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Chapter 2846

, “Put in the army

, but in the hearts of the people.”

“Friend or dog, who is more loyal?” Lu Ruoxin said calmly.

When Chi Meng heard the word dog, she couldn’t help but froze for a moment. Isn’t she just a dog of Lu Ruoxin?

“Tell me, friends are equal. If it’s not for interest, then dogs like the following are naturally not loyal, because dogs need your food at any time and naturally need to beg.”

Lu Ruoxin nodded, “The Fang family is ambitious. If you rely on yourself, Can dominate the desert, and even compete in all directions, so how much meaning can this lady have for them?”

“Chi Meng, a fed dog will only be lazy, but a hungry dog ​​will be vicious and extremely evil.” , Do you understand.” Lu Ruoxin sneered lightly, and she couldn’t help feeling a bit proud.

“The slave girl understands.” Lowering his head, Chi Meng already roughly knew Lu Ruoxin’s true thoughts, and couldn’t help feeling horrified by this woman’s meticulous and sinister plan.

In other words, Amelia Su’s “gift” is more like a bomb given by Lu Ruoxin to Fang’s family!

No wonder George Han fought with that side, but Lu Ruoxin didn’t panic at all, even acquiescing to this state.

In fact, from beginning to end, Lu Ruoxin had set up the game.

If George Han failed to find the desert realm, and failed to intersect with Amelia Su, it would be his original plan.

But if they meet and a conflict breaks out, then for the Fang family, not only will they hate George Han for taking their wives, they can be controlled by Lu Ruoxin, and more importantly, although the future of the Fang family is gone, but the ambition is long. Being squeezed to the extent of expansion, wouldn’t it be easier for Lu Ruoxin to grab it by seven inches? !

Killing two birds with one stone, the only variable is that George Han will lose, or Amelia Su and George Han will reunite, and from then on, stay and fly together.

But for the former, even Chimeng today would not think that George Han would lose, while for the latter, Lu Ruoxin seemed quite confident in Amelia Su, so he was impeccable.

Now that I understand this, I remember the root cause of the late arrival even though the lady said she was attending the Fang family’s wedding.

It’s just sitting on the mountain and watching the tigers fight!



“We are almost in the desert, right?” Lu Ruoxin said.

“There is still half a day to go, but when the sun is scorching, if you see the slave and maid, you should take a break first?” Chi Meng knew what Lu Ruoxin meant, and now he also learned a lot more cleverly.

Hearing this, Lu Ruoxin showed a faint smile on her face: “Chi Meng, you are much smarter.”

“Miss is good at dog training.” After finishing speaking, Chi Meng looked at Lu Ruoxin and opened his mouth: “Wow?”

Lu Ruoxin was even more satisfied, returned to her bed slightly, and threw out a sachet: “There is Yuqingdan in it. Since you are resting, you don’t need to be guarded. You can go to the cabin to practice.”

Chi Meng hurriedly put the sachet. Picked it up, nodded, eyes full of excitement: “Thank you, Miss.”

Lu Ruoxin nodded slightly, looking at Chi Meng who had retreated after saluting, gently raised his eyes, and looked at the deserted sun outside. It is almost as brilliant as my own mood at that time.

At this time, in the desert city, like gods and Buddhas, golden light spread all over the city, like a city of gold for a while, while in the mid-air, the golden light gathered, bursting out of light almost hard to be seen directly, like The scorching sun hangs there.

Amidst the golden light, George Han glanced at the indestructible mysterious armor that had changed color on his body due to the damage, and his whole body showed a hideous smile.

The non-phase magical skill is indeed hard to match the Liuhe technique, but the combination of the immortal mysterious armor and the frost jade armor, one soft and the other hard, did not disappoint George Han’s trust.

When the Liuhe Art was resisted to the point where the non-phase divine art could digest, swallow and replicate, it was also the beginning of the Fang family’s nightmare.

Above the hall, countless people were surprised at this scene, and even many people had begun to tremble secretly, but their soft feet made them unable to escape. They could only look at the sky stupidly, begging for God’s blessing!

