The Proxy Bride Of The Billionaire Chapter 2540

The Proxy Bride Of The Billionaire Chapter 2540
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Chapter 2540

“We have a relationship? When? Why don’t I know?”

Molly felt a basin of cold water pouring directly from the top of her head. It was so cold that she had learned it, and her lie had been exposed.

“Delusionism is also a kind of disease. I suggest you treat it in time. Also, don’t make small gestures behind me in the future, you will cry.” After speaking, Dexter turned around and walked away.

Molly was really aware of Dexter’s danger and love, her eyes flashed, and she was crying now.

Jolie turned her head and looked at Molly, who was sad and crying, “You and Molly are really…that kind of relationship, but I saw you on the school balcony that day…”

“If I said we did nothing, I was about to push her away and you came, do you believe it?”

“That…didn’t you choose Molly last night? That Jeter told you to open a room in the hotel…”

“I went after he opened the room? If I didn’t choose Molly and choose you, could you agree?” The fine bangs covered Dexter’s eyes, and he said lightly, “I know you want to go home.”

His little princess wants to go home, what can he do, he can only take her home all the way.

Jolie knew that she had misunderstood him, and the misunderstanding was complete!

He did not fall in love with Molly, nor did he have any relationship with her!

I know you want to go home…

This sentence made Jolie’s heart soft, soft, and messed up. She has been trying to calm her mind, but his sentence is like a feather lightly across her lake, making her There were ripples in circles.

This feeling came uncontrollable, surging, and surging.

Jolie didn’t know what to say now, her body softened like her heart, and she put her little face on his shoulders with her arms around his neck, and quietly curled her lips.

But soon she discovered the abnormality, “Dexter, why are you so hot? Are you unwell?”

Dexter couldn’t see anything on the surface, “I’m fine.”

“Let me touch it.” Jolie raised his hand to touch his forehead.

But the next second a scream sounded, “Ah! Come on, Molly has fallen!”

Jolie was startled, “Dexter, stop now, Molly seems to have something wrong with her!”

“What does it have to do with us?” Dexter replied indifferently.

“…” Although Molly is not likable, she is still a life and has something to do with Dexter.

Jolie is afraid that something will happen. “Dexter, please let me down quickly. Look!”

Dexter heard the anxiety in her tone. He didn’t care about Molly, but he couldn’t ignore her.

Dexter backed Jolie back and went back, then put her down.

“Jolie, right here, I seemed to have seen Molly fall down just now.”

Jolie glanced down. The depths below were unfathomable and dangerous.

How could she fall?

Jolie was very puzzled. At this moment, a hand suddenly stretched out behind and pushed her hard.

The accident happened so suddenly that Jolie didn’t expect it. She didn’t stand firmly, and her slender body fell instantly.


Don’t know who is screaming.

Jolie looked back, and she saw a familiar face in the crowd, it was Molly.

Molly didn’t fall down at all. She had been lurking in the crowd just now, pushing her wantonly.

Dexter was waiting for Jolie with her on his back. When a scream came to his ear, he quickly turned his head and saw that Jolie had fallen…

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