The Proxy Bride Of The Billionaire Chapter 2559

The Proxy Bride Of The Billionaire Chapter 2559
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Chapter 2559

Christel’s fingertips began to tremble, because she knew that she was the girl’s stand-in!

In the photo, the girl is holding his mother’s arm affectionately, which is obviously very pleasing to his mother. The photo should be taken by Jeter. This girl is his favorite.

Because she was similar to this girl in seven or eight points, she was taken by Jeter, and the support agreement failed, so he designed a series of things to push her into hell.

With a click, the door of the shower room suddenly opened, and Jeter took a cold shower and came out.

“What are you doing…” His words stopped abruptly, because he saw Christel holding his picture in her hand.

With a cold face, he stepped forward and snatched the photo from her hands, “Who let you move my things, Christel, are you looking for death?”

Jeter was angry, he roared ferociously, and slapped her face when he raised his hand.

She didn’t evade, not only didn’t evade her, but also bravely met his slap, “You hit me, anyway, you haven’t hit me.”

He slapped her in the year when he was imprisoned, and he was very dark and violent and terrifying in his bones.

Christel has a quiet and beautiful temperament. Her mother’s early death made her sensible earlier. She is very filial, knows to take care of her younger brother, and loves design, which makes her full of illusions, hopes, and expectations for this world.

In her bones, she was clean, warm, and pure, and she was completely different from Jeter.

Maybe she was afraid of him before, but now, she is not at all afraid.

People who have died once, what are they afraid of?

There is no more difficult time in life than to commit suicide by cutting her wrists. She has survived.

Seeing her stubborn eyebrows and eyes, boldly confronting him, there was a pitiful feeling between him, Jeter’s hand froze in the air, unable to fan.

“You don’t fight anymore? If you don’t fight anymore, then I will go to bed. I am very sleepy.” Christel got up by herself, opened the quilt, and lay down.

Leaning sideways, curled up beside the bed.

Jeter was really angry, he was so angry that he found her courage getting bigger and bigger.

Putting the photo back in the wallet, Jeter opened the quilt and lay beside her, “Turn around and sleep in my arms.”

Christel didn’t move, but sneered, “She likes to sleep in your arms too?”

His eyebrows sank directly, and the atmosphere became tense again.

“No wonder you like me to wear a white dress so much. You always let me wear it. At first, I thought you had some white dress fantasy, but now I know that it is the white moonlight that hurts every time you touch.

Jeter’s face was very bad, his thin lips lifted, and he suddenly smiled, “Why, jealous?”


Christel just thought that she was very pathetic, even the cut of her wrist was ridiculous.

She is just a shadow, a funerary, a souvenir of his and that girl’s beautiful past.


It’s not worth it.

At this moment, all the battered holes in Christel’s heart have become the hardest armor. She has strength. She wants to protect her brother. She wants to leave here. She will never allow anyone to trample and humiliate her.

Seeing that she didn’t speak, Jeter stretched out his arm, turned her around, and embraced her in his arms, “She is no longer there, so don’t mention her again. You should be thankful that I can’t forget her, because I treat her so much.”

“If I am unforgettable, I will be so kind to you. It is your blessing to be able to be like her a bit.”

The white moonlight in his heart didn’t allow her to touch it, and he couldn’t even mention it.

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