The Proxy Bride Of The Billionaire Chapter 2548

The Proxy Bride Of The Billionaire Chapter 2548
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Chapter 2548

Jeter chose not to listen, he didn’t listen, he shook off the doctor, pulled his leg, and rushed into the operating room, “You can’t save her, I’ll save her, she can’t get rid of me!”

The attending doctor and nurse were shocked. Is this man mad or stunned? He is not a doctor. How can he help and what can he do?

Jeter’s eyes were filled with terrible blood red, and his eyeballs seemed to be split. He rushed directly into the operating room.

At this time, there was a harsh voice from behind, “Jeter!”

Jeter’s footsteps stopped suddenly, and he slowly turned around and saw Dexter.

The young man stood in the dim light, staring at him with a pair of eyes incomparably cold.

Jeter hooked his lips and smiled. He quickly ran to Dexter’s side, happily like a child, “My brother-in-law, you are finally here, come, let’s wake up your sister, your sister is still alive, she is not dead, She will not die!”

Dexter looked at Jeter, his thin lips lifted, and he said, “Why are you here?”

Jeter was immersed in his own world. He didn’t hear Dexter talking at all. He murmured, “My brother-in-law, let’s go in.”

Dexter constricted his handsome eyes, he didn’t know why Jeter was here, his sister didn’t say.

Jeter is here, how can sister survive?

He shouldn’t have left his sister.

He shouldn’t have gone on a spring outing.

Now he thinks sister deliberately, deliberately dismissed him, and then faced Jeter alone and committed suicide by cutting her wrists.

He left his sister four years ago, and four years later he left her again.


It’s all his fault.

The huge pain and guilt instantly flooded Dexter like a tide, and the young boy’s eyes were slowly stained with the bloodthirsty setting sun, which made people shudder.

There was a small cart beside him, and a scalpel was placed on the cart, and the blade was glowing with a cold light.

Dexter stretched out his hand, picked up the knife, and stabbed Jeter.

“Master!” Jeter’s men rushed over and rescued Jeter, but the blade stroked Jeter’s arm and immediately pulled out a deep bloody mouth.

The blood is flowing.


The doctors, nurses, and people passing by were all screaming, “Come here, someone k!lled someone!”

When Jolie arrived in a hurry, she saw the crowd fleeing around in the corridor. Dexter was holding a knife in front of her, and the knife was dripping with blood.

Jolie didn’t seem to breathe anymore.

Jeter was injured, and the smell of blood stimulated his senses, allowing him to regain his senses. He pushed his men away hard, without seeing Dexter, turned around, and walked into the operating room.

The blood ticked all the way, he looked at the operating room in front of him, and walked in step by step.

Dexter looked at Jeter and ran after him.

The two were getting closer, and Dexter’s knife stabbed him from behind.

But in the next second, a soft body came up from behind and hugg3d him tightly, “Dexter, don’t!”

He suddenly froze.

Jeter has entered the operating room.

Jolie held Dexter tightly, and then walked around in front of him. The boy’s eyes were red and bloodthirsty and cruel inside.

She stretched out her small hand and held his knife hand, his hand was cold. She coaxed softly, “Dexter, the knife is very dangerous, let’s put down the knife first.”

Before Dexter let go, Jolie pulled the knife out of his stiff fingers little by little.

With a cry, she threw the knife on the ground.

“Dexter, it’s okay, relax, sister will be fine.” Jolie raised her little hand to caress his handsome face, then held his head down and let him gently lean on her shoulder.

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