The Proxy Bride Of The Billionaire Chapter 2547

The Proxy Bride Of The Billionaire Chapter 2547
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Chapter 2547

Dexter stretched out his hand and touched it, he really had a nosebleed.

D*mn it!

He quickly covered his nose.

“Dexter, what’s wrong with you? I think you have a very serious fever.” Jolie leaned over nervously.

He looked at her clear and clean appearance, she really didn’t know anything, a blank sheet of paper.

In the future, I don’t know which b0y will paint on this white paper.

As long as he thought of this possibility, Dexter’s eyebrows darkened, and he couldn’t bear other b0ys touching h3r.

“I’m fine, just stay away from me.” Dexter said dumbly.

Keep her away?

Jolie froze in place. She didn’t expect him to say such cold words. She had sacrificed a lot to save him last night. He didn’t thank her and let her stay away!


She glared at him angrily.

Dexter, who was stared at, was speechless. He was protecting her, because if she got closer, he couldn’t guarantee that he could control himself.

At this time, a search and rescue voice came from outside, “Dexter! Jolie!”

The rescuer has arrived.

“Someone is coming, let’s go out.”

“It is good.”

Dexter took Jolie out, and the fire was blazing outside, and the search and rescue staff, teachers, and classmates all gathered around, “Jolie, we have found you!”

Cora was the first to rush over, hugging Jolie and crying loudly.

Then a lot of people gathered around and looked at Jolie with worry.

“Jolie, are you okay, are you injured?”

“We have been looking for you all night, we were so worried!”

Jolie was surrounded. She was the star since she was a child, and Dexter quietly retreated to the side.

At this time, Mark ran over in a hurry. Because he ran too fast, he even lost a shoe. “Dex, it’s not good, something happened!”

Dexter’s heart sank, and the bad feeling that had been pressing on his heart seemed to be verified, “What happened?”

“Dex, sister Christel, she… She cut her wrist and committed suicide.” Mark cried.


Sister cut her wrist and committed suicide?

His body stiffened directly.

“Dex, sister Christel is still in the operating room. The doctor said that the cut was too deep, and she had no desire to survive, so… the operation has never been successful…”

Before Mark had finished speaking, Dexter had already dashed away.

“Dex, wait for me!” Mark ran after him.

Jolie, who was surrounded in the middle, watched Dexter and Mark run away one after another. She suddenly raised her eyebrows. What happened?

“I’m leaving first.” Jolie pushed aside the crowd and ran after him.

In the hospital.

Dexter rushed over, and he saw Jeter from a distance in the corridor. The blood on Jeter’s shirt had dried up. He was carrying the collar of the attending physician and roared savagely, “What do you mean? Tell me what does it mean to be out of help?”

The attending doctor was frightened in a cold sweat, “Listen to me, don’t get excited. The patient had a cruel hand to herself, and the wrist cut was too deep. There was absolutely no room for her to survive.”

“During our rescue, her heartbeat and blood pressure were both Falling rapidly, without any will to survive, we…we can’t save her. You have to be mentally prepared.”

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