The Proxy Bride Of The Billionaire Chapter 2553

The Proxy Bride Of The Billionaire Chapter 2553
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Chapter 2553

Jeter had no expression, just squinted his eyes and smoked a cigarette, “Don’t be stunned, don’t worry.”

“…” The old man was speechless for a moment, “I keep telling you that men do important things, women are like clothes, you wear them as you want, and change them if you want.”

“I will never interfere with you. Back then Your father wanted to marry your mother. This class system is strict. It’s not right for them to be improper, but your father told me that they really love each other. I said that’s fine. I agree with rhem to get married, so they really got married.”

“But you see, does marriage lead to happiness, what is the end of your father and your mother?”

“I have been complaining about your dad. Since I can’t control my lower body and can’t stand the temptation from the outside, what kind of oath should be taken to bring your mother in with love, and without your dad, your mother would not see the hypocrisy of human nature.”

“She could not lose her life, let her stay in the beautiful fantasy of love forever, is it not good?

Jeter was smoking a cigarette and turned his head to look out the window. He didn’t say anything, but the whole person looked extremely gloomy, and the scarlet flames fell from his fingertips, a layer of hostility.

“Jetter, I said this just to tell you, don’t waste too much time, you will meet more beautiful girls than Christel in the future, and you will also like them, like your dad. That way.” Father Zhang smiled.

Jeter finished smoking a cigarette, “Done? Then I’ll leave.”

He opened the car door and was about to leave.

“Jetter, come back!” The old man quickly stopped him, “I haven’t said the topic yet.”

Jeter leaned back in the seat lazily, “Why didn’t you say so early, why do you waste so much talk?”

“…” The old man knew that this grandson didn’t like to talk about his parents, and he also liked him, but who made him his favorite grandson? He listened to this grandson very much.

More than four years ago, he had countless ways to k!ll the Lin family siblings, but he did not.

Now, the Lin family sister and brother made him look more and more unpleasant, but he could only endure it.

“Jetter, this time you have been back long enough. You should have set off. That year, Shangguanteng died suddenly, and Albert Lu became the ruler of the country. This young boy was really the son of a true dragon totem, a natural emperor, the country was Under his governance, it has become a powerful country that is not what it used to be.”

“However, there is a historical issue in Country’s West that cannot be ignored. That is, the western part of Country’s West has always been a state of turbulence under the rule of the king. Now Albert wants to take back the power of Country’s West and implement reunification.

This was originally impossible to achieve, because The princes of the country have not been able to do it, but Albert is different.”

“Albert’s sword has a sharp edge, a treacherous and powerful wrist, and his sister is Princess of Wonderland. Princess Wonderland’s future husband is Prince Rosen.”

“As country’s neighbor, Rosen, once Princess Wonderland and Prince Rosen come true Marriage, then the two countries can attack the Country’s West regime back and forth, and regain the west at that time. Albert will become the first king to carry on with the past.”

The old man has lived for so many years. When he mentioned the name “Albert”, his eyes were shining and he nodded repeatedly, showing that Albert had already become famous all over the world.

Jeter heard another important point. The sister of Albert, the lord of Country’s West, seems to be Jolie, the girl that Dexter likes.

It is a pity that the marriage of Jolie and Prince Rosen is imperative, because the marriage of the two countries has a wide range of implications, and it is a matter of society and the government. This is also the fate that the princess Jolie cannot get rid of.


Jeter curled his lips and smiled.

“Jetter, your uncle is now one of the princes of Country’s West. He is very optimistic about you and is calling you over. Now, taking advantage of the troubled times, you can inherit your uncle’s position and become the king in the west.”

The perverse and bloodthirsty nature flows in Jeter’s bones. In recent years, the Zhang family has been able to stand up because of the powerful support of the government behind it, so Jeter must go this way.

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