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His True Colors Novel Chapter 2814 – 2815 – XH Tales
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Chapter 2814

to see the great elders and son, side table suddenly greeted hastily: “how, have found no?”

“Master, Master, and I checked all the guests left the meeting in the door, from the The distinguished guests, down to the city residents, have not seen the figure of the ice god and his old man.”

“Father, did the ice god not leave the mansion?” Fang Kun asked.

Fang Biao frowned. The Great Elder had seen the Ice God, and there would be no problems with him guarding the exit to check the guests. Could it be that the Ice God, his old man, really never left?

Patriarch !” At this time, the second elder of the Fang family also rushed to the main hall. After a salute, he hurriedly said: “I have checked the Ice God’s room, and some simple luggage is still there. I also asked Miss Su Yan, Bing God never said goodbye to them.”

“That’s weird.” On

the chair next to the main hall, Mr. Chai Rong couldn’t help standing up after hearing the words: “I can’t see you outside, and you can’t find anyone here. , Is it possible that the Ice God can suddenly disappear from the world?”

Facing such a question, a group of people were anxious, but they didn’t know how to answer.

Yes, all the places that should be checked were checked, and the Fang family was almost digging up the sky, but the problem was that there was indeed no ice god.

However, the place where they exited was also checked, and even the number of people was counted. The great elders could almost pat their chests to assure that the Ice God had never left Fang Mansion.

Where did he go? !

“Elder!” Fang Biao frowned suddenly.

The Great Elder hurriedly bent over and said: “Yes!”

“Close the door, and send some more people to find me. If the Ice God is not found, everyone in the Fang family will not be able to rest all night.”


The elder hurriedly waved his hand and led a group of people down.

Fang Kun frowned: “Father, if you stay up all night, get married tomorrow…”

Halfway through the words, Fang Biao’s fierce eyes have already glared at Fang Kun, so that Fang Kun was shocked and shut up. .

When is it all, and also mention a fart wedding.

Yes, the big wedding is indeed the top priority for the Fang family.

But that also depends on who it is compared with!

If you compare it to the Ice God, what does it count? fails tomorrow, the day after tomorrow will work, but the day after tomorrow will not work, and the day after tomorrow will also work.

It always represents the future of the Fang family!

But Ice God is different, he represents the present!

If he suddenly disappeared, how optimistic is the Fang family now?

Yes, it will definitely not be pessimistic, but at least it will not be good enough for Chai Rong to accept Fang Kun as a disciple.

Although Chai Rong never said that Fang Kun would not be accepted without the Ice God, how could an old river and lake like Fang Biao fail to understand the power of it? If Chai Rong wasn’t really because of the relationship between the Ice God and the Fang family, he would directly express his intention to accept the disciple when he attended the wedding before. Why would he have to wait until the Ice God suddenly appeared in the Fang family before mentioning it? !

Chai Rong just saw the strength of his Fang family now and the prospects for the future.

However, if the Ice God is gone, does his Fang family still have it?

No, no, Fangjia will only have a promising future!

People, I’m not afraid that there is no hope, what I am afraid of is that hope will disappear after seeing it, and Fangbiao is obviously experiencing it!

“Yes, Haier understands that Haier will lead people to continue searching for the Ice God.” With a slight bow, Fang Kun hurriedly led the people out.

However, just halfway through, Fang Biao suddenly said, “Wait a minute!”

“What else is my father?” Fang Kun turned around and asked in confusion.

“I heard the maid said, during the banquet, you took two people into the cell?” Fang Biao asked.

Fang Biao, as the lord of the city, naturally had many eyeliners, especially after the ice god disappeared, someone reported this trivial matter to him.

Originally, he didn’t take it to heart, but now that he can’t find someone, he can’t help but think about it.

Fang Kun naturally knew the meaning of his father’s question, and he replied straightforwardly: “Yes, but it’s just some local ruffians, it’s definitely not the old man of the Ice God.”

Fang Biao nodded when he heard this. , Waved his hand, indicating that he could go down.

Looking at Fang Kun’s leaving back, Fang Biao looked out of the hall slightly, frowned slightly, and muttered in his heart: My Ice God old man, where did you go? !

At this time, George Han…

Chapter 2815

every ruthless killing machine must have his past misery. George Han has always recognized this.

Those ruthless assassins, the reason why they have become cold killing machines is not that they were born without feelings, but because they were tortured without any feelings!

Although they seem to have been cultivated since childhood, it is by no means as simple as supporting them to grow up as in the movie, and cultivating their killing skills.

What is really important is that while these are going on, every killing machine will be stripped of its dignity.

They will be violated at a very young age, and their weak hearts and little dignity will be completely destroyed. From then on, they will become indifferent and ruthless.

The same is true for the killers!

If placed in the first few years of his birth, he is no different from ordinary humans, but his superiors kept him in a cage with a male frog for a long time.

Every day and night, the superior would spot drugs on the side of the cage, and the killer was constantly assaulted by the frog almost every day and night.

Until one day, the frog beast completely invaded his body and turned into a body with him!

His shame and everything disappeared, and he became cold and merciless ever since!

He did not have the power to resist his superiors. He vented his anger on every so-called “enemy” he could see, either, or he could vent his anger by watching his tragedy happen to others to comfort him. In short, he went farther and farther in the deserted humanity and perverted viciousness.

He stopped until he met George Han.

“Sometimes, bad people are not all bad, they just lack a listener, right?” George Han smiled.

“When a person’s hands are covered with blood, in fact, he has already given up on himself.” The killer smiled coldly.

“If you give up your own person, you won’t tell me about his past at all. It’s good to say it. At least, the frustration in your heart will loosen a lot, and the hatred will be released a lot.” George Han said.

The killer did not speak, nodded faintly.

A moment later, he looked up at the three thousand Han: “the bad guys do, though not bad, but always washed away the blood on hand, I was imprisoned here, pretty normal, it touches you ……” “Watching your words stop, you are definitely not a treacherous person. If you want to take turns, those stubborn ones are not your opponents. Why are you imprisoned in such a place?” Speaking of this, he stared at George Han strangely with his big single eyes.

“Have you heard a word?”


“If I don’t go to hell, who will go to hell? If you don’t come in, who will enlighten you, right?” George Han smiled.

The killer was taken aback for a moment, and then sighed helplessly: “Although I am not smart, I am not stupid. If you don’t say it, that’s all.” After speaking, he got up slightly and walked towards the end.

“What are you doing?” George Han asked.

“It’s not too early. I’ll lock myself, at least I can lock myself a little bit faster, and I will save myself being humiliated by those birdmen.” He smiled bitterly, as if he had become accustomed to this situation.

Perhaps the only thing he was not used to was that he lost this time.

“If you were given a chance to redeem your sins, would you be willing?” George Han turned around, closed his eyes slightly, and said calmly.

“Atonement?” His huge figure was taken aback for a moment. Then, he seemed to be answering George Han, and he seemed to be muttering to himself: “A person like me is eligible for atonement? I never thought I could cleanse myself. Sin.”

“If there really is such a chance one day, I think…I might not cherish it, because, even now, I don’t know how to face it.”

After speaking, he gently Shaking his head, dragging his huge body, his figure gradually disappeared into the darkness at the end.

In the city lord’s mansion…in the


Three more hours passed, but Fang Biao was extremely disappointed by the information over and over again. Could it be that the Ice God really played and disappeared? !

Suddenly, just when Fang Biao arrived at his grandma’s house in depression, Mr. Chai slowly stood up: “No!”

“What’s wrong?”

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