The Proxy Bride Of The Billionaire Chapter 2550

The Proxy Bride Of The Billionaire Chapter 2550
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Chapter 2550

At this time, in a six-star hotel in Los Angeles, Elena put down her mobile phone, and she looked at Holden who was working, “Mr. Lu, Jolie is calling.”

Holden quickly tapped the keyboard to process the official documents. He raised his sword eyebrows when he heard the words of his wife. “This time we will send Jolie over, but we have said in advance that we are not allowed to use all power and strength. I haven’t played Jolie for such a long time. Call us. This is the first time that Jolie has called. Why, does Jolie miss us?”

Elena shook her head, “Mr. Lu, you may be disappointed. Your daughter is asking for help.”

“Why beg for help and what to do?”

“I don’t know, but my intuition…Jolie begged us for a boy.”

The click of the keyboard suddenly stopped. Holden retracted his hand, leaned back in the office chair, and slowly turned around, looking at his wife.

Elena shrugged regretfully, “Yes, Mr. Lu, your love rival may have appeared.”

Elena moved quickly and vigorously. Not long after she hung up the phone, an elite medical team in white coats rushed over and took over the operation in its entirety.

“We are going to start the operation now. Please be quiet for all staff and avoid entering.”

With a bang, the door of the operating room was directly closed, and the dazzling red light came on again.

Dexter, Jeter, and Jolie stood in the corridor and waited. No one said anything this time.

The doctors and nurses who were “invited” out looked at each other, and they didn’t dare to make a sound. Who were the people who went in just now?

They have an “X” embroidered on their chests. The whole medical world knows that “X” Prof. Brian passed away., it is a cross-era of medicine.

Jolie sat on the bench in the corridor, Dexter and Jeter stood on both sides, Dexter lowered his eyes and was very silent, the wound on Jeter’s arm was not treated, and the blood was solidified.

At this time, a group of uniformed police arrived, and Jeter’s men pointed at Dexter, “It was him, that is, he hurt my young master. We have a lot of witnesses, and the hospital has surveillance. This man stabbed more than four years ago.”

“He attacked my young master and was later imprisoned in the juvenile management office. Unexpectedly, he did not change after repeated teachings and was attacked with a knife. This time you must arrest him and sentence him!

The police came to Jeter and Dexter, “We received a call to the police and heard that there was a bad incident here. Please cooperate with our investigation. Who hurt you just now?”

Jolie raised his head and looked at Jeter.

It is an indisputable fact that Dexter took the knife just now, anyone can testify, if Jeter wants to k!ll Dexter, now is the best time.

Jolie’s heartbeat suddenly accelerated. Dexter had been in the juvenile control office before, and she didn’t want his body to be stained again.

Jeter stood against the wall, with his head on the wall, he lightly raised his eyelids and glanced at the policemen, “I caused the injury by myself. It’s your business!”

“…” The police are speechless, this person is too arrogant, “You…”

Jeter’s brows and eyes were darkened, revealing a perverse sullen air, and he rolled out a word from his throat, “Go!”


Jeter said so, the police had to withdraw, and his men looked at the young master in shock, not understanding why the young master kept protecting Dexter.

At this time, the vibrating sound of the phone rang, and the next one saw it was a call from the old man.

This incident has shocked the old man in the family.

The subordinate swiftly stepped forward, “Master, master’s call.”

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