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His True Colors Novel Chapter 2800 – 2802 – XH Tales
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Chapter 2800

At this time, Fang Kun sneered triumphantly, with a high-pitched and serious appearance. What he said was the truth in defense of the Buddha, and no one was allowed to question it.

“Do you have anything to say?” Fang Kun smiled.

It seemed to be asking George Han, but in fact, it was more of a provocation.

“I have nothing to say.” George Han smiled.

As soon as the words came out, a group of people were dumbfounded, and they all talked in whispers, and it was hard to believe for a while.

“This guy doesn’t look like it. Looking at his appearance, he is definitely a handsome man. Don’t say that this ugly old woman, even those young and beautiful girls, only needs to wave his hand to come.”

“Yes, although the Bafang World respects strength, there is no absolute absoluteness in everything. Just the appearance of this guy can be a good match for a little white face. How could it be possible to come to occupy this place from a low price. Women’s cheap?”

Faced with the different opinions, the eight-woman who was holding Fang Kun’s thigh quit, pointed at the group of people, and shouted viciously: “What are you talking about, what are you talking about? If you talk nonsense again, be careful of me Tear your mouth.” A

group of people suddenly coveted their lewdness, and they chose to shut up.

The woman sneered and wanted to say something. Fang Kun stood up at this moment: “Everyone, when things are good or bad can be determined by appearance alone?”

“It is often because you have these fixed paralyzed thoughts. That’s why it makes it easier for some people who seem to be glamorous on the surface to do things more easily. The so-called gentle scum is like this.”

“Am I right?” Fang Kun looked at George Han provocatively.

George Han still smiled slightly. This was the pangolin who was anxious to the side. He hurriedly pushed George Han gently and said, “Brother, what are you laughing at, please refute it.”

“You obviously don’t have any…”

“If you want to add a crime, why don’t you have any trouble?” George Han said calmly.

Don’t forget, this is the site of the Fang family, a desert city.

Even if it is reasonable, is it clear?

Obviously, Fang Kun also understands this truth, so he has no fear and constantly provokes George Han.

“Young Master Fang seems to make sense.”

Sure enough, under Fang Kun’s lake, the sentiment was quickly reversed. That was their young master, how could he not believe his young master to believe in an outsider like George Han?

“If that’s the case, then these two people should be cut and killed. His grandmother’s, even this kind of woman molested us, and it simply lost our man’s face.”

“That’s right, I think, the sentence Right.”

“I agree too.”

Public opinion is always the best murderous knife, but it is very easy to change, and because of this it is often caused by people’s rhythm.

When everyone was rushing towards George Han, they said coldly that the anti-Buddha would kill George Han on the spot.

Fang Kun smiled coldly, then took a few steps and walked gently in front of George Han, then, attached to his ear, and said coldly: “The surname Han, was in the Central Plains, how disgraced you made me look now , Fang Kun will double take it back on you.”

“Some people are not something you can afford, understand?”

After speaking, Fang Kun turned around and looked at George Han with a smile.

George Han smiled softly, eyes full of disdain: “Really?”

Fang Kunxie smiled, eyes cold.

In the desert city, Fang Kun, of course, had the final say. Wouldn’t it be easier to kill a George Han than to squeeze an ant? Wrong, it should be only…

ants that can bite people.

Moreover, the most important thing is that he has an absolute trump card in his hand.

Thinking of this, he smiled more gloomily.

On the contrary, George Han, quite calm, looked at Fang Kun, and said slowly, “I will give you these words as well.”

Hearing George Han’s retort, Fang Kun showed uncomfortable expression, but it did not happen: “Since someone molested the Liang family woman in broad daylight, as the son of the city lord, someone from our side naturally has to take care of this matter.”

“Come here.

” ! in ” “

will win two servant! ” “

Yes! “

Carter, several male guard spot should get involved, but suddenly, Fang Kun but spoke up:.” Hold on, “

several male guard turned around and I looked , Fang Kun had a sly smile on his face: “If there are rebels, kill them.”

“Also, put them in the jail.”

Hearing Fang Kun’s words, several male guards couldn’t help but at this time. Frowned.

“God… sky prison?”

