The Proxy Bride Of The Billionaire Chapter 2557

The Proxy Bride Of The Billionaire Chapter 2557
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Chapter 2557

Christel didn’t know who she was a stand-in, nor who the young master sitting in the luxury car was. She was not interested, and returned the huge check and the agreement to the housekeeper.

She said, “Thanks for your love, But I can’t bear it, don’t call me again, or I will call the police.”

After speaking, she left directly.

Christel awoke from a distant memory, she realized now that the young master in that luxury car was Jeter, and he had been eyeing her four or five years ago.

Because she refused his support, he set up a strategy for her father and sold her into 1949.

She suffered so many humiliations and severe beatings in 1949, and her right leg was broken. These were all instigated by him. He had only one purpose, to make her confess her fate.

Christel thought it was ridiculous, all this was really ridiculous.

“Christel, don’t blame Dad, it’s all Jeter, it’s his fault!”

Christel looked at Victor, “Jeter is not worthy of forgiveness, and so are you.”

Saying that she lifted up her sleeves, revealing the deep and hideous scar, which was left by her cutting her wrist, “I have paid you back for the kindness you gave to me. You have already died once, and you are not worthy of the word Dad.”

Christel got up and left decisively.

Christel walked blankly on the street. She had been at a loss for the past few years, wondering why she was still alive.

In this world, the only thing she is reluctant to give up is her younger brother Dexter.

Whose stand-in is she?

Christel suddenly wanted to know whose substitute she was. She wanted to know for whom she was suffering.

That girl must be Jeter’s love, right?

It’s ridiculous, people like him have someone who loves.

Christel went all the way back to the hospital, and when she came to the door of the ward, she found that the light inside was on and there were people inside.

Christel trembled lightly, but this time she did not choose to turn her head or escape. Instead, she reached out and pushed the door of the ward.

Sure enough, it was Jeter.

Jeter is here.

At this moment, he was sitting on the hospital bed, his back leaning lazily against the head of the bed, chewing gum in his mouth, holding her precious design book in his hand, turning it over at will.

He raised his head and glanced at her, his thin lips made a shallow arc, “You are back?”

Christel walked in and closed the door of the ward, “What are you here for?”

“Christel, you really hurt my heart by being so cold to me. Come here, if it alarms your brother, it won’t be good.” Jeter stretched out his hand and beckoned like a puppy.

Christel was silent for a few seconds, and then walked over obediently.

Jeter took her little hand and sat her beside him. He ordered, “Lean on my shoulder.”

Christel stiffly leaned her head against his upright shoulder.

“It’s right to be obedient like this. As long as you don’t mess up, everyone can live well.”

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