The Proxy Bride Of The Billionaire Chapter 2552

The Proxy Bride Of The Billionaire Chapter 2552
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Chapter 2552

Rosie had already found her, she threw herself into Jolie’s arms, and said emotionally, “Sister Jolie, where have you been all night, and you can’t get through on the phone. If you do this, I’ll tell your mommy.” You don’t come home at night, I will never hide it from her anymore.”

Jolie quickly hugg3d Rosie, “Rosie, I had something wrong. Didn’t this call you? You are the best, don’t sue me in front of my mommy.”

Rosie was still unhappy, “Sister Jolie, you are lenient in confession, and strict in resistance, let’s say, who have you been with all night, is it a boy?”


“Last time you sold your own bracelet, I found that you were abnormal after spending six figures to buy a design book, sister Jolie, wouldn’t you be… you have a little white face?” Rosie asked.

Little white face?

These three words were used on Dexter’s body, and Jolie couldn’t even think of it.

At this time, Rosie looked up, and immediately saw Dexter in front of her. Her eyes widened quickly, “…Sister Jolie, look, yes… yes yes… ..”

Jolie looked back and found that Dexter was coming.

Oh, let Rosie find out.

And, did he hear the conversation between them just now?

Dexter walked straight over, Rosie was a little scared of him in her heart, and she immediately hid behind Jolie.

But if she thinks about it, she should protect her sister Jolie, so Rosie bit her scalp and got out, and stood in front of Jolie, holding her chest up and saying, “You… What do you want to do, don’t bully sister Jolie!”

Rosie tried hard to overcome the stuttering caused by her guilty conscience, to make herself a little more imposing, eh… although her legs were already weak.

Dexter glanced at Rosie and then set his gaze on Jolie’s small face. He said, “I will stay here to accompany sister. You can go back and go to school.”

Jolie nodded, “Okay, then I’m leaving.”

Jolie took Rosie’s little hand and left.

Rosie was stunned. She looked at her sister Jolie, and then at Dexter. This…this is tricky.

Dexter stood there watching Jolie leave, when she suddenly stopped in front and turned to look at him.

“what’s happening?”

Jolie blinked and whispered sweetly, “When sister wakes up, you have to come to school.”

It turns out that he told her to go to school.

Dexter curled his fingers in his trouser pocket, and his heart was already in a soft mess. He nodded in the girl’s bright and hopeful gaze, “Okay.”

Jolie took Rosie away.

Dexter watched them disappear from his sight, only he knew how much strength he had used at this moment to restrain himself, restrained himself from letting her go.

He increasingly wanted to imprison her by his side, even if the price was to ruin the entire world.

Don’t know how long he stood, Dexter left the hospital and went to a place where he retrieved Jolie’s bracelet.

She said that the design book was worthless, and he didn’t think much about it. He also stuffed her a hundred dollars. Now he thinks about how naive he is.

Dexter got out of the hospital and got into a taxi. At this time, a black luxury car stopped quietly on the side of the road. There was a pair of muddy and shrewd eyes that kept falling on him. It was Mr. Zhang.

The old man looked at Dexter and asked the people around him, “Is that him?”

Jeter sat next to the old man with a cigarette in his mouth. He frowned and smoked, impatiently, “Say something, I have something else.”

The old man was very dissatisfied with his attitude, “If something is wrong, go to the girl named Christel, and then rush to let the younger brother stabbing the knife?”

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