The Proxy Bride Of The Billionaire Chapter 2536

The Proxy Bride Of The Billionaire Chapter 2536
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Chapter 2536

Herman said nothing more.

Jolie looked out the window, her waist still had the strength of his arm, calm and strong, because the she who fell on h!s thigh was covered with muscles, and her a55 was a little bit painful.

She quickly closed her eyes and forced herself to forget what was in her heart. He had only been with Molly last night, and she should think he was dirty.

She didn’t want him to touch her!

One hour later, the school bus stopped at Wuling Mountain and everyone got off.

Dexter also walked down. At this time, Mark noticed Dexter’s abnormality, “Dex, what’s wrong with you? You are hot. Have you caught a cold or a fever?”

Just now when Dexter closed his eyes on the school bus, he found his body temperature was burning. He should have a fever.

He was still a young man. Jeter poured his kind of wine. He had no experience in handling it properly. He tossed himself all night, and now he has a fever.

“Dex, everyone is starting to climb the mountain. If you feel unwell, let’s just sit here and rest?” Mark cared.

Dexter looked forward, Jolie was surrounded by Herman and the others. Herman took the initiative to lift the water, “Student Lu, although you can climb the mountain, you won’t be able to walk later, I will carry you.”

Cora laughed and roared, “Our senior Ge is very athletic, so you can let him carry you after a while!”

Jolie hooked her red lips, “Okay, stop making trouble, let’s climb the mountain.”


The group of people and Jolie went up the mountain mightily.

Seeing Jolie’s pretty shadow disappearing from his sight, Dexter frowned his sword eyebrows.

At noon, Jolie climbed to the top of the mountain. Standing on the top of the mountain is really a view of the mountains, her vision expanded, and her mood improved.

Jolie put her little hand to his mouth and yelled… Ah!

“Jolie, come here, there is a source of water here, come and see!” At this moment, Cora in front of her shouted.

Jolie was about to go, but she accidentally stepped on a rock and gave her foot directly.


There was a sharp pain in the ankle.

“Jolie, are you crippled? Come up and I’ll carry you on my back.” Herman felt that God helped him, and his opportunity came.

“No, I’ll walk around by myself.” Jolie didn’t want Herman to carry her.

At this time, Herman walked over and grabbed Jolie’s slender wrist, “Student Lu, you are welcome, come up quickly, I will carry you.”

Jolie twisted her eyebrows. She was not used to any physical contact with boys. Now Herman’s grasping her made her feel very uncomfortable.

She has no contact with boys, except…Dexter.

“Senior, let go first!” Jolie tried to withdraw her handsome wrist.

But Herman didn’t want to let go, “Jolie…”

In the next second, a cold, magnetic voice came to the ear, “She told you to let go, are you deaf?”

Jolie looked up and saw Dexter.

Dexter also climbed to the top of the mountain, and he came.

Now Dexter’s hands were in his trouser pockets, those slender eyes glanced at Herman’s hands. Although his eyes were faint, Herman felt that his hands had been pierced with many blood holes.

“Dexter, why are you here? This is between me and Jolie, it has nothing to do with you!” Herman looked at Dexter hostilely.

Dexter slowly narrowed his eyes, and the two teenagers became tense because of Jolie, and the gun smoke filled.

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