The Proxy Bride Of The Billionaire Chapter 2542

The Proxy Bride Of The Billionaire Chapter 2542
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Chapter 2542

“Dexter! Dexter!” Jolie stretched out her hand, and soon felt the blood on her hand.

Dexter’s head was bleeding.

Jolie was protected by him all the way, and at the last time, he heard a bang. It turned out that his head hit a big rock and bleeds.

She was guarded unscathed, but he was badly injured.

Jolie’s fingertips began to tremble, and a layer of red mist was quickly covered in those bright, clear eyes, “Dexter! Dexter, wake up quickly, don’t scare me, I’m very scared now. Open your eyes and look at me!”

“I fell, why did you jump down with me, are you stupid? I don’t need you to save me, what do you let me do like this, I really hate you, I really hate you!”

“Dexter, don’t die, don’t leave me, wake up!”

Jolie’s tears fell like beads with a broken thread, scrambling to fall.

Her tears smashed into Dexter’s eyes. The young man closed his handsome eyes and slowly opened again. All of a sudden, he saw her with tears in his eyes.

She cried very sadly. While scolding him as annoying, while telling him not to die, Dexter sighed. Originally thought she was stupid and told her to ignore other people’s affairs. She wouldn’t listen. Now it’s fine, but watch. The way she shed tears is really…very poor.

Dexter slowly raised his hand, and his slender fingertips fell on her little wet face, gently wiping her tears, “Jolie, are you crying because of me?”

He is not dead!

He woke up!

Jolie had a meal, and her heart was swallowed by immense joy. She tugged at his clothes, crying and laughing, “Dexter, you woke up, you finally woke up, I was scared to death!”

Her tears couldn’t be wiped clean, the water was so beautiful that Dexter didn’t want to leave her face, and gently rubbed her small face with her calloused finger pads twice, touching her face. The girl’s skin was tender as egg whites that had just been peeled.

Dexter touched twice, then withdrew his hand. He slowly sat up and closed his eyes, “I’m fine, don’t be afraid.”

He felt dizzy now.

“Who said it’s okay, you’re still bleeding!” Jolie was distressed, and her choked voice was trembling.

Dexter licked his thin lips, “Would you like to get off me first?”

Originally, their posture was female upper part and male lower part. Now Dexter sits up, and Jolie is still sitting on t0p of him. This posture…

Jolie realized that something was wrong, and got up numbly.

Dexter also stood up. He took a look at the surrounding terrain, “Now it’s getting dark, and we will lose ourselves if we can’t find the way. The people above should call the police. There are beasts in the night, so we still It’s better to find a cave and wait for rescue.”

Jolie nodded, agreeing with him. The key is that he is still bleeding and must find some herbs to stop the bleeding.

Although Jolie did not study medicine, she still knew herbal medicine since she was a child.

The two found a cave, and Jolie said, “Dexter, you have a rest here, and I will be back as soon as I go out.”

After that, Jolie went out.

Soon she found a large piece of herbal medicine, but the hemostatic herbal medicine grew on the stone, and she couldn’t reach it on tiptoe.

What to do?

When Jolie was in a hurry, a big hand suddenly appeared on the top of her head, and he easily helped her gather herbs.

When Jolie turned around, Dexter came.

“Didn’t I let you rest in the cave?”

“But you are here.”

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