The Proxy Bride Of The Billionaire Chapter 2539

The Proxy Bride Of The Billionaire Chapter 2539
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Chapter 2539

Dexter’s heart that had been frustrated for a long time was immediately refreshed, and there was a bit of joy and softness in his handsome eyebrows.

He carried her and continued down the mountain.

“Jolie, what kind of boy do you like?” Dexter asked in a low voice.

His voice was so low that Jolie could not hear clearly, “What did you say?”

Dexter wanted to ask what kind of boy she likes. In the future, he will work hard to become what she likes. In this way, can she try to start to like him?

However, he was silent, saying nothing.

She was born aloof, and he has nothing. The key is that now he and she are still young, and she hasn’t grown up yet.

He suddenly stopped talking, and Jolie felt that he was really a weird person. He didn’t explain what he said just now.

At this moment, she looked up, and she saw a person in front of her.

Yes… Molly.

Molly is here, now staring at her and Dexter jealously.

“Dexter, someone is looking for you!” Jolie’s words also revealed a bit of sourness.

Dexter raised his eyes and saw Molly, but after just one glance, he moved his gaze away and directly regarded Molly as air.

He carried Jolie on his back and passed by Molly.

Molly almost burst out fire from her eyes, and she yelled, “Dexter!”

Dexter didn’t stop, and walked straight away.

Jolie could feel that Dexter was the strong side in the relationship between Dexter and Molly, and Molly was the humble side, but last night in 1949, these two people were still very affectionate, and now they are indifferent. Didn’t even say hello.

“Dexter, stop.” Jolie said.

“En?” Dexter snorted lightly, but his footsteps didn’t stop.

Jolie pulled his clothes into folds, “Let me down, your girlfriend is here, she is already angry if you carry me like this, and I will go down the mountain by myself. Go and coax her.”


Dexter drew a shallow arc of thin lips, “Jolie, what kind of heart you have, and you push people you don’t like to others?”

Jolie lifted her eyebrows, “How do you talk about yin and yang, isn’t Molly your girlfriend?”

“No.” Dexter said two extremely simple words.


The recognition that Molly is Dexter’s girlfriend is already preconceived, so the two words “no” by Dexter startled Jolie, “How is it possible that you are not dating Molly?”

“Who told you we are dating?”

“Molly, she told me personally, she also said…that you have…have been in a relationship.”

Dexter’s footsteps slowly stopped.

Molly watched Dexter’s back Jolie leave with red eyes. She was heartbroken and was about to turn around. But the next second, Dexter’s voice came from the front, “Molly.”

Molly’s heart jumped, and Dexter in front of her had stopped and looked at her.

He stopped her.

Molly was overjoyed. She felt that her infatuation must have moved Dexter, and he found her good.

Molly ran over quickly, she first gave Jolie a triumphant glance, which meant… get down quickly, and then she looked at Dexter sweetly, “Dexter, did you call me?”

Dexter had no expression, “Are you my girlfriend?”

Molly froze immediately.

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