave, so this also shows that there is nothing he is attached to here, including himself.

“I mean, I can control the jade ice beads, whether I can not use the small jade ice beads of your characteristics, so that it will shorten your process of making small jade ice beads, in that case, can I make it ahead of time… …?” George Han frowned slightly.

Hearing this, Su Yan was even more unlovable, and she barely squeezed out a bitter smile: “The small jade ice beads don’t take much time. Back then, the ice gods kept a certain number of jade ice beads particles in all major families. , Enough to be transformed, but because the structure of Huazhou is too large and complicated, it needs to feed those walking beasts in advance. Otherwise, if they walk halfway, they won’t work. What should I do?”

Hearing this, George Han nodded.

“Let’s rest well, Uncle Fang is preparing a big banquet for you, tonight you are the protagonist.” With a bitter smile, Su Yan got up, turned around with Hesisi’s regret and walked outside the house.

I wanted to share the joy with him, but in the end it was just an admission ticket that I didn’t qualify for.

Seeing Su Yan leaving silently, the pangolin shook his head helplessly: “Scumbag!”

At this time, the four daughters of Dongju…

Chapter 2789


eyes are staring, and even now, it has not been reflected for a long time!

That ugly man…

No, it should be that handsome guy, who turned out to be… the ice god of the desert world? !

This is unbelievable, so that all of their four daughters were stunned and couldn’t say a word.

Hearing what the pangolin said, George Han smiled bitterly, without making any retort, got up, walked to the bedside, and looked at the night sky.

If this is a scumbag, George Han is willing to carry it all his life, and he will never change his mind to Amelia Su.

Compared with George Han’s calm heart and even miss Jiyue, the entire City Lord’s Mansion is much more lively.

Regardless of the front yard and the harem, there are lights and festivities at this time. Double happiness in the city lord’s mansion is a big deal. From the guards to the servants, all are dressed in red and joyful, and their faces are filled with happy smiles.

Tomorrow’s son will get married. Not long ago, the family head Fang announced that there will be a special world banquet today to welcome the new ice god.

This is simply a blockbuster thrown before the big wedding. Not only is everyone celebrating in the city lord’s mansion, even outside the mansion, this desert city is also full of joy and crowds.

“Have you heard? Have you heard? I heard that the new Ice God suddenly appeared, and the Fang Family Patriarch has already spoken out and set up a banquet in the evening to welcome the new Ice God.”

“Really? That’s it. That’s great. Actually, I have the gossip that the Ice God had disappeared inexplicably many years ago when he took office. Several big families have been trying to suppress these news for fear of causing panic. However, who knows the desert world in the past few years? The temperature keeps rising, I thought that if this continues, the desert world will be over soon, but I didn’t expect the new ice god to appear suddenly so soon. That’s great, this is simply great, the future of our desert world It’s saved again.”

“If what you said is true, then this new ice god is simply our new savior.”

“Haha, I didn’t expect to come to the wedding of Master Fang this time, but unexpectedly got the true face of seeing the ice god. This is simply superb.”

“As us, we can only sit far away, and I don’t know if there will be a chance to get a glimpse of the ice god at that time!” a

group of people were talking excitedly, and their eyes were full of expectations, hoping that the time would come sooner. Although the Eight Desolation World is ruled by the three true gods, the land beyond the Great Wall has its own Worship, in their hearts, the ice god is the true god in their hearts.

When the day recedes, when the cold wind strikes, it’s night.

“Miss Su, Miss Su.”

Outside Amelia Su’s door, Dong Ju knocked on the door anxiously.

It’s just that there is no reaction in the house for a long time, but for Dongju and others, it has become a habit to become natural.

The four women looked at each other, Dong Ju softly pushed open the door, and Amelia Su was lying on the bed in the room. Seeing this situation, Dong Ju was depressed: “My grandmother, why are you sleeping? . ” “

You do not look outside decorated, very busy thing. “

Amelia Su general mood obviously, out of courtesy, retorted, he said:” I and what is closed? “

even complex Whispering world, even colorful, but Without her sweetheart, everything is just black and white, how can Amelia Su feel the slightest?

“Auntie, why does this have nothing to do with you?!” Dongju said anxiously!

“The master has instructed that in order to welcome the new Ice God, the Fang family, from the head of the house to the servants, and even relatives outside the city, must attend the banquet of the Ice God on the spot. As a young grandmother, naturally you should…” The waitress also said.

“Auntie, we are here to dress you up, or…” Dongju finished speaking and started to do it.

“I’m not Fang’s wife!” Amelia Su turned her head aside: “Besides, I’m not interested in the so-called ice god.”

