The Proxy Bride Of The Billionaire Chapter 2541

The Proxy Bride Of The Billionaire Chapter 2541
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Chapter 2541

“Jolie! Come on, help!” Cora screamed in panic.

Molly in the crowd showed a vicious smile. She really hates Jolie. Just now Dexter’s attitude towards her has completely overwhelmed her and made her lose her humanity and reason. She has only one thought… Jolie disappears.

She deliberately threw a big rock down, and then asked her classmates to say that she fell, and then a lot of people gathered around and successfully attracted the attention of Dexter and Jolie, and waited for Jolie to come over. At that time, she took advantage of the chaos to push Jolie again, and her plan was seamless.

Molly was proud and cheerful in her heart, so good, Jolie finally disappeared from this world, Dexter will definitely change his mind and realize that she is good.

But in the next second, the smile on Molly’s face froze, because a black shadow flashed in front of her, and he jumped right after Jolie.


Cora screamed again, “Yes… it’s Dexter! Dexter jumped down!”

Dexter saw Jolie fell, and immediately jumped down.

Molly’s head exploded with a “boom”, and she had no idea that Dexter would jump down with him. Is he going to die? He actually didn’t even want his life for Jolie!

Molly rushed forward and looked down. In an instant, Dexter’s figure disappeared into the darkness.

Do not!

Molly tensed her fists and pinched her nails deeply into the palm of his hand.

She didn’t even think it would be this kind of ending.

This incident made the students panic.

“Take out your mobile phone and see if there is a signal on the top of the mountain, call the teacher, call the police, hurry up!”

“Jolie fell down first, and then Dexter followed him down. Is this… the hero saves the beauty, or… the love of life and death?”

“A boy jumping off a cliff for a girl. Isn’t this what love is?”

Jolie fell, and when the weightlessness of her body came, a panic and uneasiness spread from her heart. This is the most instinctive reaction of a person when facing death.

Would she die like this?

Jolie had a lot of thoughts in an instant, and at this moment a hand suddenly reached over, and a hand hooped her waist which was gripping narrow.


Jolie raised her head, her bright pupil shrank suddenly, and it turned out to be Dexter.

He jumped down from above, grabbed her waist, and tugged fiercely, pulling her into his arms.

The two people rolled to the ground, and the huge momentum made the two people roll down like snowballs. Jolie didn’t feel anything, because the back of her head was held by a big hand, and Dexter was holding her soft waist with one hand. With one hand clasping the back of her head, he pressed her firmly against her chest.

Boom boom boom.

Jolie heard his heartbeat clearly, so powerful and full of power.

The panic and anxiety slowly dissipated from her heart, and she no longer felt scared.

Dexter hugg3d her and rolled from top to bottom. At this moment, it saw a big rock underneath, and the two of them would definitely hit it.

At the moment of crisis, Dexter hugg3d Jolie vigorously and protected her to his body, while his head hit the stone with a “bang”.

The two stopped. Jolie was up and he was down.

The whole world stopped and was quiet. She gasped for breath. She lay on Dexter’s heart and raised her head, “Dexter! Dexter, are you okay?”

Dexter’s handsome face was very pale and his eyes closed.

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