The Proxy Bride Of The Billionaire Chapter 2560

The Proxy Bride Of The Billionaire Chapter 2560
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Chapter 2560

Obviously, she was buried, and she must be grateful. Jeter is really an expert in brainwashing.

Christel didn’t speak.

Jeter regarded her as obedient. He bowed his head and k!ssed her red l!ps.

She wanted to struggle, but Jeter tightened her soft waist, “Don’t move, huh?”

She really didn’t move. She closed her eyes and she was bitten by the dog again.

Now she can’t even survive, so don’t be hypocritical.

Jeter hasn’t t0uched her for a long time. The girl’s b0dy is always as addictive to him as a poppy, and he deepens the k!ss.

At first Christel was still tolerating silently. When she found that his finger was on her butt0n and was already unbutt0ning her.

She immediately stopped him, “Mr. Zhang, are you hungry and thirsty? I just had an operation, this is still a ward, can you wait for a few days?”

Jeter turned over and pressed h3r under him. His eyes were stained with lust, and his fingers didn’t stop. He probably thought her butt0ns were getting in the way.

He broke two of them directly, “What is the ghost, I know it, I can’t k!ll you.”

“…” Christel closed her eyes hard to prevent him from seeing the k!lling intent in her eyes.

She has always been his plaything, his tool of venting.

At this time Jeter held her little hand.

Christel immediately knew what he wanted to do, so she shook him off hard, not wanting to serve him.

“Hey, it makes me cool. I won’t look for you in the next few days. Otherwise, I will miss you every moment.” He covered her ear and said nasty things.

How many days does he not come?

Christel gave up struggling. If this can be done in exchange for a few days of freedom, she is willing.

Jeter didn’t lie to her. He really didn’t come in the next few days. She gained a brief period of freedom and purity.

When Dexter pushed open the door of the ward, he saw Christel sitting on the chair in front of the window. She opened the curtains and opened the window.

The whole person was bathed in golden sunlight, breathing the fresh air greedily. And, holding a pen in her hand, she was struggling to write on a blank sheet of paper.

“Oh my God!” Mark was really stunned. “Dex, what’s wrong with sister Christel? Why is she like being reborn?”

Dexter stood by the door. In the past few years, sister had closed herself in a small dark, and damp room and didn’t want to go out. This was the first time she opened the door of her heart and walked out.

Christel really walked out.

Dexter looked at her. Now he can see the shadow of her four or five years ago. She is pure and clean, warm and beautiful, but his sister is no longer his former sister, because… her body seems to be invincible.

If you don’t break or stand, your eyes will become clearer with more tears, and your heart will become warmer with weather-struck.

Dexter suddenly felt that his sister no longer needed his protection.

Dexter walked over and looked at his sister’s painting. With just one look, he was amazed and shocked.

Christel drew a butterfly. This butterfly has no colorful wings. The whole body is black. It is trapped by a net, and the dense nets bind and confine it.

But the butterfly did not admit defeat. It worked hard and desperately, spreading its wings, breaking free from the shackles of the bondage, and embracing the sun.

This painting hits the soul directly, and it makes people’s eyes wet.

“Dex, are you here? I remember the AIGA design competition is about to start, I should have time to participate.”

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