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Chapter 2844


Suddenly, George Han clenched his fists, his muscles collapsed, and the next second, his arms shook, and the black gold air in his body suddenly exploded.

The powerful aura was suddenly released from George Han’s body, which was almost visible to the naked eye, and spread all the way. The besieged person who had been ferocious before suddenly disappeared like a swan geese breaking their wings and suddenly encountering a torrent of water. Yan Yan’s power would not advance and retreat directly, and suddenly fell.

The light of black gold exploded more and more, and even half of the sky was stained by it. With hundreds of people falling at the same time, it was like a cloudy sky with countless rain.

“Bang, bang, bang!”

Bai Dao’s body slammed to the ground, arousing thousands of rubble, and the dust was high.

In the face of that giant light, George Han suddenly gathered his hands between his hands, transported a burst of energy, and suddenly transformed into eight figures on his body.

It is necessary to know that Liuhe Tianxia was originally the strongest and most victorious. At that time, above the Void School, only a Liuhe method was already extremely powerful. At this time, the Fang family used Xiantian Liuhe, and its power naturally increased exponentially. George Han, who has personally experienced great skills, should be treated with caution.

But this guy, who didn’t dodge or dodge, even tried to rebound directly with non-phase magical power, which is not unbelievable.

If the energy is too large and the Phaseless Divine Art cannot be copied and transferred, the final result is no different from George Han’s unsuspecting blow.

But George Han dared to try. First, he didn’t want to be entangled here too much. Second, the existence of the frost jade armor and the revival of the immortal mysterious armor gave George Han full courage.

Yigao people are bold!

“What is he doing?”

The people who had just awakened from the astonishment of a hundred people in an instant, didn’t even have a chance to breathe, and were shocked by George Han’s operation at this time and almost stopped their heartbeat and breathing.

Watching others fight may really waste melon seeds, but watching this kind of fight is completely waste of heart.

“Eight clones!”

“That… isn’t that guy… isn’t the person from Juying Pavilion?”

“Crazy?! Is he crazy? First fight against Liu’s family in Juying Pavilion, and now, in the city lord’s mansion. Home?! What is he doing? He wants to beat all the people in the wild world?” “Is this son that crazy?”

“The Fang family, it’s not the Liu family.”

Some people who were in Juying Pavilion at the beginning quickly recognized George Han and were shocked. Said.

But there are also people who have not seen George Han there, they simply sneered at George Han’s behavior.

“It’s not just madness. He is clearly mad to the bone marrow. Innate Liuhe is the strongest and most fierce of all Liuhe. This guy does not dodge, but instead goes straight up. Question.”

“Although this person is indeed fierce, he always has to pay some price when he is young. It is fundamental to be impulsive and belligerent without knowing that he is dangerous.”

“Unfortunately, although he is English, he is not a master, but he is impulsively stupid. The magical skill of leaving his eight golden light shadows is envious of many people.”

The difference is that Mr. Chai and others possess both types of thinking. They both feel that George Han is strong, but also feel that George Han is strong. George Han is reckless.

Amelia Su looked closely at George Han in the sky, her eyes worried but extremely firm.

She knew that he would never let himself down, and he would never abandon himself, so he would definitely stand up alive, because he was George Han!

Su Yan gently held Lu Zhu’s hand nervously, a pair of slender jade-like hands, but the palms were cold at this time, and a slight scent of sweat had already appeared on the palms of her hands.

If it was said that she was worried about the Liu Family’s battle last time, but she was also more curious about how strong George Han’s true skills were, then this time, she was only worried but not expecting.

Because as the daughter of the Su family, she really knows the power of Liuhe innate!

At almost the same time, as the golden light exploded in mid-air, the sky was so bright that people couldn’t open their eyes, and the golden light like Optimus Prime also collided with George Han directly.

“Boom!” For

a while, the ground trembled wildly, and the void seemed to shatter. Everyone was completely stabbed by the intense golden light, almost unable to open their eyes. They covered them with their hands and turned their heads to one side.

But during this process, the masters such as Fang Biao and Mr. Chai frowned deeply while blocking the golden light. The situation seemed…something was wrong

Chapter 2845

This is by no means a mess. Although several people know the strength and power of this innate Liuhe, they understand it better than others because of their deep knowledge.

