The Proxy Bride Of The Billionaire Chapter 2554

The Proxy Bride Of The Billionaire Chapter 2554
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Chapter 2554

Jeter threw gum in his mouth to chew, and after a few seconds he said casually, “Oh.”

The old man was very satisfied. He had a hunch that this grandson would do better than his uncle.

“But…” Jeter said.

“But what? Jetter, grandpa can satisfy you whatever you want.”

“I want to take Christel away,” Jeter said slowly, he wanted to take Christel to the west.

The old man “haha” laughed twice, “What you want, a woman, take her if you want to.”

“It is so lonely in the Western Army. It’s okay to take a woman to have fun, but Jeter, believe me, this woman, you will be bored one day, and grandpa will give you a better and more beautiful one.”

Jeter chewed the gum and slowly closed his eyes. Maybe, four years ago, he had a playful mentality with Christel. She grew up with his aesthetics and he liked it very much.

But slowly he realized that she was not a vase, she was soft on the outside, stubborn, and now even more sturdy.

Jeter licked his thin lips, there is no denying that she completely aroused his desire to conquer.

As he said, the woman who he played with, maybe he could let go before, but now, he finds it very interesting and doesn’t want to let go. He wants to take her to the west.

Christel woke up. When Dexter pushed open the door of the ward, she saw Christel sitting up. She lowered her head, her face was pale like a piece of paper, she didn’t know what she was thinking, or she didn’t think of anything.

“Sister.” Dexter walked in.

Christel raised her head, her vacant eyes got some focus, and she tugged at the corners of her pale lips, she whispered hoarsely, “Dex, I’m sorry, sister is causing you trouble again.”

Dexter put a coat on Christel, “Sister, then don’t trouble me anymore. Get well, okay?”

Dexter hadn’t closed his eyes for two days, with tired red blood in his eyes and bleakness. Christel was so distressed that she could only nod her head repeatedly, “Okay.”

“I’ll call a doctor to do a full-body examination for you.” Dexter walked out.

Christel was sitting alone, when the cell phone on the bed cabinet rang and the call came.


Christel’s heart tightened. The first thing she thought of was the devil, Jeter. She didn’t die, and she still couldn’t get rid of that devil.

Jeter hadn’t come to the hospital after she woke up, but she already felt his footsteps, and he was getting closer and closer on the way here.

However, it was not Jeter, but her father Victor Lin.

That’s right, it was the father who loved drinking and gambling, and finally owed a high debt and sold his biological daughter to be a young lady in 1949.

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