“Oh, grandma, you are wrong. The so-called “going to the countryside” is the admiration of our desert world. If you don’t go, it will not only be disrespectful, it will embarrass the Patriarch, affect the Fang family, and more…”

“More What?” Amelia Su frowned slightly.

“More importantly, you will miss a handsome guy from the Central Plains.” At this point, Dong Ju’s eyes were a little blurred.

Think about that handsome face, alas, it just makes my mind tremble.

Upon hearing this, Amelia Su suddenly had spirits in her eyes…

Chapter 2790


Central Plains man, could it be…

George Han? !

Seeing Amelia Su’s coming spirit, Dong Ju and the others sighed that the handsome and beautiful in this world were indeed the greatest lethal weapon, they also hurriedly took the toiletry supplies and directly helped Amelia Su to the dressing table.

It’s just that Amelia Su, who was still very energetic, his eyes suddenly dimmed.

She couldn’t help but smiled bitterly. It seemed that she was really crazy about George Han, but it was just a man from the Central Plains who could think of him as George Han for the first time.

There are many people in the Central Plains, and there are people who come to the desert world. What’s the surprise?

Come to think of it, lovesickness becomes a devil, it will be like this.

“By the way, you said he is from the Central Plains region, do you know his name?” Even though she secretly mocked her ignorance, Amelia Su couldn’t help asking more.

“Name?” Dong Ju combed her hair for Amelia Su, while biting her lip, thinking carefully: “It’s called a pangolin.” A


Hearing this name, the light flashing in Amelia Su’s eyes was completely extinguished.

I have known this for a long time, so why bother to ask? George Han didn’t know that he was here, even if he wanted to, he couldn’t find it here.

Besides, he must have read the two letters he gave him, and he would give up completely and look for himself again.

“Can you stop it? I really don’t want to go.” Amelia Su said sadly, softly.

“If you are embarrassed, then tell the Patriarch of the Fang family that tomorrow is the wedding and I need a good rest.”

Upon hearing this, the four daughters of Dongju looked at each other. Meat, even if they were the maids, they couldn’t bear it.

On the other side, on George Han’s side, the Fang Family Patriarch also personally rushed over with a group of people.

Most of these are the elders of the Fang family, with high authority, and Fang Biao personally takes the lead, and the scale is huge.

When Fang Biao waved his hand in front of George Han’s house, a group of people slowly stood in front of the door.

Fang Biao bent slightly and shouted politely into the room, saying, “Ice God, I must have told you Su Yan about the general situation. The whole world is happy. All the elders of the square strap are here to welcome you.”fell, a group of elders and Fang Biao all smiled at each other, waiting for the response from the back room.


With the soft sound of the wooden door, the door opened, but it was not George Han, but pangolin.

Seeing a gang of elders gathered outside, the pangolin was stunned for a moment, then set his gaze on Fang Biao’s body, and touched his head depressed: “Well, hello, Patriarch Fang.”

“Where is the Ice God?” Fang Biao smiled.

The pangolin barely squeezed a smile: “I’m resting in the back room. He asked me to inform you that this banquet…he will not attend.”


Upon hearing this, a group of people looked at each other. It was specially made for the Ice God. What is the point if the protagonist does not show up?

“Is the ice god still angry with the Liu family? The old man went to cut the Liu family a thousand swords.” Fang Biao heard it and said hurriedly.

“No.” The pangolin shook his head, then waved slightly, and Fang Biao immediately moved his head over.

“My friend has always liked to keep a low profile. There are so many people at this world’s big banquet. He doesn’t like the excitement.” Pangolin said.

Fang Biao nodded in relief. It’s easy to say that it’s not angry, at least there is no crack in the relationship with the ice god, which makes him feel a lot of peace.

“Ice God doesn’t like lively, Fang can understand it naturally, but after all, this world banquet is for the Ice God. If the Ice God does not go, what is the meaning of this banquet?” Fang Biao smiled.

“You mean, the ice god can accept it, so why force him to do things that he doesn’t like. In the end, if you make him unhappy, isn’t it counterproductive?” Pangolin said helplessly.


“Either do this, you eat yours, and we will find a seat at will for a while, but you don’t want to have one, just treat it as if you have a meal together.” Pangolin said.

Hearing what the pangolin said, Fang Biao was stunned for a moment, turned his eyes back to meet the eyes of the elders, and reached a consensus, nodded: “Although this is the case, this banquet is in the hearts of my generation, and the ice god will always be the protagonist.”

After finishing speaking, Fang Biao. With a group of elders retreated.

At this time, Amelia Su’s door opened lightly, and Amelia Su, dressed in red makeup, slowly walked out of the inner room.

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