The Proxy Bride Of The Billionaire Chapter 2558

The Proxy Bride Of The Billionaire Chapter 2558
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Chapter 2558

“Close to the subject, I have something to tell you, so I came tonight. I will leave here in half a month and go to Country’s West. I want to take you with me. Do you understand what I mean?”

Christel closed her eyes lightly, “Can I refuse?”

“No, Christel, I’m here to inform you, not to discuss with you. From now on, you have enough time to sort out the past. For example, this design book should be burned.”

Jeter turned on the lighter with a “pop”, and then lit the design book.

Christel’s pupils shrank suddenly. What she loves most is design. She pressed this design book under the pillow, and she had touched the texture lines on it countless times with her fingertips. This was the only pure land in her heart.

But now this pure land is gone.

“No!” Christel reached out and grabbed it.

Jeter raised his arm, and then threw the ashes on the ground.

“No! Give it back to me!” Christel knelt down to pick it up.

The design book caught fire quickly, and now there were only ashes. There was still a scarlet flame on the ashes. Christel must have been burned when she stretched out her hand, but she didn’t care, just picked it up like crazy.

Jeter frowned slightly when he saw her desperate appearance. When she was about to touch the burning ashes and burn herself, he grabbed her slender wrist and stopped her,

“Christel, from now on, In the beginning, you had better take good care of your body for me. I don’t want to have s3x with a woman covered in scars!”

The design book had already been burned, and Christel watched as the last flame was extinguished, and her white eyes were stained with moisture.

At this moment, Jeter stretched out her hand and squeezed her slap-sized face. She fell to the ground, and he was half squatting. This posture was enough for him to be condescending,

“Christel, after finishing it up, you better comfort your Brother, I have sheltered him twice, but it’s only three times. His life is between your thoughts, huh?”

At this time, Christel calmed down instead. She had already died once, and now the pure land in her heart was destroyed. She had a strong desire to survive in desperation. If her destiny is unfair, she will fight her destiny to the end!

Even for her younger brother, she must stand up bravely and live a good life!

She has no time to grieve at all, she wants to get rid of the demon Jeter!

She closed her eyes, and then opened them again. There was a fire in her pale and hollow pupils, and suddenly there was color in her eyes. This extremely bright and intense color made her whole Come to life.

“I understand, can you let it go, you hurt me.”

Her obedience caused Jeter to pick up his sword eyebrows, he slowly let go, and then said, “It’s my fault to make you hurt. To express my apologies, I will stay with you tonight. it is good?”

He said that he would stay tonight.

Christel looked at the hospital bed, “There is not enough space for you to sleep here.”

“It’s okay, squeeze, I’ll take a shower first, and wait for me.” Jeter k!ssed her cheek, then took off his coat and went into the shower room.

She pulled her fist fiercely. She wished that Jeter would die now, but she couldn’t. For the sake of her brother, she could only bear the burden of humiliation.

Just now he said that he would take her to the western part of the Country. The time is only half a month from now. She still has half a month to go. She has to think about it…

At this time Christel suddenly found that his clothes were taken off and put on the bed, and a wallet fell out.

She thought for a while, then reached out and opened his wallet, which contained a photo in the folder.

This photo is very old. There are two people on it, one is Jeter’s mother, and the other is a pure and beautiful girl.

The girl was wearing a white dress, and her appearance was almost similar to that of Christel.

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