The Proxy Bride Of The Billionaire Chapter 2556

The Proxy Bride Of The Billionaire Chapter 2556
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Chapter 2556

Victor dare not say, Jeter once threatened him and refused to let him speak out.

But now he is being questioned by his own daughter, and he can’t get off the hook again, not to say no.

“Christel, then I’ll tell you, Jeter, Jeter’s design framed me, he knew I like gambling, so he asked someone to give me a set, let me bet more and more, until I owed a huge amount.”

“The debt, and then he showed up. I said that I couldn’t pay the money, so he said he would take my daughter to pay it. As long as I sell you at 1949, he won’t need the money, and he can let me make a living.”

Christel’s head exploded with a “bang”. She didn’t expect the truth to be like this. All of this was set by Jeter.

It was Jeter who sold her into 1949 under the guise of her father, and then appeared at her first auction and ruined her life.

It turned out to be him!

Christel never thought it would be like this. She remembered that Jeter drove her to see the people who broke her legs a few days ago.

In the car, he kept brainwashing her and said she would die. Well, if you want to blame, you can only blame fate, and he is her savior, she should accept her fate.

The devil!

She was sold into 1949, and everything she encountered in 1949 was arranged by him.

He is the big hiding behind, playing and trampling her life wantonly.

He really is a devil!

Christel’s legs softened and fell directly into the chair, but…how could it happen?

She couldn’t figure it out, couldn’t understand, “I didn’t know Jeter before, why did he come to me?”

“Christel, do you remember when you first went to college, a rich man sent you a huge check and wanted to support you?” Victor said.

Christel froze, and she also remembered that when she was just in college, one day someone who looked like a housekeeper found her and handed her a check, “Miss Lin, hello, this is from my young master. For you.”

At that time, she took a look, and there were a lot of zeros on the check, a lot of money.

She followed the butler’s gaze and looked across the street. There was an extended black business car parked there. The window did not slide down. She could not see the people inside, but she faintly felt that there was a pair of beasts inside. His eyes are going to stare at her.

Instead of accepting the check, she asked, “Why did your young master send me a check?”

“Miss Lin, my young master has fallen in love with you. As long as you sign this agreement, you will have endless glory and wealth in the future.” The butler handed an agreement.

She glanced at it, and there were four big characters on it… nurture agreement.

At that time, she was pursued by many boys, and many of them were young talents with superior family backgrounds, showing her various favors, but it was the first time that she encountered such a nak3d nurturing agreement.

“Miss Lin, you can continue to study, and my young master will buy a suite for you. As long as you come and serve him when the young master needs, three or two times a month.” The housekeeper said very bluntly.

She felt angry and humiliated at the time, but she did not impulsively, but calmly asked, “Since your young master is so rich and there are thousands of beautiful women in the world, why did he choose me? I shouldn’t have seen him?”

The butler smiled meaningfully, “Miss Lin, you are very smart, the young master chose you because… you look a lot like someone, and sometimes you look like someone, which is your lifetime blessing.”

Oh, she turned out to be a stand-in.

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