The Proxy Bride Of The Billionaire Chapter 2551

The Proxy Bride Of The Billionaire Chapter 2551
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Chapter 2551

Jeter glanced at the phone, and the words… old man jumped on it.

With a click, the door of the operating room opened and the doctor walked out.

Jeter did not answer the phone, but ran forward, “How is the operation?”

Dexter and Jolie both surrounded them, and the doctor took off their masks. “The operation was successful and the patient is rescued!”


Jolie’s tense expression quickly loosened, and Christel was rescued, turning the crisis into peace.

At this time, the nurse pushed Christel out, Jeter ran over quickly, she lay quietly, there was no blood or vitality on her face.

“When will sister wake up?” Dexter asked dumbly.

“If it’s not surprising, she will wake up within 24 hours. This time the patient lost too much blood after cutting the wrist. In the future, she must pay attention to recuperation and pay attention to the patient’s mental health.”

Dexter nodded, “I see.”

The doctor looked at Jolie, “Miss, our task has been completed, and we can ask Prof. Xia, because we still have a medical research project on hand, we must leave now, but we are all here in the near future. Call Me.”

“Okay thank you.”

The doctors and experts left.

Christel was pushed into the VIP intensive care unit and Jeter was with her. He raised his hand to touch Christel’s pale and cold face.

At this time, Dexter’s indifferent voice came in his ear, “Don’t touch my sister!”

Jeter raised his head and looked at Dexter.

Dexter, “sister doesn’t like you to touch her!”

This sentence made Jeter frowned, and the atmosphere in the VIP ward became tense again.

“Young Master.” At this moment, his subordinates hurriedly walked in and whispered a few words in Jeter’s ear.

Jeter had no expression, but he glanced at Christel, who was unconscious, and then left.

Jeter is gone.

Dexter stood by the bed, he reached out and took Christel’s hand.

There are a few young nurses chatting outside.

“Did you see it just now? That’s Prof. Xia’s elite team, we can only see it on TV. I didn’t expect it to airborne our small hospital.”

“They seem to be here for the little girl named…Jolie, what status do you think that little girl is?”

“I don’t know, anyway, must be noble, and it is different from us.”

“One day, that little girl will return to her own field. This is just her short journey.”

Dexter lowered his handsome eyelids. When Jolie called and used her power just now, he was very clear that she and him were not in the same world.

This is just her short journey, maybe she will leave soon.

Dexter found that he had become greedy. In fact, he knew that she would leave sooner or later, but when she first came, he could still send her away. Now, when she walks by his side again and again, he no longer gives up her warmth and beauty.

Putting his sister’s hand in the quilt, Dexter left the ward door and went to find Jolie.

From a distance, he saw her with a little girl, and that little girl was Rosie.

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