The Proxy Bride Of The Billionaire Chapter 2538

The Proxy Bride Of The Billionaire Chapter 2538
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Chapter 2538

Herman froze, he stared at this scene in a daze, Jolie actually let Dexter back.

Just now he wanted to carry her, she was so unwilling.

Perhaps Jolie hadn’t noticed that she had such a double standard for others and Dexter.

She leaned forward, and Dexter’s powerful arm moved around behind her and lifted her up easily.

The two went down the mountain.

At this moment, Cora and the other classmates ran over and gasped in shock, “Oh my God,…Dexter will snatch Jolie away!”

Jolie was lying on Dexter’s back, and the two b0dies were almost stuck together through the thin clothes. Jolie’s hands didn’t know where to put them, so she couldn’t put her arms around his neck. Close, so she only dared to pull the clothes on his shoulders.

Jolie also found a fatal problem. Her g!rl parts is very well-developed, and there is a shining curve on her ch3st. If she gets down, then… then stick it to him. On his back…

She was very cautious along the way, and her body was stiff, and she began to regret that she shouldn’t have let Dexter carry her back.

At this time, Dexter’s footsteps slowed down, “You get down a little bit, are you afraid of falling?”

Jolie was getting farther and farther away from him, and the distance she deliberately kept made his backtracking on this road unsmooth.

Jolie didn’t dare to lie down, she could only stalk her neck and said, “Dexter, are you tired from carrying me on your back and can’t walk? If you can’t, just say it!”

Dexter, who was said “No”, raised his sword eyebrows, “Can I do it, should I try?”

What do you mean?

Jolie didn’t understand.

At this time, Dexter suddenly quickened his pace and ran up.

Now they were going down the mountain, and he suddenly ran up dangerously. Jolie exclaimed, and quickly closed her eyes and hugg3d his neck tightly with her little hand, “Ah!”


There was the laughter of the teenager with low alcohol and magnetic properties.

He deliberately.

He was laughing at her.

Jolie realized that she was being tricked, her teeth bit her red lips, she said angrily, “Dexter, why are you so bad?”

Dexter was teasing her. She was too stiff and it was hard to relax. He teased her because he was afraid that she would fall. He had no other intentions until she covered his ear and said… Dexter, why are you so bad?

The young girl’s sweet voice seemed to be sweet and angry, and she was breathing orchids in his ears. Dexter hadn’t tried this before, and the raised throat immediately rolled.

At this time, he also noticed the abnormality. Now she was lying on his back, and the two people were close to each other. He felt her…the bright arc, which was pressing him at this moment.

The boy’s earlobe immediately became red.

“I and Herman, who is worse to you?” Dexter’s voice was a little dumb.

Jolie was completely blank in love, and did not understand what he meant, “Why do you care about Herman so much? Wouldn’t you like Herman?”

Jolie choked him.

“…Don’t you like that Herman?” Dexter pursed his thin lips as he said, “Jolie, your eyes are nothing more than that!”

The blood in Jolie’s head rushed upward, “Dexter, who said I like Herman, don’t spit blood!”


Dexter paused.

Jolie was really angry. He really misunderstood what she said, “Dexter, Herman, and I are just classmates. I don’t like him. We have nothing. You think everyone is with you. Do you like puppy love as much, huh, don’t pour dirty water on me!”

Dexter understood. It turned out that he had misunderstood, and she didn’t like Herman at all.

That’s right, this lofty and proud lady of heaven won’t have that bad vision.

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