The Proxy Bride Of The Billionaire Chapter 2555

The Proxy Bride Of The Billionaire Chapter 2555
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Chapter 2555

The father called.

Victor’s dream in this life is to become rich overnight, but unfortunately. Four years ago, he sold Christel into 1949, ruining the life of his daughter, and let She provoked Jeter’s demon, and when Dexter came back, he took a knife and cut off two of Victor’s fingers.

Victor vowed that he would never gamble and ran away, and never came back.

He didn’t dare to come back, because he knew his son Dexter couldn’t fit him, and now he didn’t dare to call Dexter, but instead called Christel.

Christel knew that her father must have been hiding in Tibet, and wanted to come back to harm his two children.

Christel pressed the key to connecting the call, “Hello.”

“Hey, is it Christel? I’m your dad. Where are you now, dad wants to see you.” Victor’s voice was lowered, and he was deliberately pleased.

Christel’s eyes were cold. She did not refuse, but nodded, “Okay, you are waiting for me at home. I will come back to find you at night. It is not convenient now. Dex is here.”

As soon as he heard the name “Dexter”, Victor was stunned, “Christel, don’t tell Dex that I’m back, he will k!ll me, I’ll wait for you at home, don’t worry. You will come back again when the arrangements have been made.”

Victor exhorted a few words, and then hung up the phone.

Christel put down the phone. She never saw the father of Victor again after the accident. In fact, she wanted to ask if this father had any intentions, how could he do this?

All day Christel didn’t talk about Victor’s return. She was calm and did not make him suspicious. At night, she sneaked out of the hospital under the pretext of sleeping and went to find Victor.

It was still in that dark and damp slum, Christel stretched out her hand and pushed open the door. Victor had been waiting inside for a long time.

Victor has been messing around very badly in recent years and looked very sloppy. It seems that he hasn’t eaten for a long time. He didn’t know where he found out an instant noodle and was eating it hungrily.

“Christel, are you back?” Victor quickly swallowed the instant noodles in his mouth and ran over eagerly.

Victor didn’t dare to go to Dexter, but this daughter was well-behaved and sensible since she was a child, and was very filial.

She looked at Victor coldly, “What are you doing back, do you think I did not harm me enough?”

“…Christel, are you still blaming Dad? Yes, Dad sold you into 1949, but Dad has nothing to do…”

“You can’t mean anything. Did someone use a knife to force you to gamble? Does someone use a knife to force you to sell your daughter? I really would rather you never give birth to me!”

“Christel, don’t be angry, it’s Dad who is sorry for you, but it’s Jeter, it’s him…” Victor suddenly found himself leaking, and he quickly covered his mouth.

However, Christel had already listened, how sensitive she was to the name Jeter!


What do you mean?

At that time, she was sold into 1949 by her father. Later, Jeter made her first appearance at her first n!ght auction. He bought her, imprisoned her, and gave her a nightmare life.

But now she has heard something tricky, her father seems to be hiding something from her, and this matter is still related to Jeter.

“Jeter? What’s wrong with Jeter? As long as you still have a little conscience as a father, you should tell me the truth now, and you tell me quickly!” Christel forced Victor with red eyes.

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