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His True Colors Novel Chapter 2806 – 2807 – XH Tales
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Chapter 2806

Fang Kun looked at George Han amusedly, as if he was anti-Buddha, it was like looking at the fool.

As long as he is willing, he can play George Han alive in this desert city, but he can’t afford it?

“You are really obsessed with self-confidence.” Fang Kun sneered. In the next second, his eyes suddenly became extremely hideous, and he drew coldly: “Well, you dare to say that I can’t afford to play, I will play a lot with you today. How about it?”

Well, Fang Kun puts things here. If I can’t play with you as a bitch, I will put the words backwards.”

After speaking, Fang Kun blinked. Looking at George Han, he said coldly: “You must hold on, die too fast, then it’s meaningless.”

“Let’s not say if you can kill me, even if you have that ability, I don’t Before you died completely, you were already completely dead.” George Han laughed softly.

“I like your shameless spirit. Yes, I will serve you an appetizer first, and then I will serve you a main course after eating, and then tomorrow… there will be a good show.” He smiled sullenly, and then he gave you a big hand. With a wave.

When several male guards heard this, they immediately opened the prison door, and then immediately grabbed George Han.

Han three thousand it would not resist, let them marched own mouth with a contemptuous smile: “Do you really expect these minor players will be able stumped me?”

“You do not get a few of them natural way, however, you Do you think I was not prepared?” Fang Kun smiled, very proud: “Or, you try to get the energy?”

“You put the poison before you came in, right?” George Han smiled.

Although the wind came in and tasteless, George Han had already noticed that the black shadow at the end of the corridor was still rustling before the gust of wind, but after the wind came in, he was completely motionless.

“The strange poisons gathered by the eight poisons in the desert world are colorless and tasteless. It may be of little use to ordinary people, but to masters, it is a deadly existence, because… it only affects human dantian Works.” “In other words, the higher the cultivation level, the more troubled by its toxicity. Don’t blame me for not reminding you, it’s better to be a dead pig in your current state, otherwise, Once you are lucky, you will bleed to death from the seven orifices.” As soon as the

voice fell, Fang Kun’s group of people laughed loudly.

George Han also gave a wry smile, attacking him with poison? How is this different from playing a big knife in front of Guan Gong? !

The funniest thing is that these guys really seem to feel that they’re taking their own lives.

Fang Kun finished laughing and snorted coldly: “Get down.”

Then, several male guards escorted George Han all the way to a torture room at the entrance.

On the wall, all kinds of torture instruments were hung, and even other spare places were placed with various torture instruments of different sizes. There was also a huge stone bed in the middle, and the edges of the bed had been worn out.

Obviously, this bed must have tortured many people. These people are holding on to the edge of the bed in pain. Therefore, even the bed made of stone has a lot of wear on the edge.

Several people directly escorted George Han onto the bed, and then fastened George Han’s limbs to the bed with iron chains.

After doing this, Fang Kun and the others sneered again.

For them, there is no difference between George Han and the lamb to be slaughtered at this time, but it is just something in their hands.

For George Han, he was really curious, what means could Fang Kun have to play with him.

“Don’t blame me for not telling me in advance, every time you cut my body, I am afraid that you will get ten more knives or more…” George Han smiled lightly.

“Cao Nima, he looks like a dog, and his mouth is stiff, so I’ll serve him the first dish.”

As soon as the voice fell, a person took out a silver bottle about the size of an arm on the spot, and at the same time a dagger in his hand came over with a cold and shining dagger.

Taking a look at Fang Kun, Fang Kun nodded at him. The man lifted Bai Sparkle’s dagger on the spot and pointed it at George Han…

Chapter 2807

A dagger suddenly cut George Han’s arm!

However, when the wound came out and the blood flowed out, when the man was about to open the silver bottle, he suddenly frowned, and when he looked down, his eyes widened.

I don’t know when, there is already a huge hole in my feet!

Looking back at the stone bed again, I saw that under George Han’s arm, dripping with blood, a huge hole appeared along with the stone bed.

The two holes are connected!

But the stone bed didn’t hurt, but after a moment, the piercing pain suddenly attacked his brain.

“Ah!!!” The

guy suddenly cried out in pain, and then he didn’t care about anything else, threw the unopened bottle and the dagger, and hugged his feet with a big hole in pain on the spot and screamed and rolled all over the floor!

Fang Kun and a group of men were visibly taken aback, and they were obviously taken aback by the situation in front of them.

On the contrary, George Han smiled slightly: “Why, the torture is wrong? It was used on his own body?”

Fang Kun was furious when he heard this, and coldly scanned a male guard, and immediately signaled him to continue to use the torture.

The male guard panicked, but he still subconsciously picked up the bottle on the ground, and immediately after the bottle cap was opened, an extremely unpleasant smell came out of it.

“This is the blood of silver, it is the blood of the desert lizard. It is characterized by its strong fusion power, so it melts when it sees blood. However, the desert lizard is a cold-blooded animal, so once its own blood is fused by it , Hehe…, you will never feel the heat in this desert anymore. Accompanying you will be the cold that will never stop, until the end, because of hypothermia, you will live to death.” The

voice fell. , Fang Kun motioned with a look, and the male guard immediately poured the silver blood in the silver bottle into George Han’s wound.

Although it was just a drop, the effect was as Fang Kun said. The drop of silver blood quickly disappeared from the wound. Immediately after George Han’s blood turned completely silver, the wound instantly healed. .

A chill suddenly hit George Han’s whole body, so that George Han’s body couldn’t help but shudder.

“How is it? Does it suddenly feel cold?” Fang Kunyin sneered.

“Not bad!” George Han smiled. “It’s good, the good show is yet to come.” As soon as Fang Kun’s voice fell, another male guard came over with a brazier at this time.

The flames in the brazier are fierce and the jumping is extraordinary!

Under Fang Kun’s sign, the brazier was placed under George Han’s feet.

“When the blood of the desert lizard enters the body, people will only feel the endless cold, almost ignorant of the heat, even if people are about to die from the heat, the body will still tell you that it is cold.”

“This Brazier barbecue is prepared for this.”

“Even if we roast your feet, or even burn them, you won’t feel the slightest, you will only smell and hear your feet on the fire. under roast cooked to zoom slowly from the process. ” “

then we’ll hammer the wooden leg to knock you that, hey, you have a hammer charcoal bad experiences? that and more cool, tut. “

talked about Here, Fang Kun and the others had already looked at each other, and smiled sullenly again.

Ice and fire torture is one of the ten most terrifying punishments in the desert city. The person who is punished will not only suffer endless ice pain, but even more annoyed is the fire.

Yes, in the whole burning process, people do not suffer any pain, but in fact, watching oneself being cooked and then scorched, the psychological pain is far greater than the physical pain. The pain is more ferocious.

Therefore, ice and fire torture is both physical and mental torture. It is extremely cruel and inhumane. The Fang family has always strictly forbidden anyone to use such penalties in private, so as to avoid violating the law!

Smelling the bursts of coke smell as expected, George Han couldn’t help but smile. It seems that after taking the ginseng baby’s Vulcan stone, he doesn’t know if this guy is cursing himself behind his back. This is the second time. It was roasted by fire.

George Han looked slowly, looked at Fang Kun, shook his head, and said, “Can I say something?”

“What? Please forgive me ?”

“No, I just want to say, that’s it?”

“It’s too bad, right? “”

Hearing this, Fang Kun’s smile instantly solidified, and the nameless anger in his eyes suddenly rose, and his muscles began to tremble slightly because of the force..

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