The Proxy Bride Of The Billionaire Chapter 2535

The Proxy Bride Of The Billionaire Chapter 2535
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Chapter 2535

Herman has always disliked Dexter. He is the chairman of the student union. He has a good family background, good grades, good basketball, and handsome. Before Dexter came, he was the most discussed by the girls, but after Dexter came, Dexter is all the center of discussion.

Herman is not someone who can’t afford to lose. If he loses to someone who is better than himself it is okay, but loses to Dexter, he will definitely not be convinced.

“Jolie, is Dexter really handsome?” Herman asked her.

Jolie also noticed Dexter’s attraction to these girls. His every move was followed. Molly liked him, and many excellent girls also watched him more or less.

She couldn’t tell what kind of attraction Dexter had, and she couldn’t refuse this kind of attraction.

But Dexter is not handsome, do you still need to ask this question?

Jolie nodded and said frankly, “He is very handsome.”

“…” Herman wanted to seek Jolie’s comfort, but he didn’t know that Jolie pierced his heart fiercely.

At this time, the teacher leading the team brought up two boxes of mineral water and said to Jolie, “Student Jolie, can you please take these mineral water, one bottle for each person.”

She stood up, “Okay.”

She began to divide the mineral water, from front to back, and soon she reached the back, which was Dexter Mark.

“Jolie, thank you.” Mark took the water.

Jolie looked at Dexter who was sitting outwards, his cap was pressed down very low, and she could only see his handsome and smooth jaw. He really gave birth to a good skin, no wonder those girls liked it.

He didn’t seem to care about her coming, he still kept his posture and fell asleep.

No matter whether he is asleep or not, his attitude towards her is extremely bad and cold. Jolie still hates him and does not intend to talk to this disgusting person.

She handed the mineral water to Mark, “Thank you to pass it on.”

Under what circumstances, Mark’s gaze conveyed to Dexter and Jolie, shouldn’t they be quarreling?

“Okay.” Mark readily took the water.

Jolie turned around and left, wanting to return to her seat.

But at this moment, the driver suddenly turned, and the inertia caused Jolie to lose her footing for a while, and she fell forward.


Jolie gave a soft cry.

She thought that she would fall, but suddenly a strong arm stretched out from behind and buckled her slender waist, and then gently pulled, Jolie immediately fell into a person’s arms.

She looked up unexpectedly, she ran into a handsome face, it was Dexter.

Now she fell on h!s lap, his arm still wrapped around her waist.


Jolie’s head exploded. She had never sat on a b0y’s lap. This was the first time.

He didn’t know when he opened his eyes and raised his head slightly. The eyes under the peaked cap were falling on her bright little face, looking at her.

The two have an ambiguous posture, and their breathing is entangled.

Time passed, Jolie took the lead in reacting, and she immediately got up.

Dexter released his arm.

Jolie hurriedly returned to her seat.

Because the students who made the sharp turn just now were quite frightened, and because Dexter was sitting behind, no one noticed what had just happened.

“Hey, Jolie, why is your face so red?” Herman said suddenly.

Jolie’s face was red, like a steamed prawn, and her heartbeat was chaotic, and it was already out of rhythm.

“I’m fine, maybe it’s too hot.” Jolie lied.

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