The Proxy Bride Of The Billionaire Chapter 2564

The Proxy Bride Of The Billionaire Chapter 2564
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Chapter 2564

Christel raised her head and looked at Jeter by the door.

Jeter was wearing a black trench coat. The wind and dust and the coldness of the night added a bit of chill to his handsome silhouette. He stood by the door, his fingers tugging at the buttons between his neck, and his eyes were fixed on her.

He seemed to be staring at his delicious prey, and after a few busy schedules, it was time to enjoy delicious food and indulge.

Christel stood up, “Are you back?”

Jeter walked in and closed the door directly with a click.

In the huge bedroom, there were only two of them.

“Come here.” Jeter said.

Christel walked over.

Jeter spread his arms, and commanded like an uncle, “Help me undr3ss.”

Christel did not disobey him, but obediently raised her finger to help him undr3ss.

“So good?” Jeter reached out and lifted her palm-sized face.

Seeing his narrow eyes slowly narrowed, Christel looked at him unclearly, looking at her somewhat, and obviously had noticed her uncharacteristically obedient and well-behaved in the past few days.

A man like him has a very keen sense of danger.

Now, he was a little suspicious of her.

Christel was calm and composed, and met his gaze bravely. She sneered, “Master Zhang, can’t I be obedient?”

Jeter looked at her pure and beautiful face, bowed his head and k!ssed her red l!ps.

Christel turned her head and avoided.

Jeter hugg3d her slender waist and carried her into his arms, with a handsome face buried in her neck and sniffed, full of girly body fragrance, he was addicted, “What’s wrong?”

“I have the conditions.”

“Heh, did you come over to negotiate terms with me today?”

“I can go with you, but there must be a time limit. I can’t be your mistress for the rest of my life. Please say how long you want me to be with you. Let me go in one year.”

Jeter squinted his handsome eyes to tear her dress. Today she wore his favorite white dress. “One year? Time is too short. I have to think about it. How do I know when I am tired of you… ….”

He hurt her. Christel bit her lip and endured his humiliation. He vented every time he got close. He was so powerful that he didn’t care about her feelings at all. “You can’t embarrass my brother anymore, and, You must give my dad a lot of money and give him a big house.”

Christel is all nonsense, only in this way can he dispel his doubts.

Jeter took two steps and pushed her directly onto the big b3d. She was about to struggle. He controlled her with one hand, and op3ned his tr0user chain with the other. Brother, I will cover, your father, I will give him his retirement, okay, can I sleep, D*mn, I didn’t feel good in the hospital last time.”

Christel knew it was almost done, but she raised her eyebrows, “Can you lighten it, you are violent? You hurt me.”

Seeing her chattering endlessly, Jeter simply pulled the pillow towel over the pillow and covered her little face.

Christel’s nails made bloodstains on his body.

“Christi…” At this moment, he whispered in a muted voice in her ears.


He called someone by name when he was in love.


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