Chapter 2801

Fang’s Tianja, said it was a Tianja, but in fact…

it is not a so-called Tianja at all.

Or to put it another way, Fang’s Sky Prison is more like a place of purgatory.

There is an unwritten rule and fact in the Fang family, that is, the Fang family’s jail.

Therefore, since the Fang family has a prison, basically those who can enter it are those of the Fang family’s secrets, which are either suspected of major secrets, or involve a very serious crime.

In short, the Fang’s family has only held one person in the prison for thousands of years.

In the legend, the slayer of the desert!

The first killing machine that once wanted to annex the four major families, defeat the Ice God and re-unify the desert.

The hands that are contaminated are the tens of thousands of innocent lives in the desert world, and there are more rebellious intentions in the mind. Therefore, such a heinous person is pressed into the sky prison.

Apart from this, there has never been anyone else.

And now, Fang Kun actually wanted to put George Han into the jail, which really surprised several male guards at this time.

What’s more, the most important thing is…

“Master, without the consent of the Patriarch, no one is allowed to introduce people into the jail. If this matter is made known to the Patriarch, I am afraid…” A male guard quickly reminded Fang Kun.

“I’m afraid what? That’s my father!” Fang Kun shouted in dissatisfaction.

Although it is indeed not in compliance with the rules, Fang Biao is his father after all, and he should recognize him. Today, he perfectly expressed himself in front of the crowd. It would be too late for his father to be satisfied with him, let alone blame himself.

Besides, it’s just a trivial rubbish, who cares? !

Hearing Fang Kun’s words, the male guard nodded. Since the young master insisted, they could only do as instructed.

Several people looked at each other and walked directly towards George Han.

Seeing that the situation was wrong, the pangolin suddenly stood in front of George Han and shouted angrily: “I warn you, don’t mess around.”

“Do you know who he is?”

Now that the pangolin can only move out of the Ice God A bit to shock the audience. Although he doesn’t know what the Tianlao is, he can basically tell from Fang Kun’s sneer and the expressions of several male guards.

That place is definitely not accessible to ordinary people. “Who is he?” Fang Kun just sneered when he heard this.

“Since you know who he is, do you dare to mess around?” the pangolin said angrily.

“Even if he is the emperor, that is the same sin as the common people?” Fang Kun said with disdain.

Obviously, Fang Kun was referring to the fact that he knew that George Han was George Han, and the pangolin was referring to the identity of the ice god George Han. The words between the two were so perfectly staggered.

“Okay.” George Han patted the pangolin’s shoulder lightly, smiled, and said, “Isn’t it the jail, just go.”

“Are you crazy? They put you in the jail, it’s clear that it is Think…” In the following words, the pangolin no longer wants to talk about it.

Because it is very obvious that once in the jail, these people will torture people in every way.

“It’s not in the way.” George Han smiled, then raised his eyes to Fang Kun: “Between you and me, but personal grievances, my friend is innocent, and I will go to the jail with you.”

“You say you are innocent. Is it innocent?” Fang Kun frowned.

George Han did not speak, but the clenched fists had already explained too much.

“Okay, I checked it out just now. Although this kid behaved abhorrently, he was instigated by you. He is guilty but not imprisoned. He can go to an ordinary cell.” As

soon as the voice fell, several male guards arrested him on the spot. Live in George Han and pangolin.

“I can go by myself.” George Han’s body moved slightly, and the male guards who were holding his shoulders suddenly felt their hands numb, and they unnaturally let go.

Several male guards were taken aback, glanced at George Han, no longer said, one after the other, leading George Han towards the prison.

But, having just taken two steps forward, three thousand Han suddenly stopped pants, then he slowly turned, looked Fang Kun: “give you a word, please God easy to allay it.”

“Less his mother The nonsense, take it with you.” Fang Kun shouted angrily, how could Fang Kun control these.

At this time, above the hall, Fang Biao Lixi slowly walked out. Kun’er had been out for a long time, and she didn’t know if his proud son was lucky enough to find the Ice God.

Looking at the surroundings, at this moment, he suddenly looked at Fang Kun where the crowd gathered in the distance…

Chapter 2802

, Fang Biao frowned when he saw the crowd around there, and soon smiled.

