The Proxy Bride Of The Billionaire Chapter 2569

The Proxy Bride Of The Billionaire Chapter 2569
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Chapter 2569

If… she fell in love with Dexter, then Molly would not be able to sit still.

She is in love with Dexter…

Although it was pretending, it was still shy to think about it. How could she talk to Dexter?

A cold and arrogant young man like Dexter, shouldn’t he agree to such an absurd request?

Jolie was thinking wildly, and Cora suddenly tugged at her, “Jolie, look, Dexter is here!”

She quickly raised her head, her gaze fell on Dexter’s body unexpectedly.

Dexter is here. Today, he wore a school uniform and black pants with a water blue shirt. His shattered bangs covered his thin and dazzling eyes. The youthful and handsome boy came from a distance, and he was attracted everyone’s eyes.

He is very thin in clothes, with a sense of youthfulness and a cool temperament. No matter what clothes he wears, he looks good, and he has a sense of fashion, which is also important for him to always stand out from the crowd. one of the reasons.

But Jolie knew that not only did he look thin when he was dressed, he also… undressed with flesh.

In the cave that night, she was resting on his powerful arms, her little hands still wrapped around his vigorous waist, the two people hugg3d each other tightly through her little sling, and the skin felt like t0uching. It’s as numb as the electricity is off.

Oh my goodness.

What is she thinking?

She quickly threw off the fascination in her mind, but her little face was already red in despair.

“Huh, Jolie, why is your face so red, are you uncomfortable?” Cora asked strangely.

Jolie shook her head quickly, “No…”

At this moment, she felt a gaze fall on her, Jolie looked up again, and ran into Dexter’s beautiful and eye-catching eyes.

He is looking at her.

With eyes facing each other, Jolie ran away.

“Oh Cora, class is over, let’s go back to class quickly.” Jolie took Cora and ran away.

In the class.

Jolie sat in the seat, she was absent.

Dexter was in the same group with her, but sitting at the back, she quietly glanced at him when she turned her head to talk to the classmates behind. Dexter was lying on the table, sleeping.

He was calm, but she was restless.

Jolie didn’t know how to make the request to him. She had already made up a lot of pictures, so she couldn’t run to him with a bunch of flowers and talk to him … Dexter, shall we fall in love?

Oh, that’s not right, it’s… Dexter, shall we talk about a fake love?

With his temperament, he should give her a blank look, turn his head, and leave.

After school was over, the classmates left one after another, Cora said, “Jolie, why don’t you go home yet?”

Jolie took the pen and pretended that he was working on a math problem, “I will leave when I finish writing the problem.”

Cora, well, she doesn’t understand the world of learning tyrants.

Cora and the classmates are gone, Jolie looked back a few times uneasy, Dexter hasn’t left yet, he is still sleeping on the table.

Usually, he is the first to leave, and he must be too tired today. He has been with his sister in the hospital.

Everyone is gone, and she and Dexter are left in the classroom. The time has come.

Jolie slowly got up, she walked towards Dexter with a book in her arms…

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