Messi Tissue Paper Social Media Viral See The Discussion Below

Messi Tissue Paper Social Media Viral See The Discussion Below
Droppbuy – Messi Tissue Paper Social Media Viral See The Discussion Below. Recently, a soccer athlete, Lionel Messi, has gone viral on social media.

For those of you who want to know why this soccer athlete Lionel Messi has gone viral on social media. Check out our discussion to the end so you know why this soccer athlete has gone viral on social media.

Messi is a soccer athlete who is very well known throughout the world. He was also the best football player in the world.

He is also often predicted to be a rival to a football player who is as popular as Messi, namely Cristiano Ronaldo.

Ronaldo is a footballer who occupies a team known as a very fierce team, namely JUVENTUS. Actually ronaldo early he first became the best football player when he occupied the MANCHESTER UNITED team or better known by the abbreviation of the name MU.

While Messi began his career in football when he occupied Barcelona. Barcelona is a big rival of Real Madrid.

Messi Tissue Paper

Messi Tissue Paper, Messi Tissue Paper, The tissue that Lionel Messi used to wipe his tears during his emotional farewell speech at FC Barcelona is said to be selling for a tantalizing $1 million.

Messi’s transfer from FC Barcelona to Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) this summer caused shock waves in footballing fraternities around the world.

During his farewell speech, when Messi couldn’t hold back his tears while expressing his feelings for leaving the club. His wife Antonella gave him tissue paper to wipe away his tears.

Meanwhile, PSG have sold as many as one million Lionel Messi shirts in their stores and online. It’s only been a week since the Argentine maestro signed up for the club.

Each of Messi’s shirts is priced in the range of €115 to €165, and counting the price from the Argentine’s shirt means PSG have earned $100,000,000 in just three days.

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