The Proxy Bride Of The Billionaire Chapter 2566

The Proxy Bride Of The Billionaire Chapter 2566
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Chapter 2566

At that time he said… take medicine obediently, don’t cause unnecessary trouble to me, ab0rtion is not good for women’s health.

Jeter raised his eyebrows at the other end. He walked in a hurry, forgetting about it, “Okay, go buy c0ntrac3ptives, but let the driver buy them.”

Christel didn’t speak anymore, but agreed, and the driver hung up the phone, “Miss Lin, you stay in the car and I’ll buy medicine.”

After speaking, the driver got out of the car.

Christel stayed in the car alone. She turned her head and looked out the window. At this moment, looking far away through the rearview mirror, she saw a luxury car with an amazing license plate. It was the Zhang family series, Arron’s Car.

Arron finally came.

Christel just waited for this opportunity. She quickly unbuttoned two buttons and pulled down the collar. The small fragrant shoulder on the right was looming, and the messy appearance of the beauty in the pure and innocent clothes revealed a bit of s3ductive charm. , Very moving.

Christel opened the rear door, and she found it was raining.

The raindrops were quite big and fell on her one after another.

At this time, Arron’s car drove over here, and Christel ran over quickly and directly hit the car.

The piercing brake sound immediately sounded.

The driver braked suddenly, and Arron in the back seat looked up displeased, “What’s the matter, the car can’t drive?”

The driver, “…Boss, a girl suddenly rushed over. I seemed to hit her.”

“Then get out of the car and have a look, give some money, and send her away, I’m still anxious to go back.”

“Yes, boss.” The driver was about to get out of the car.

But the next second Arron saw a familiar figure through the front windshield. Christel tried to stand up, but soon fell off.

“Don’t move!” Arron said.

The driver who was about to get out of the car stopped moving for an instant. He looked suspiciously at his boss. What happened to the boss?

Arron quickly opened the rear door and ran off by himself.

Christel hit the car, but it was not serious. Her knee hit the bumper and was a little scratched. Now she fell to the ground, like a small white flower in the rain, weak and affectionate.

“Miss Lin, how are you? Is the injury serious?” Arron couldn’t run when seeing the beautiful woman. Now he squatted down in diligence and concern and gave sincere greetings.

Christel raised her head and looked at Arron, “Are you Jeter’s father?”

Arron looked at Christel. She was wearing a white dress, clean and undyed. The collar was untidy, revealing a small fragrant shoulder. Now there are h!ckeys on her shoulders and the butterfly fan bones between her neck.

Although Arron chose his son, what he couldn’t get was always a commotion, so Arron missed Christel, and he asked people to inquire about it. Today Jeter asked Christel to take Christel to the villa. What the individual did is self-evident.

Seeing Arron staring at her fragrant shoulder, Christel quickly grabbed her collar and covered her, her big watery eyes looked at Arron guardly, “Your son is a beast, and you are not a good person, you are The beast is his father!”

Arron, his father Arron, suddenly felt that he could not refute, “…”

Christel struggled to stand up, “Even if I die, don’t let you guys play me anymore!”

Saying that she ran away, ran directly to the side of the bridge, and jumped down as a gesture.

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