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His True Colors Novel Chapter 2820 – 2821 – XH Tales
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Chapter 2820

Confusion is not surveyed!

With just a glimpse, he has already told how fierce and fierce struggles have been discovered in this prison.

“Huh?” Mr. Chai opened his mouth slightly, also in a daze, and a trace of unknown premonition slowly rose from the bottom of his heart.

In such a tragic situation, Bing Shen…

“Fangbiao…Fangbiao!” Mr. Chai shouted angrily.

Fang Biao was also blind, looking at the situation in the prison, unable to return to his senses for a long time.

“Fang family, wait for the funeral.” With a

strong sigh of anger, Mr. Chai got up, sad and angry, and hurriedly walked towards the sky prison.

Fang Biao knelt there, his eyes trembled, and he didn’t know why for a while, until he saw Lao Chai rushing in, he hurriedly got up from the ground: “Go… go, call… call that rebellious son to me. Come here.” The

servant nodded and quickly withdrew.

Fang Biao took a deep look at the inside of the jail, hesitated for a moment, still reluctantly stabilized his figure, slowly stood in, sighed, let his servant support him, and hurried to the sky.

The sky was deep and the smell was pungent. Almost as soon as a group of people entered, they couldn’t help but pinch their noses in discomfort.

When the group descended below, they saw the torture room around the corner and couldn’t help but breathe in air-conditioning.

The torture room has been distorted seriously because of the force, and at the same time, it seems to be telling what kind of cruel and violent incidents have happened here!

Suddenly, the corners of Fang Biao’s mouth twitched, and a slight smile hung on his face.

However, this is not a happy smile, but a self-deprecating smile.

Because the twisted torture room, at this time, in his eyes, for some reason, it looked so much like the coffin he used after his death.

“Ice God…” Mr. Chai didn’t care about those, and hurriedly shouted from the sky prison.

In the empty cell, there was no echo, and some were just the echo of Mr. Chai himself.

Mr. Chai’s heart was cold for a while, he looked around, stepped forward, and hurriedly walked towards the inside.

Suddenly, just as he passed George Han’s cell, Mr. Chai suddenly stood up.

“Ice God?”

Fang Biao glared at the sound from the front, and hurriedly led people to rush up.

As soon as he arrived at the door, seeing George Han lying in it, Fang Biao suddenly let out a long breath of ill feeling. “My ice god, you…you…I call you, why don’t you answer.” Chai Rong said as he hurried into the cell, trying to get George Han Help it up.

“A person in jail, I can answer the cry of a prisoner. What kind of god do I call? How dare I answer?”

“Have you ever seen a god in jail?” As

soon as this sentence came out, all the people present were there. With a bad cry in his heart, Mr. Chai smiled awkwardly: “Misunderstanding, it’s a misunderstanding.”

“Yes, Ice God, it’s a misunderstanding.”

“You…how can you be a prisoner? Come, you are still stunned. What are you doing, hurry up and serve Ice God his old man.” Fang Biao also hurriedly said with a smile.

Several servants nodded obediently, but when he arrived at the door, George Han waved his hands: “No need, you can go to jail well,

why do you need someone to wait?” “Ice God, your old man loves to joke, what about this place? Could it be the place where you stay?” After finishing speaking, Fang Biao personally got into the cell, co-authoring Mr. Chai Lao, and must work together to help George Han.

“What are you doing?” George Han frowned and looked at these two people with a little unhappy.

“Although I am not a god, I am at least an upright person. You two want me to escape from prison?” George Han asked back.

Hearing this, Mr. Chai and Fang Biao’s hands suddenly fell on the spot. Obviously, the Ice God was unwilling to go…

This also meant that the Ice God and his old man were angry.

When Mr. Chai thought of this, he suddenly raised his head and looked at Fang Biao, pointing to Fang Biao’s nose, and was so angry that he could not speak: “You! You! You!”

Fang Biao was also very depressed, and he was stunned for a while. , I don’t know what to do!

And almost at the same time, there was a slight movement at the door of the prison, everyone looked up and saw Fang Kun hurried over with a large number of people.