Fang Biao and Liu Tao, the two perpetrators, were even more frightened at this time, and the strange poison was ineffective? Now even the law of Liuhe is invalid. Is this…Is it an ice god or a true god?

At this time, George Han moved in midair.

Chapter 2847


was only a shake in his hand, and the huge golden light in his hand suddenly moved completely.

As the scorching sun moved slightly, the air was trembling wildly, and the golden light flashed!


The golden light strikes, the void is broken!

With the power of destroying the sky and destroying the earth, it came under mad pressure from top to bottom.

Even if they are on the ground, even if the golden light has only just started, everyone on the ground feels like a giant mountain is on their backs.

While cold sweat broke out on their foreheads, they struggled desperately and subconsciously reached out to block them, even though they all knew very well that their so-called occlusion would not have any effect under the golden light.


The air burst, and the entire ground was affected by the linkage. It could not help but suddenly lifted, everyone was waiting for death.

Especially Lao Chai, hates it!

If the Fang Liu family insists on offending the ice god, why is this? !

It would be fine if he died, but if he was lucky enough to survive, he would definitely not be able to spare his embarrassed pair of dogs.

But almost when he had this idea, he suddenly frowned, because the explosion that followed the shaking of the mountain did not arrive as expected. When he raised his eyes and looked above the sky again, he was surprised. For heaven and man.

The entire mid-air was completely golden, like a golden ocean, spreading millions of miles from the sky above the desert city.

Such a gorgeous side, even in a lifetime, is not in vain.

“He…he didn’t kill us.” Mr. Chai muttered to his feet, and after a slight sigh, his eyes were fixed on George Han, who was hanging in the air like a god and Buddha.

Immediately afterwards, Fang Biao and Liu Tao also slowly got up, Su Yan and Luzhu also slowly got up…

Everyone got up, and they all muttered to look at George Han, all in a daze. In the original field, I even forgot to breathe.

Only Amelia Su stood there blankly from start to finish, looking at the person in her heart, she gradually shed tears and smiled.

Fang Kun was holding his hair incredible, how could it be, how could it be?

Qi Du San, Liu He Jing, all the meticulous arrangement at this time all melted into nothing! “Kill him, kill him for me. Quick, quick!” Fang Kun roared in hysterical anger, he was unwilling to accept this cruel reality!

The guards on the ground heard Fang Kun’s roar when they were confused, and they regained their senses one by one. Although they were scared in their hearts, as guards, they still mustered the courage to regroup.

Almost at the same time, where could Fang Biao sit still, his whole body flew out suddenly, directly blocking the midair of the guards, and shouted angrily: “This is the ice god of the desert. Who dares to move him? It’s an enemy of our family.”

At almost the same time, Liu Tao waved his hand. Hundreds of Liu’s entourage immediately surrounded the soldiers from behind. Liu Tao yelled, and the long knife in his hand was transformed into his palm: “Yes. Enemy with my Liu family.”


A figure also flew up suddenly, living above everyone’s head, and snorted: “If you want to move the ice god, step on top of my Chai Rong’s corpse first.” As

soon as the voice fell, Chai Rong’s body was blue and the whole body was released. People are powerful.

Seeing Fang’s move, Liu’s move, and Mr. Chai Lao moved, the crowds in the hall were overwhelmed collectively in the stands, and when it was reflected, this group of people was even more stunned.

“Ice…Ice god?”

“What? That…Is that ice god?”

“That person is…Is the ice god of our desert world?”

Everyone was shocked suddenly, how could they think of it, This overbearing young man in front of him would turn out to be the supreme ice god in the desert world! !

At this time, Fang Kun also stupidly stayed in place. If the surrounding stone platforms were crushed enough, then his heart was even more miserable now.

How… how is it possible? !

How is this possible? He is just a person from the Central Plains, just a trash, rubbish with a green cap on him, why did he suddenly jump on his head, or…Ice…Ice god? !

At this time, Amelia Su finally had a reaction, and her body was startled slightly!

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