Although Liuhe is fierce, but such a dazzling light is like the falling of a divine sun, shining the world, the golden divine light of the innate Liuhe is not so strong that it is right!

No, no!

Thinking of this, Mr. Chai relied on his high cultivation level, forcibly turned around, and suddenly looked into the golden light in the midair. This look made his whole person dumbfounded.

Even if he has been in the rivers and lakes for a long time, he has seen all kinds of unworldly faces, but at this moment, he can’t help but be astonished as a child!

Fang Biao and Liu Tao were the second place. After Lao Chai, they also noticed something was wrong and looked into the air, but they stared at it and froze stupidly.

Su Yan Lvzhu and

others came next… followed by more others on the scene.

At the corner of the ruined stone temple, Fang Kun gritted his teeth and crawled out. When he raised his head, even though the golden light had already stained his face, he still couldn’t hide the paleness of his face at this time. !

He staggered to the ground and looked at the sky incredibly, his eyes full of godlessness.

And far in the desert, an exquisite flower boat was in a slow situation. On the flower boat, the white curtain swayed gently, and among the white curtain, a peerless beauty was lying on the bed.

At the bow of the boat, a woman in black was holding an inexplicable wooden box. At this time, she carefully glanced at the mechanism on the box, and then slowly walked into the flower boat a few steps.

“Miss, the wooden box pointer just moved a lot.” The black-clothed woman knelt down slightly and said respectfully.

Hearing this, the stunning woman nodded slightly, but her eyes remained on the desert landscape. Although for anyone, there was no scene at all in this desert, she looked very ecstatic.

“Miss, the pointer moves greatly, which also means that there is a huge energy fluctuation on Fang Kun’s side. This shows that George Han may…” Speaking of this, the woman in black dared not continue.

“Go on.” Peerless beauty whispered.

“Chi Meng dare not.” The woman in black turned out to be Chi Meng, and obviously, the person sitting in front of her is Miss Lu Jia, the world’s first beauty in all directions, Lu Ruoxin. , the voice just fell, Chi Meng raised his eyes and saw Lu Ruoxin’s eyes suddenly retracted to look at him, and the desert kneeled lower: “The slave girl meant that George Han might have arrived. In the desert city, even… even clashing with the Fang family.”

Lu Ruoxin heard this, with a slight smile on Jumei’s face: “As expected.”

Chi Meng frowned: “The slave girl is puzzled. It was you who forced Amelia Su to marry the son of Fang family, but why did you let George Han and Amelia Su meet again in the desert city? Now that George Han enters the desert city, you don’t care about it. If George Han rescued Amelia Su, didn’t everything you did before was nothing to draw from a bamboo basket?”

After speaking, Chi Meng looked at Lu Ruoxin strangely, and she has been following Lu Ruoxin for so long, but she still does it now. I couldn’t guess exactly what Lu Ruoxin was thinking.

Lu Ruoxin smiled softly and stood up slightly: “Chi Meng, don’t look at the surface when you look at things, and never look at the outside when you look at people. The most important thing is here.” While

speaking, Lu Ruoxin slightly compared his hand to his chest.

“Heart?” Chi Meng said.

Lu Ruoxin smiled softly: “If a person’s heart is different from the past, it will naturally be different. Does it matter whether it is taken away?”

Upon hearing this, Chi Meng looked at Lu Ruoxin even more bizarrely, and she didn’t understand. What kind of fascinating soup Lu Ruoxin poured Amelia Su into, and why he was so confident.

“Although the slave servant doesn’t understand all the details, wouldn’t it be better if the people didn’t care about it? Besides, the Fang family had no Amelia Su, our relationship with the Fang family, then… wouldn’t it be a waste of work?” Chi Meng still couldn’t understand.

Lu Ruoxin smiled softly, but was not as impatient as Chi dreamed: “Chi Meng, have you heard a word?”

Chi Meng raised his head slightly and confirmed that Lu Ruoxin was really happy and laughed before daring to answer softly: “The slave and maid don’t know, please also ask the lady to make it clear.”

Lu Ruoxin walked gently to the window, looked out through the white curtain, and opened his mouth leisurely…

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