At the time of the big banquet, a large number of people gathered there, which seemed very lively.

Obviously, his clever son must have found the Ice God, and he must have been holding hands with the Ice God at this time, which aroused the envy of others.

“Your son, he looks like something, he said that the tiger father has no dogs, this is not bad at all.” As he

was thinking, a kind voice came from behind him, but when he turned his eyes, he saw Lao Chang Chai. Walked out slowly.

“Mr. Chai, why did you come out?” Fang Biao asked.

“The old man is accustomed to idle clouds and wild cranes, and how can I stand such a lively scene? It’s better to come out and breathe out. By the way, look at the future master of my desert world and find the result of that ice god.” Old Chai laughed.

Hearing this, Fang Biao couldn’t help feeling happy. Lao Chai is a respected senior in the desert world. Isn’t it an idler who can get him to nod?

Especially this person is his own son.

“But young dog, Mr. Chai, you really show your love.” Fang Biao pretended to be humble.

Lao Chai smiled lightly, shook his head, put his big hand on Fang Biao’s shoulder slightly, sighed, and said: “The old man has been hiding in the world for many years, and he doesn’t care about world affairs. Patriarch Fang should be aware of this.

” This time, the reason why the old man personally appeared in the desert world, in addition to selling the face of your Fang Patriarch, the most important thing is that the old

man is very optimistic about your good son.” “With his talents, he will become a great weapon in the future .” . And you have a saint in your family. If you give birth to a child in the future, you will be very likely to cultivate a true god. At that time, let alone dominate the desert world, even if it leads us back to the Central Plains, what about it?”

“As the saying goes, everything goes to the Three Treasures Hall. The old

man came here this time, obviously he is here to attend Kun’er’s wedding. In fact, the old man wants to accept Fang Kun as his disciple.” “Mr. Chai wants it .” Accept Kun’er as a disciple?” Fang Biao was surprised.

Senior Chai is in the desert, and his natural strength is extraordinary. For many years, many people with lofty ideals have wanted to worship him, but Mr. Chai has always been alone and never accepts disciples. Now, Mr. Chai not only accepts disciples, but also actively mentions it exaggeratedly. How can this not let Fang Biao be surprised at the same time, but he is extremely flattered.

“People Chai never speak

a lie .” Chai Rong nodded happily.

Looking at Fang Kun in China, not only the background of this son is important, but also the overall potential of the Fang family.

If his disciple can fulfill the long-cherished wish of everyone in the desert world in the future, and walk out of the damn arid region here, then he, as a famous fame in the desert world, can be regarded as contributing his greatest contribution to the desert world. One of the powers.

Seeing Mr. Chai’s appearance, Fang Biao’s heart jumped out of excitement.

It is said that he hopes his son will become a dragon. How can Fang Biao not have such expectation as a father?

Although he has ambitions, he is just over half a hundred times old now and his family is only just getting started. It is very likely that in the future, things will happen first. If his son can help him fulfill this wish, he will die even if he is dead. Can wake up with a smile.

“There is someone in the place instead of Dogzi, thank you Mr. Chai.” After speaking, Fang Biao bowed slightly excitedly, and saluted.

Saintess, Ice God, even if even the senior Mr. Chai came to help out now, obviously, his Fang family has embarked on the true pinnacle of life, this is going to be posted.

“Fang Mou went to tell the dog about this matter, presumably if he knew that Mr. Chai you accepted him as a disciple, he must be happy to be himself.” Fang Biao laughed.

“I will go with you.” Mr. Chai smiled.

Fang Biao nodded and bent over and made a gesture of inviting, leading Mr. Chai, all the way slowly from the main hall to the crowded place on the playground.

Inside the crowd, Fang Kun looked at the back of George Han who had gone away, and couldn’t help but snorted: “After entering the jail, I want you not to survive, but to die, fight with me?”

” Kun’er, look, who Coming.”

Almost at this moment, a loud voice came from behind him, and Fang Kun looked back and saw that behind the crowd, his father Fang Biao came slowly, and behind him was a smiling Chai. Old man…

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