The Proxy Bride Of The Billionaire Chapter 2571

The Proxy Bride Of The Billionaire Chapter 2571
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Chapter 2571

Jolie knew that he had always been a cool person, but his attitude was too cold.

“Hey, Dexter!” Jolie stepped forward and reached out and grabbed his sleeve.

Dexter stopped, and in his drooping vision, she could see the little hand she stretched out, clutching his sleeve tightly, afraid that he would leave.

The raised throat rolled up and down, and he turned to look at her, “Jolie, just say what you want to do, eh?”

Jolie felt that she was too slow, alas, these kinds of words made her really shy, “It’s…that’s…Dexter, let’s fall in love.”

At this time, everything was silent, the breeze was blowing, and all the traffic stopped. Dexter quietly looked at the girl in front of him, her eyes were dark and bright.

Jolie was embarrassed to be seen, he didn’t speak, she couldn’t understand what he was thinking, whether he agreed or disagreed.

“Dexter, don’t get me wrong, I don’t really want to fall in love with you, let’s talk about a fake relationship, just to act in front of Molly to stimulate her…” Jolie explained.

“Okay, I promise.” Dexter interrupted her suddenly.

Did he agree?

She quivered, and couldn’t believe it, he agreed so easily.

“Molly pushed you down and I was also injured, so this is what I should do.” Looking at the confusion in her eyes, Dexter explained.

Jolie understood that he also had to avenge himself, so his purpose was the same as hers.

“Great, then we’re all set.” Jolie clapped.


“Dexter, then I will go home, goodbye.” Jolie waved her small hand, and then left.

Dexter stood there and watched her disappear from his sight before he turned around and left the school gate.

At this time, there was a black nanny car parked outside the school gate, and Seth was leaning against the car and smoking a cigarette.

“Dexter, you have come out. This is what you want, here you are.” Seth handed a sealed envelope bag to Dexter.

Dexter did not reach out to take it.

Seth smiled, “I didn’t expect this Molly to be quite ruthless. She pushed Jolie off the cliff on the mountain, and she naively thought that she was the one who knew nothing about it. What she didn’t know was the woman who had conspired with her. After the classmate was arrested by us, we recruited all of them.”

“What’s better is that this female classmate herself still had a backhand. She recorded the conversation between her and Molly at that time. Now the evidence is in this envelope bag. As long as it is exposed, this Molly Can’t eat it and walk around.”

Dexter looked at this envelope bag. In fact, she didn’t need her to deal with Molly, she had already let people do it.

But now she has changed his mind.

“Dispose of this envelope bag, don’t let people know.” Dexter said lightly.

Jolie stagnated and didn’t understand Dexter’s meaning, “Dexter, you don’t want to clean up Molly?”

He has more things he wants to do than to clean up Molly.

… Dexter, let’s fall in love.

The voice of the sweet girl kept resounding in his ears, and Dexter constricted his handsome eyes. He admitted that he could not resist this temptation.

Jolie thought it was quite illusory. She actually fell in love with Dexter, although it was not true.

While in school, Jolie met Molly again, and this time Molly gave her a vicious look.

Jolie was about to fight back, when Dexter’s voice came from behind, “Jolie.”

Jolie turned around and Dexter came.

“Look, Dexter is calling Jolie.”

“Molly’s face is so black that I can’t see it.”

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