The Proxy Bride Of The Billionaire Chapter 2544

The Proxy Bride Of The Billionaire Chapter 2544
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Chapter 2544

Dexter felt that what had been suppressed in his heart grew crazily like a vine. His thin l!ps slowly went down, past her eyes, little nose, and then her red l!ps.

She is at hand, in his arms, within easy reach.

But Dexter stopped and didn’t dare to go any further.

At this moment, the person in his arms moved, and Jolie was about to wake up.

Dexter was startled with sweat, he quickly lay down and hugg3d Jolie in his arms.

Jolie opened his eyes and really woke up. She didn’t expect that she would sleep so soundly. She moved and wanted to get up, but she soon discovered something was wrong. She was already asleep in Dexter’s arms.

Not only did she sleep with Dexter, but she also slept in Dexter’s arms.


When Jolie grew up so big, she didn’t even hold her hand to the boy, let alone sleep with the boy, she immediately wanted to get up.

But as soon as she moved, the arm on her slender waist suddenly tightened, and he heard a low muffled sound above her head, “hiss.”

Jolie’s heart tightened, “Dexter, did I touch your wound?”

“En.” Dexter nodded and frowned his sword eyebrows, indicating that he was in pain.

Jolie really blamed herself, she raised her hand to check his injury, “Let me see.”

But Dexter grabbed her little hand, “Don’t move it, it won’t hurt.”

She really didn’t dare to move. At this time, she also found that his body temperature was scorching. When climbing the mountain, his body temperature was not right. “Dexter, are you having a fever?”

He has been feverish all day, and now the whole person is burning up. At first, he didn’t think that he just pretended to hiss, but now he is so concerned by her, he really feels the uncomfortable high fever.

Dexter looked at her, her beautiful eyes filled with tension and concern for him, her thin lips moved upwards, “I’m fine.”

“I’ll get some herbs to reduce fever…”

Dexter strongly imprisoned her in his arms, “Don’t go, I want to sleep now. If you go out in danger and I can’t find you, you can sleep w!th me for a while.”

Jolie lay down obediently, “Oh, then I won’t go out, you can go to sleep.”

Dexter closed his eyes.

The two cuddled together, and Jolie slept again. She woke up not knowing how long it took.

Dexter’s body temperature had subsided, but his hands and feet were cold, and he began to chill.

It was night now, the temperature in the mountains was very cold, he couldn’t sleep well, and his lips started to turn pale.

“Sister…Sister…” He frowned and yelled twice, wondering what terrible nightmare he had.

Jolie felt a pain in her heart. In fact, he himself was still very young, but everything was on his shoulders.

She stretched out her hand and touched his handsome face, “Dexter…”

“It’s cold… so cold…” He didn’t wake up, just whispered, and tightened his arms to hold her soft body tighter in his arms.

Jolie was breathless with his hoops, but she did not refuse, and she took the initiative to reach out and hug his fine waist with a small hand, trying to pass her own b0dy temperature to him.

She wants to warm h!m up.

However, the effect is minimal.

Dexter was getting colder and colder.

No way.

It will be dangerous if it continues like this.

Jolie bit her red lips, then dropped her little hand on her clothes button, and took off her coat with shame, revealing the small white sling inside…

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