The Proxy Bride Of The Billionaire Chapter 2563

The Proxy Bride Of The Billionaire Chapter 2563
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Chapter 2563

Just now, my subordinates can see that my master has discovered a new goal and is in love with that little beauty.

“Yes.” Practice makes perfect for his subordinates to do this kind of thing, so he went to do it quickly.

The little secretary “Zhang” still wanted to lean over.

Arron felt cheesy when he looked at the little secretary’s heavy make-up. It was incomparable to Christel’s innocence. He disliked, “Tomorrow you won’t have to come to the company again, and we won’t meet again.”


The little secretary knew that she had been abandoned and put into the cold palace. She wanted to make a fuss, “Mr. Zhang, do you think I’m not doing well? I can change it, I will definitely change it.”

“Okay, we can get together and get together.” Arron secretly threatened and left.

In the ward, Christel was sitting on a chair. Arron would have asked about her if it was not surprising, and soon he would know something about her and Jeter. She was his son’s woman.

She couldn’t hide these things, and she didn’t want to hide them. She wanted to leave here, but her brother could not be implicated, so she wanted to borrow Arron’s hand.

Just now she deliberately took off the business card sent by Arron, because she knew that only this could arouse Arron’s desire to challenge.

He hadn’t played with any woman in these years, and she had to be different from others to lift his appetite, the so-called best hunter will always appear as prey.

Knowing about her and Jeter, what would Arron choose?

How Arron chooses is not important, what matters is… what she will do.

She would never let this father and son go. In ancient times, Dong Zhuo and Lu Bu committed suicide because of Diao Chan. This time she used a beauty plan to let them meet each other.

Christel sat quietly on the chair. She picked up the pen and drew on the white paper. Slowly she drew faster and faster. With a snap, the pen core broke.

She closed her eyes, and when she opened them again, her eyes were already stained with blood red. Every time she had an intimate relationship with Jeter, she felt disgusted. Now with Arron, she only felt sick, she thought to stay away from these people, but she can’t!

She is going to do something she doesn’t want to do. Her destiny is pitiful like an ant. If she doesn’t fight hard, she can only be trampled on and humiliated.

She has been forced to this point, unable to retreat.

Christel calmed down and filled her heart with even more powerful strength. This time she was no longer confused, because she knew how to go next.

On the other side, Arron had already obtained all the materials of Christel, and he was shocked, “What, this girl is my son’s person?”

The subordinate quickly said, “That’s right, boss, do you remember when the young master was stabbed in 1949 three years ago? Christel was the pair of Lin family brothers and sisters.”

Of course, Arron knew that Jeter was stabbed by the Lin family three years ago. At that time, the romantic affair between Jeter and Christel was also suppressed by the Zhang family, but he still didn’t know that this was pure and clean. The little beauty is Christel.

How could it be such a coincidence that he actually fell in love with his son’s woman?

“Boss, as far as I know, the young master likes Christel very much. Since she is the young master’s person, we also know his temper, so let’s just forget it.”

“There are thousands of beautiful women. What kind of beauty does the boss want? There is no need to hurt a woman with your son.” The subordinate quickly analyzed the pros and cons.

Arron is very afraid of Jeter. In his opinion, this son is simply a perverted monster. Otherwise, he can’t be single for so many years, and he can’t have only such a son.

Thinking of Jeter’s methods, Arron felt that his scalp was numb, but he could not lose face and let people know that he was afraid of his son, so he said in a high-sounding voice, “One side is a woman, and the other is a son. I must choose my son. just forget it.”

“Okay, I will immediately follow Christel’s standards to the boss to see a few beauties.” The subordinates were very professional to please.

Arron felt very disappointed. He said unhappily, “No beautiful beauty can compare to Christel. I was originally curious about who stabbed Jeter. She is so temperamental.”

Speaking of Arron, he recalled Christel’s cold and untamable appearance just now, he licked his lips wretchedly, “No wonder Jeter is so obsessed with her, thinking about the feeling of tame her in b3d…”

Arron didn’t go on to say, remembering that he had no relationship with this beauty, he wished that he had never given birth to a little monster like Jeter.

Christel waited for three days and did not wait for any movement from Arron. This is not surprising, she had known that he would choose his own son.

Christel is not in a hurry, time is still too late.

In the afternoon, her cell phone rang suddenly, and the call came from Jeter.

He gave her five days of cleansing, and five days later, he appeared again.

He said he would take her to Country’s West, and he must have something to deal with these days.

Christel pressed the key to connecting the call, “Hello.”

“I have asked the driver to pick you up, Room 6188 of DR Hotel, please wash the incense and wait for me.” Jeter’s voice passed over.

He hadn’t seen her for a few days, and this time he was straightforward, and he took her directly to open the room.

Christel didn’t speak.

“Christel, I have given you time. You should be recuperating in these five days. Tonight, I want you, huh?”

She curled up her white fingers and tightened her phone, but she tried to restrain herself and said quietly, “Yes, but I don’t want to go to the hotel.”


“Going to the hotel makes me feel like a cheap pr0st!tute. Go to your residence.”

Jeter raised his sword eyebrows, “Okay, come to my villa.”

He hung up after speaking.

Christel put down the phone, she took off her large hospital gown, and put on a white skirt.

This is Jeter’s favorite white dress, because that girl liked to wear white dresses.

If you guess right, Jeter’s mother also likes to wear a white dress, because in that photo his mother is wearing a white dress, so this is also what Arron likes.

The preferences and tastes of the father and son are exactly the same.

Christel arrived at Jeter’s private villa. Jeter’s private life is very luxurious. This villa is full of gold.

Christel came to his bedroom. He hadn’t come home yet, she was waiting for him.

Half an hour later, two beams of car lights were cast on the lawn outside, and then the maid’s voice sounded, “Master, are you back?”

Jeter is back.

Christel heard his footsteps, and he walked up the steps vigorously, from far to near, and then the bedroom door was pushed open.

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