Although Fang Kun knew that his father had already known that he had imprisoned people in the jail privately, his face was still very indifferent at this time. To him, this was nothing at all.


Seeing this rebellious child smile, Fang Biao’s teeth began to clenched slowly…

Chapter 2821

proud Fang Kun, and because of the relatively darker lights in the cell, Fang Kun did not notice the cold hatred on Fang Biao’s face at this time. He just took a joking look at lying on the ground. George Han’s eyes still have a hint of provocative coldness in his eyes.

It seems to be telling George Han that even if his father is here, that is not the reason why George Han can save his life.

Looking at the signs of fierce fighting around, the pride on Fang Kun’s face can no longer be hidden. Thinking about it, this stuff has been played by the killer.

However, what made him even more happy was that George Han was still alive after being so humiliated.

If you find the Ice God, hum, everything is developing as you think.

However, unlike him, Fang Biao had already gritted his teeth and burst into anger.

If Fang Kun used to be Fangbiao’s greatest face and pride in his life, now Fangbiao even feels that it is better to lay an egg than to have such a rebellious son.

“You caught the person?” Fang Biao asked, suppressing his anger.

Without understanding what his father meant, Fang Kun answered with ease: “Exactly.”

“Why are you arresting people?”

“This kid should be arrested when he molested women in public.” Fang Kun said.

“Is there any misunderstanding in the middle?” Despite the fire, he is his own son after all. Fang Biao still did not give up his last chance to try to guide his son.

But in the eyes of the proud Fang Kun, not only did he fail to realize his father’s good intentions, but he felt that George Han must have said something in front of his father, so that his father wanted to investigate clearly.

“There is no misunderstanding, there are all witnesses on this matter.” Fang Kun said.

“If all the evidence is there, you will show it to me.” Seeing that the idiot was not in the least, Fang Biao also slightly angrily said.

Hearing this, Fang Kun frowned: “Isn’t it, father? You mean, you would rather believe this stinky boy than your own son?” A real


It’s okay not to mention it, the more you mention it, the more popular it gets. I can’t wait to break away from the father-son relationship with you. Are you still kissing my son? ! You are so fucking an insult.

“I only believe in facts.” Fang Biao said angrily.

“Your father is right. If you have evidence, you can still show it out.” Chai Rong also said coldly with an icy face.

“Master, even your old man…” Fang Kun was taken aback, completely stupid.

What’s the situation? !

“Master?” Mr. Chai smiled coldly, and said with disdain: “Young Master Fang, don’t shout arrogantly. Someone Chai has a clear life, and Xianyun Yehe has long been used to being alone. He never planned to bring a second person. After that, naturally he won’t accept any apprentices.”

“Besides, someone from Chai dare not climb the Fang’s family, and asks Mr. Fang to eat rice, but don’t talk nonsense.”

After that, Mr. Chai. He parted his face slightly, and even glanced at Fang Kun lazily.

Hearing this, not only Fang Kun was dumbfounded, even Fang Biao on the side was dumbfounded.

What’s the meaning? !

This means that Fang Kun’s journey of apprenticeship just… just ended? !


If you just learned how happy it is to be able to approve the teacher, Mr. Chai, now, how miserable it is to hear the news of this thunderbolt!

After defending Buddha for a moment, he fell from heaven into hell, and then was severely stepped on a few feet.

“Master… Mr. Chai… for… why?” Fang Kun felt unbelievable, and the vigor on his face turned into a face full of puzzlement: “Just because… just because I caught this bitch?”

“Bitch. “Mr. Chai snorted coldly. If he is a bitch, then what are you? !

But when Mr. Chai was about to refute him, all of a sudden, Mr. Fang at this time inadvertently glanced at George Han’s legs. When he saw the incomparable blackness on his legs, he was shocked.

When Fang Biao moved down with Mr. Chai’s gaze, he also saw the top of his leg, and his whole body was stared in shock. At the same time, he skewed and fell directly on the railing of the cell, pointing at Fang Kun. , Angered nowhere: “You…you…you bastard, you…what did you do to him?”

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