The Proxy Bride Of The Billionaire Chapter 2568

The Proxy Bride Of The Billionaire Chapter 2568
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Chapter 2568

The driver’s face paled in shock, and the movement of holding the phone quickly stopped.

Christel continued, “If you don’t tell about this, no one will know. Get in the car.”

The driver felt reasonable, he quickly opened the rear door, and Christel sat in.

The driver handed the c0ntrac3ptive pills and a bottle of mineral water over, “Miss Lin, it’s time to take the medicine.”

Jeter was still very cautious about the offspring. He asked the driver to stare at her and take the medicine.

Christel generously opened the mineral water and swallowed a c0ntrac3ptive pill.

When Jolie came to school, the first thing she did was to find Molly.

During the spring outing, Molly pushed her down. Without Dexter, she didn’t know what would happen to her, so she couldn’t take Molly’s behind the scenes lightly.

Jolie blocked Molly in the bathroom, “Molly, I have something to tell you.”

Molly had done bad things and had a guilty conscience, especially seeing Jolie being rescued by Dexter and coming up peacefully.

She was both unwilling and annoyed, “Jolie, what do you want to say, I don’t have time now, I have to go to class.”

Molly said she was leaving.

But Jolie blocked Molly’s path, her bright eyes stared at Molly, “Molly, you have to run away if you do something bad, you have to ask me whether I agree or not.”

“Jolie, what bad thing I have done, you better not spit people.”

“During the spring outing, you reached out and pushed me down. Oh, you are right. This is not doing bad things, but deliberately k!lling people. This is a jail sentence!”

Molly’s face turned pale. In fact, she didn’t realize that she had committed a crime at all. She simply wanted Jolie to disappear, “Jolie, do you say that I pushed you down?”

Jolie shook her head, “No.”

Molly immediately became proud and arrogant, “Then you are framing, be careful I sue you for slander!”

Jolie hooked her red lips, then quickly raised her hand and slapped Molly forcefully.


With crisp applause, Molly was beaten up.

Some classmates watched over and exclaimed, “Oh my God, our Jolie slapped Molly, this is too…satisfied!”

Molly was covering her left face that was beaten. She grew up so big that no one had ever dared to beat her, and in front of so many people, her face was lost. She grabbed her fist and said angrily, “Jolie, how dare you?”

“I’ll dare! Your parents didn’t teach you how to be a human being. Then I will teach you well now. If I want to beat you, do I have to pick a day? You have the ability to sue me.” Jolie said with a lingering gaze.

Molly was about to vomit blood.

Jolie glanced at Molly, then turned around and left.

Molly, “…”

Jolie didn’t need to look back to know how angry Molly was now. She deliberately angered her.

“Jolie,” Cora ran over at this moment and intimately took Jolie’s arm, “Jolie, I believe you, it must be Molly who pushed you down. You slapped her just now, it’s so enjoyable.”

“She pushed me down. This slap cannot be offset. Everyone has to pay for the mistakes they made. I want her to bear the legal responsibility.” Jolie forcefully said.

Cora is Jolie’s brain-remnant fan, and of course, she fully supports Jolie, but… “Jolie, we have no evidence, what should we do?”

Jolie did not speak, because she had already thought of a good plan.

She wants to anger Molly and ask her to attack her again. The slap just now is the beginning.

However, a slap in the face is not enough, and Jolie knows that Molly’s weakness is Dexter.

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