The Proxy Bride Of The Billionaire Chapter 2549

The Proxy Bride Of The Billionaire Chapter 2549
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Chapter 2549

The corridor was noisy and there was a constant flow of people. Jolie held the young man like this, letting him fall on her shoulders.

Hey, it’s okay.

She patted his back lightly.

“Gosh, look, is that little girl crazy? How can she dare to hold the murderer with the knife?”

“That murderer is terrible. The white knife went in and the red knife came out just now, without blinking his eyes.”

Dexter’s body was stretched, stiff and could not move. The girl’s little hand patted him one after another, and the soft and soft language was like when his mother was talking to him when he was a child.

It was hidden deep in his heart. Soft and beautiful.

Dexter’s stiff body slowly relaxed, as if a robot had recovered his feelings, he slowly raised his hand and hugg3d Jolie tightly into his arms.

He buried his handsome face in the hair between Jolie’s neck and moistened his eyes.

“Jolie, am I terrible?” He asked in a dumb voice.

He wanted to ask for a long time, and he was hit by her in the bar that day when he was out of control. He wanted to ask, is he terrible?

Is she scared?

Jolie patted his back and shook his head gently. She covered his ears and said to him with a voice that only two people could hear, “Dexter, in my eyes, you took the knife for your sister. Looks so handsome.”

Yes, she felt that way in the bar that day that he was the most handsome in the world when he took a knife for his sister.

Even if the world is afraid of him, she is not afraid.

More than four years ago, he was younger than he is now, and he took his sister out with a knife in the same way.

Jolie has never encountered a boy like Dexter in her life for so many years. He is old and cold, he is so cruel, he has a clear shoulder against the sky, and he can take it for his loved ones.

Dexter added the strongest touch to her simple and clean life. Many years later, when Jolie recalled, she still felt that he was the brightest firework she had ever seen.

Dexter’s stiff body completely softened. At this moment, he healed his battered heart by the girl’s side.

At this time, Jolie pushed Dexter away, “Dexter, wait a minute, I’ll call my mommy now, and mommy can definitely save sister.”

Others don’t know the identity of Jolie, but Dexter knows. He knows that Jolie’s mother, Elena, is a genius doctor. If her mother helped, his sister would definitely be fine.

Jolie had already taken out her mobile phone and ran into the corridor to make a call. Dexter stood there looking at her, his eyes covered with red blood was covered by his soft bangs. His eyes were very deep and deep. It is incomprehensible what he is thinking at the moment.

In the corridor.

Jolie dialed the number of Mommy, and the call was soon connected, and the gentle voice of Elena passed over, “Hey, Jolie, how did you call Mommy?”

“Mommy, I am in an emergency situation. One of my sisters had her wrist cut, but the doctor here can’t help. Mommy, please help me quickly.” Jolie was anxious.

Elena paused, and then said, “Jolie, don’t worry, tell me which hospital you are in now, and I will send someone there immediately.”

Jolie quickly reported the name of the hospital, and the mother and daughter hung up.

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