The Proxy Bride Of The Billionaire Chapter 2537

The Proxy Bride Of The Billionaire Chapter 2537
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Chapter 2537

“Jolie, ignore him, let’s go!” Herman dragged Jolie and wanted to leave.

But Dexter stepped forward, took out the hand he had copied in his trouser pocket, and grabbed Herman.

Herman turned his head and said, “Lin…Dexter, what do you want to do, do you still want to beat others?”

Everyone had heard of Dexter’s name, and everyone was afraid of a murderer who had come out of the juvenile, and Herman felt a little bit frustrated in his heart.

Dexter had no expression on his face, and those Phoenix eyes looked like two dangerous cold pools. He mocked his thin lips, “I have given you a chance to let it go, but you didn’t cherish it.”

Dexter exerted a slight force.


There was a heart-wrenching pain from his wrist, and Herman’s face turned pale, and he already screamed.

Dexter fractured him.

Jolie took the opportunity to withdraw her little hand, and she quickly said, “Dexter, let him go!”

Jolie was not worried about Herman, but about Dexter. This Herman family has a background.

She also knew that Dexter shot Herman. She was very afraid that Dexter would accidentally hurt Herman and maim him. A student will have to get into countless troubles.

She didn’t like Dexter’s hostile look.

He turned to look at Jolie, “Are you protecting him?”



Dexter rolled out a low smile from his throat. He was Fcuking self-conscious and nosy?

Maybe they were just flirting and scolding just now, and he also ruined others!

Dexter’s handsome eyebrows were covered with a layer of haze, and he stretched out his hand to push Herman.

Herman couldn’t stand still, he staggered back several steps, and finally stood still, really embarrassed.

This man’s game, he was not Dexter’s opponent at all, it was over before it started.

Dexter turned around and left.

Looking at the figure of the young boy, Jolie knew that he shouldn’t call him again, but curled up with her fingers, she burst out unconvincingly, “Dexter, stop for me!”

What did he smile just now?

what’s so funny?

Did he misunderstand her and Herman?

Jolie felt that she had to stop him. He didn’t learn well by himself. He fell in love with Molly and the others early, so there was no need for her to think like him.

This sound made Dexter stop in front of her, and after a few seconds, he turned back.

After all, it was impossible to leave her.

“Come up, I’ll carry you!” Dexter said.

What did he say, he wanted to carry her?

Jolie stagnated, then quickly refused, “No!”

“Believe it or not, I will beat Herman all over the floor looking for teeth, then don’t cry and beg me!” Dexter threatened in a cold voice.

“…” Jolie was about to laugh, how could he beat Herman for her!

“Come up!” Dexter turned around and slowly lowered his waist.

Seeing him low waist in front of her, Jolie suddenly felt soft. She knew how noble and arrogant this young boy was, and he should have never bowed his head to anyone.

And she is really crippled, and she will definitely not be able to go down the mountain on her own. She is not willing to change to another boy to carry her.

Herman on one side was very angry and unwilling. He sharpened his knife and was about to step forward to do a fight, but soon he saw Jolie moved.

Jolie walked behind Dexter with two small hands on his shoulders. Go up, cleverly lie down.

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